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November 20, 2021
Non-Members (advertising-supported) edition

Cover story

Thanksgiving: What a season of gratitude and hope teaches us

By Nanci Dixon


uring these trying times, I am reminded that this is the season of giving thanks. I will admit that in the past the meaning of Thanksgiving was usually lost under the anticipation and management of a turkey. Nope, not a favorite uncle – a real turkey. And, of course, the dressing and all the other sides. The true meaning was lost somewhere in the planning, buying groceries, setting the table, and baking the pies. (I won’t even mention Black Friday.)

History of Thanksgiving

The core value of the holiday stems from the giving and teaching between the native peoples, the Wampanoag, and the colonists at Plymouth. When the colonists finally left the ship after a cruel and bitter winter, only half of the original people survived. They were greeted by English-speaking Squanto, a native of the Pawtucket tribe. Squanto had been captured and taken to England where he learned English then later escaped to come back to his native home. He taught the Pilgrims how to plant corn, catch fish and survive. He cemented the alliance between the local Wampanoag people and the colonists.

The celebration of the autumn harvest, the first Thanksgiving, was in 1621. It was a grand feast that lasted three days. The great chief of the Wampanoag, Massasoit, attended with 90 of his men and brought five deer to share. That first Thanksgiving was a feast of friendship, despite drastic differences, as well as a celebration of survival. The alliance between the new colonists and native peoples lasted more than 50 years.

Pilgrims at ThanksgivingThanksgiving becomes a national holiday

While states continued the tradition of Thanksgiving, it wasn’t until 1863 that Abraham Lincoln made it a national holiday to be celebrated every year in November. He declared it a day of Thanksgiving in the midst of the Civil War, when the nation was divided and at war with itself.

Remembering the first Thanksgiving

It would seem in this time – with the nation still politically divided, rising inflation, gas prices over the moon, and simple groceries out of the reach for many – it would behoove us to remember that first Thanksgiving. Then, it was the coming together of diverse people with different beliefs and lives. It was the community of people sharing the bounty of the fall harvest and giving thanks. Giving thanks for one another, for food, shelter and survival.

Continue reading the rest of Nanci’s heartfelt story.

 NEW! Forums

Most writers are getting their own forums, where readers can discuss their articles with them. Here are the first two:

Dave Solberg (RV Repair and Maintenance)
Mike Sokol (RV Electricity)

Headline stories in tomorrow’s newsletter

Finally, a guilty plea!

Finally! Guilty plea in brutal murder of Texas boondockers
Worker shortage taking toll on campgrounds and site fees
The future is here: KOA adding electric vehicle chargers to campgrounds
Part Two: Are big money investors building RV parks or trailer courts?
Campground crowding: Do I need a bot to get a reservation?

And all the latest news that affects RVers.

PLUS: Campground updates • Latest fuel prices • Stolen RV Report • Latest RV recalls • AARP Scam Report • Reader survey • and much more…

Last week’s Tip of the Day highlights in RV Daily Tips Newsletters

Quick tip to keep recyclables and compostables organized in the RV
You will be surprised by these 18 incredibly handy uses for a kitchen sponge
This gadget makes draining the fresh water tank quick and easy
Is the cat missing? You’ll be shocked at all the places your pet can hide in your RV
Backroad or offroad RVing: Don’t get stuck!

Today’s RV review…

Today, industry insider Tony Barthel reviews the new 2022 Coachmen Apex Remote 16R. He writes, “The price is right, the build quality is decent, and the ability to store your gear and also have a dry bath make this almost unicorn status.” Unicorn status?! What’s that all about? Find out in the review.

Last week’s reviews:
2022 Ember RV Overland 191MDB production model
Ibex 19MBH bunkhouse adventure trailer
2022 Cedar Creek 291RW fifth wheel
2022 Keystone Cougar 316RLS fifth wheel
Rockwood 2442BS fifth wheel

Clintoons • By Clint Norrell

Coming soon: More automation?

COPYRIGHT 2021 by Clint Norrell

Clint writes, “‘CROWDED CAMPGROUNDS??’ You watch: The big shots will try to address this problem, like every other, by cutting labor costs. Expect, ‘Check-in’ as you now find ‘self-check’ at retailers. ‘TAKE A NUMBER. PARK & WAIT. FOR AN E-MAIL … from Bangladesh.'”

See some of Clint’s recent cartoons. And here are more posted since July 3. They’re wonderful!

turkeyWhen it comes to cooking Thanksgiving turkey, don’t do this… or this… or this

By Mike Gast
What is it about Thanksgiving that makes some folks think they have to experiment when cooking up our favorite wattled fowl? It seems every year some folks find a way to mangle a family tradition. What’s wrong with a nice, oven-roasted bird sitting proudly on a platter in the middle of your campground picnic table? Let’s discuss this here, plus watch a video compilation of deep-fried turkey infernos.

Thanksgiving goes with RVing like biscuits go with gravy!

By Tony Barthel
“We’ve been camping on Thanksgiving for years and years now. But first, a moment of silence for all those who have winterized their campers and think they can’t still use them. Okay, thank you. Back to the subject at hand. Camping Thanksgivings have been entertaining ways to celebrate the holiday in our household for years. We always seem to find some victims, er, friends whom we can talk into spending this holiday with us in a campground somewhere.” Continue reading.

DEF in a diesel tank? Don’t touch that key!

By Russ and Tiña De Maris
Distraction can lead to disaster. Say you pull your rig into the truck stop fuel island. You’re low on fuel, and your dash warning system says you need DEF (diesel exhaust fluid). It’s been a long day on the road. You pop open the filler lid that hides your fuel cap – and the DEF filler cap. As you stand in a stupor, your reverie is interrupted when you notice you’ve stuck that DEF nozzle – not in the DEF filler – but in the fuel filler! Now you’ve got DEF in a diesel tank! Sorry to say, but you have just seriously complicated your day. Continue reading this very important information.

No problem with reservations here. Is overcrowding a regional problem?

By Gail Marsh
Well, we did it! It took a little less than 15 minutes to make reservations at two RV campgrounds along our annual route to Florida. Granted, we won’t be traveling until January 2022, which is still months away. Still, we worried about securing reservations. With so many “newbies” getting into the RV life, the ongoing COVID pandemic, more and more folks working “on the road,” and the rising costs of camping, we really didn’t know what to expect. What we discovered was a happy surprise! The very first campground we contacted gladly took our reservations, as did the second, and now we’re all set! Read more.

Climate change is affecting RVing: Fires, floods and our future

By Sandi Sturm
Every year it seems like our choices are increasingly limited as to where to find monthly stays. Scores of climate refugees are jumping into their RVs (if they are lucky to have one) and driving to safety. Others are fleeing to escape the dangerous heavy smoke, flooding, and other extreme weather conditions. Personally, we have been impacted more by wildfires here in the Western U.S. Let’s explore the impact a changing climate is having on RV travelers due to wildfires, flooding, and access to national parks. Coninue reading.

Give experiences instead of traditional gifts this Christmas

By Mike Gast
If you haven’t already completed your Christmas shopping, you’re likely screwed. That might seem to be a bit of hyperbole. But it also may not be such a leap, considering what we’re hearing about busted supply chains, cargo ships bobbing around the ocean, and nobody willing to work at manufacturing the junk we usually cram under the Christmas tree. Maybe it’s time to take a lesson from all we’ve learned as RVers, happily traipsing around the country: Real gifts are the memories we make along the way. The whole “shop right now or forget about Christmas” line we are being fed by traditional retailers got me thinking. What if we all switched gears and made an honest attempt at giving “experiences” this year instead of just “stuff”? … Hmmm. We think Mike has a point. Read more.

New Feature: RV Consumer Support

dash gauges go downTurned down when you want propane? For some RVers, it’s happening!

By Russ and Tiña De Maris

A few weeks back we recounted the ordeal of a motorhome owner. She’d pulled her rig into a retail store that offered propane service. The pump jockey took one look at the date on her motorhome’s LP tank and declared it to be too old to be refilled. The owner was told she really needed to have the tank “recertified.” In the end, the pumper took pity and refilled her tank anyway. We asked you for your experiences. Turns out, LP refill rejection isn’t uncommon at all. … Continue reading some fellow RVers’ experiences here.

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Reader Poll

Will you spend this Thanksgiving with more or fewer people than 20 years ago?

Please let us know. After you click your response, you’ll see how others have responded. Feel free to leave a comment. CLICK HERE.

The most popular poll in this past week’s RV Daily Tips newsletters:
In a nice RV park, do you typically use the park’s shower or the one in your RV? See what nearly 2,700 other RVers say here.

RV extended warranties: Worth the money?

“Hi. I would like your opinion on an extended warranty for a used RV. I realize that this may not be appropriate to ask of you, and I know it is my decision to make, but as a long-term subscriber I trust your opinions. If there were any articles related to this subject, I missed them. …”
Continue reading the question, and extended warranty expert Tony Barthel’s very thorough answer here.

Journaling on the road: Why writing a few sentences every day is so important

By Chris Epting
I know you probably take a lot of pictures when you ride the trip. But do you write at all? I’m sure you’re sending lots of texts and emails, but do you travel with an actual, honest-to-goodness travel journal? Not that travel journaling requires extensive, verbose documenting. Quite the opposite, actually. You can write a single sentence about an impression or a feeling you get from a place and I will almost promise you that you will cherish it later on. … Continue reading this thought-provoking post from this award-winning journalist and best-selling author.

Top 9 boondocking gift suggestions

By Dave Helgeson, boondocker extraordinaire
There are literally thousands of RV gift guides online, but few, if any, have gift suggestions for those that enjoy camping in the boondocks. Be forewarned that those that regularly camp in the boondocks have likely already procured the basic dry camping items like a stovetop toaster, water bandit, LED ceiling lights, generator, etc. Therefore, to find a boondocking gift they will really appreciate and use, expect to “GO BIG” (i.e., expensive). You might consider this the “Neiman Marcus” Christmas Catalog for the discerning boondocker on your gift list. Continue reading Dave’s Ultimate Boondocking Gift Guide.

How to get your motorcycle delivered to where you are going

By Gail Marsh
I could probably write the book “Motorcycle Transporting for Dummies.” Maybe someday I will. Here’s how it all began: Hubby really wanted his motorcycle in Florida. Having wintered in the Sunshine State for the past two years, Hubby knew how much we’d use and enjoy the motorcycle there. …The only problem was how to get the motorcycle from our home in Missouri to the RV camp where we stay in Florida, 1000+ miles away. Read more.

Very wacky RVs seen in Walmart parking lots

camo RVBy Sandi Sturm
I dare you to travel at least 500 miles without a stop at a Walmart. If for nothing else, it can sometimes be great entertainment, both inside and out. Here are a few selections of wacky RVs you might see in the parking lot. You have to check these out. What a variety!

Yikes! Would your RV survive driving down (or up) this 25% grade?

Readers Brian and Bobbi Cook sent us an email with a note and photo, and all we have to say is WOW! They wrote: “Famous last words: ‘Do you think we can make it with our 40 foot 5th wheel?’ ‘Sure, piece of cake! Besides, we haven’t tested the brakes in a while!'” Fasten your seatbelt, then read more.

Build your own gingerbread camper with these adorable kits

Get into the holiday spirit with these two easy-to-make, no-bake gingerbread camper kits. Share the fun with your kids or grandkids, or savor on your own. The campers are an adorable, festive way to decorate a table or even the RV dashboard! Everyone in the campground will want to know where you got it and how you made it. These are so cute!

Come upon a moose? Keep your distance to avoid trouble

If you come upon a moose, be careful. Watch this video to learn more about the habits of moose, and how you should react if you come upon one. If you act improperly, you could end up in the hospital!

Is this your RV?

If it’s yours and you can prove it to us (send a photo for comparison), tell us here by 9 p.m. Pacific time today, November 20, 2021. If it’s yours you’ll win a $25 Amazon gift certificate.

Last week one reader claimed their $25 Amazon gift card: Kathleen Verdino of Sun City, AZ.

We are discontinuing the contest at the end of November. We’ll have a brand-new contest. This contest will return again after a break.

We’ll have another photo in tomorrow’s newsletter (sign up to receive an email alert so you don’t miss the issue or those that follow). Some of these photos are submitted by readers while others were taken by our editors and writers on their travels around the USA.

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Popular articles from last week

They scammed dozens of RV buyers – but no charges will be filed

RV industry convention ends: RVers’ future is conflicted
Ask Dave: Why does my trailer “snap, crackle and pop” on turns?
Skyrocketing campground insurance rates could threaten the future costs of camping
The truth about RVing: It’s NOT always rosy …
State residency and tax issues: Here’s how long you can stay in a state before you have to pay state taxes
RVelectricity™ – Do “Solar Generators” really work?
Letter to the editor: Children’s chalk art is ruining the campground!
Readers write back: Buy new or used RV?
Campground Crowding: A hidden way the cost of RVing is increasing. Have you experienced this?
Wacky RVs of the Week: Planes, trains and automobiles!
Will a cat keep the mice out of my RV? Is it worth a try?

Camping Puzzle15 camping games and puzzles that make the perfect gift! 
Wondering what to give to the families on your holiday gift list this year? Face it! The kids already have too many toys, and gifts for teens can be rather tricky. Most adults buy what they want when they want it! So, what’s left? The perfect gift: the gift of time together. Check out these 15 games and puzzles that will be a blast for everyone!

Saturday Giveaway!
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How to win
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Click here to enter or see last week’s winner!


RVs: Who Makes What” – This is a free directory from that lists every U.S. RV manufacturer and their makes and models. Learn more and/or download a free PDF copy.

Stolen RVs — Help us recover these stolen RVs. The more eyes we have searching for them, the better chance of getting them back to their rightful owners, and maybe putting the crooks who stole them in the slammer! See the stolen RVs.

Great websites. Check out our favorite websites of the day! We compiled a list of (almost) all the websites we’ve ever posted, and we update it weekly.

Where to complain about bad RVs, dealers, service, RV parks. This is an ever-expanding list of resources where you can report, share or discuss your problems with RV manufacturers or dealers.

Best Club for RVers: Escapees. Click here to learn more or join. Endorsed by

Directory of RV parks with storm shelters
In case you’re on the road with your RV and the weather report is showing a tornado headed your way, have this list handy.

RV Clubs
Check out our Directory of RV Clubs and Organizations.

What does financing an RV for 20 years REALLY mean?
In case you missed this article the first time around, here it is again. Important! Click here.

Stuck with a lemon RV? Contact Ron Burdge, America’s premier RV lemon law attorney.

A toaster fit for an RV!
Want to keep a toaster in your RV but don’t have the space for it? This slim, compact toaster is made for RVs – it hardly takes up any space! The slots for your toast are normal width, and can even reheat and defrost foods too! It’s easy to use, and the reviews are stellar! Learn more or order one for your RV here. Happy toasting!

Dave SolbergAsk Dave

Dave Solberg is a leading expert in the RV industry and author of the “RV Handbook” as well as the Managing Editor of the RV Repair Club.

What air compressor do you recommend?

Dear Dave,
Would you please suggest an air compressor? We are constantly running into air machines (at gas stations, storage facility) that are not working. What are your recommendations? Our neighbor lets us use his, but it is very large and heavy and obviously we can’t travel with it. Thanks so much. —Jenette

Read Dave’s recommendations.

Other questions Dave answered this week:
How do I shut off the RV’s heater fan and leave others running?
Can I plug my trailer into my house with no problem?
Why does furnace function irregularly but works fine outside of its housing?
Why can’t I get schematics for my rig?
Why won’t the water heater drain plug come out?

Road Trips

Visit where a screen idol died, and other historic places along the road

By Chris Epting
From time to time I like to pull out some old photos of places you might just pass by while on the road. Small places that cast big shadows. Here are three of those places…
Read about these very interesting places, including where James Dean was killed, here.

For its size, this is the fastest RV on the planet. And, the price tag is shockingly low. And no waiting months for delivery! Available now!!

RV Gadgets and Gizmos

Always have pure, clean water in your RV with this tankless R/O system

Photo Credit: @waterdropfilter, Instagram

In her travels, Kate Doherty and her husband, Brian, have lived in areas with less than desirable drinking water. They’ve reduced some of the hard water contaminates by using a slew of water filters, inside and outside their motorcoach. Read about the reverse osmosis system they found to solve their water quality problems. It’s pretty darn nifty! Learn more.

Thetford Titan 4-wheel, 21-gallon tote

By Tony Barthel
My local post office box service is always curious when I get a big box, knowing that I get to share products with you here at Recently the folks at Thetford asked if I wanted to check out their new four-wheel Thetford Titan® Tote. It is essentially a portable holding tank. The idea of something like this for RVers is that you can have your rig parked somewhere, likely in a place where you’re boondocking, and be able to dump your holding tanks into it. Continue reading (includes video).


with Mike Sokol

Dear Santa, I really want/need a surge protector…

I’m a firm believer in preventive medicine, and I think one of the best proactive things you can do is add a Full Protection (EMS) Surge Protector to your RV. I’ve always been a fan of these devices, especially when connecting to campground power. … Suffice it to say that even if you’ve been camping for the last 20 years without any kind of surge protector, campground power is being strained to the limit by the electrical demands of the latest RVs. Plus, there are campgrounds out there that perform little or no maintenance on their pedestal breakers and outlets (you know who you are!). Read more about why you should have a Full Protection Surge Protector.

This week’s J.A.M. (Just Ask Mike) Session

Solar battery packs: The best way to use cell phone in emergency; plus Jackery update

Mike discusses solar battery packs, large (the Jackery) and small (Scorpion II from Etón), and the best way to use your cell phone in an emergency. This is important, updated information. Read it here.

 NEW!   Read Mike’s new RVelectricity Forum on

BaconMakes a great gift!
Bacon without all the grease? Yup, it’s possible!
This incredible microwave bacon cooker is loved (we mean REALLY loved) by everyone (look at those reviews!). It doesn’t cook in the fat so it’s much healthier but still has that great taste everyone loves. It reduces fat up to 35 percent, which means you can justify eating 35 percent more bacon! It’s easy to use and dishwasher-safe. Learn more or order.

RV Tire Safety

A relevant question (plus much info) about 4-corner weights

A reader asks tire expert Roger Marble: “I wanted to double-check myself regarding tire position weights. In reading your blogs, you said for double-axle trailers the tire pressure should be the max cold pressure amount as stamped on the tire because trailer sway and turning forces on those tires is different than on a motorhome. Is it important to get individual tire position weights for trailers?” Read the rest of the question and Roger’s informative answer here.

Operating an RV Park

News from ARVC Outdoor Hospitality Expo, and building updates

By Machelle James
I was really hoping we would have photos to show you of our store with the frame built up. At this writing, AJ and I were told next week the frame would be built. The footers were poured while we were gone, but that is the only change from my last article. I am pretty bummed as I thought for sure we would be farther ahead than we are. Continue reading.

Recipes of the Day

Yummy Thanksgiving recipes to try this year:

Brined & Roasted Turkey Breast: If you’re not hosting a big holiday meal or just want turkey, not at Thanksgiving or Christmas, try this turkey breast. It’s great for people who don’t need a whole turkey. Quick to make, with very few ingredients, it’s an easy roast turkey recipe. Click here for the recipe.

Deb’s Easy Corn Casserole: The crust is similar to cornbread crust, but inside the texture is like a fluffy bread pudding. Get the recipe here.

Millie’s Sweet Potato Biscuits: These are simple, old-fashioned biscuits with sweet potato bits in every bite. Using fresh sweet potatoes, the flavor is noticeable, so if you love sweet potatoes you’ll love these. Click here for the recipe.

More Thanksgiving recipes coming your way in tomorrow’s newsletter! 

Other recipes featured in this week’s Daily Tips Newsletters:
Lasagna Soup
Meatloaf and Mashed Potato Cupcakes
Broccoli Shrimp Casserole
Baked Brie With Cranberry Sauce
Roasted Cornish Hens

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Readers’ Pet of the Day

“Milo loves to travel and make sure Pa is going the right way.” —Gary Ho

Pets featured in this past week’s RV Daily Tips:
SadieBB & Dolly • BeauAddieSophia

Vintage Postcard of the Week

Postcards owned by Colleen and Ed Weum, Pacific Northwest Postcard Club. Read more about their 90,000 postcard collection here.

Hidden object

Can you find the pear in this photo? Bonus points if you can find the hamster, too! Click to enlarge.

Drawing by the incredibly talented Gergely Dudás/Dudolf

(Answer in tomorrow’s Sunday news newsletter. And please don’t spoil it for other readers by posting the answer in the comments.)

Do you have a brain teaser you think we should use? Send it to us here.

We’d rather be camping too!
These funny socks make a great gift for campers and RVers. Wouldn’t you like a pair of these? They come in two colors and many styles for both men and women. One size fits most. Learn more, see other colors, or order.


Showers in the Civil War camps were a rarity even for high-ranking officers. The vast majority of Union and Confederate soldiers had little access to clean water for bathing so it was normal for soldiers to wear unwashed clothes for weeks or months at a time. As a result, the soldiers were often plagued with lice and scabies.

Word and Phrase Origins

From the book, Word and Phrase Origins by Robert Hendrickson: 

Toyota. “The very popular Japanese car would be called a Toyoda if its manufacturers in the early 1930s hadn’t been superstitious. The Toyoda family wanted to name their car after the family, but Toyoda needs 10 characters in Japanese writing, while Toyota needs only eight. As eight is a lucky number in Japan, the family actually changed its name to Toyota, and the car’s lucky name was born.”

Laugh of the Week

Ain’t it the truth!?

Leave with a song from the past

Ready to be happy?
You cannot help but smile as Kermit the Frog and Debbie Harry sing a duet of “Rainbow Connection.” This is so sweet!

Did you miss last week’s RV Travel?

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Corette Maulding
1 year ago

More information on Fuel Cells please. Your article gifts for boondockers mentioned a Watt Fuel Cell – the company link is not all that informative. Sounds interesting but no price points, no instructions to install, no information other than diagrams how it should provide electricity. How much electricity is provided? Can a fuel cell run a AC unit in 100 degree temps? How long? Need more info please not just a “here’s a suggestion” of something I have never heard about. Thanks.

1 year ago


The Watt Imperium can produce a 1,000 watts of power which is insufficient to operate an air conditioner. I am unable to find current pricing on the Watt Imperium, but a comparable unit (EFOY Comfort 80i Fuel Cell Kit 12VDC) is over $3,000

1 year ago

I am disappointed again in the editors of this newsletter. 99% of your content is useful and fun to read. 1% of content is poorly written contentious politically charged garbage. It’s that 1% that ruins a perfectly enjoyable reading experience. In this case it’s the article by Sandi Sturm which attributes climate change as the cause of all bad weather and wildfires. I can only hope you add these occasional dumb articles just to get a whole lot of people to comment. If so, consider this article a success. By any other measure other than pointless word count this article fails.

It is ironic to me that Sandi doesn’t understand that climate change activists want our rv lifestyle to become extinct. If you buy into climate change causes all the bad things in our life then you shouldn’t be on these pages to start with.

Again I ask the editors to please keep these complex issues covered by vacuous articles out of this great newsletter.

Keep up the 99% good work!

1 year ago
Reply to  brian

So they are supposed to have a newsletter that please only you 100% of the time yeesh! I like the mix of articles and choose to read or not read ones I don’t agree with. Maybe you shouldn’t be on these pages if 1 tiny article causes you so much angst.

1 year ago
Reply to  Xander

So you read my “tiny” comment, had a reaction and wrote a comment about it. Why is that any different than what I did. You didn’t have to read my comment. And you certainly didn’t have to write your own comment. And what makes the article tiny? Are you trying to make it go away?

And you don’t address the issue I brought up… mainly that adding Climate Change to that article added nothing to it. No facts, no actions, no recommendations. Nothing. So why bother adding it in. Oh… that’s what editors are for. To ask those questions and make better content.

My disappointment is valid as was my comment. Your trying to squash it by telling me what to do is not helpful in the least. If you liked the article say so. If you think Climate Change was the cause of all the natural events the author claimed then say that. Maybe try to add some proof. Again it’s a complex discussion that deserves more than a passing trendy phrase in an article about rv-ing.

D Donalds
1 year ago
Reply to  brian

Brian, get real. I can’t believe you’re complining about your 1% disappointment. I can’t fathom a complaint for articles you get delivered FREE into your mailbox. You should really UNSUBSCRIBE.

Robert Adams
1 year ago
Reply to  D Donalds

I agree, goodbye Brian!

1 year ago
Reply to  D Donalds

Again… I read something, cared enough about the publication to write a comment. You read something, my comment, and cared enough to write a comment about it. Whether it is free content or not is completely irrelevant. This comment section is on the free edition site so clearly they want comments from that audience.

We both did the SAME THING. We read something we took issue and wrote a comment about it. Isn’t it hypocritical for you to tell me to unsubscribe? Maybe you should stop reading the comment section.

And you completely missed addressing the issue I raised. have a nice day.

Ln Em
1 year ago
Reply to  brian

aww brian. bless your ‘liddle heart. You obviously got some political burr under your saddle to make you rear up. Just ease up and be a good rv’er, ok?

Dale N Roberts
1 year ago
Reply to  brian

Who are these activists that want our rv lifestyle to become extinct? Proof please. Maybe you are should not read such articles – just saying.

Steve S
1 year ago
Reply to  brian

What is “poorly written contentious politically charged garbage..” is your posting. But it is an opinion like much written in this newsletter and am guessing most of us reading it can handle various opinions about “complex” issues. I will say, however, that the only “dumb” thing I’ve read in this newsletter is your statement “climate change activists want our rv lifestyle to become extinct.” Now, THAT is “vacuous.”

1 year ago
Reply to  Steve S

Ok… let me try to connect the dots for you. Climate activists say humans are causing this round of climate change. They claim that burning fossil fuel is a major contributing factor. Like it or not the rv lifestyle is fueled by fossil fuel. No fossil fuel, no rv lifestyle. It’s not that hard to figure out.

1 year ago
Reply to  brian

So if the article bothers you so much why did you read it? You knew what it was about within the first few lines. You dont need to attack the author just because you disagree! It is a newsletter that shares different ideas. The RV lifestyle will be around for a long time with or without fossil fuels. We just have to learn to adapt. or not lol!

1 year ago
Reply to  Bill

Why did you read my comment? You didn’t have to. And you didn’t have to write your own comment. I guess we are only supposed to share the ideas that you think are good.

The nice thing about writing is that it takes longer to do than speaking so in theory it makes more sense. I’m not sure it helped in your case.

1 year ago
Reply to  brian

Sooo one percent disappointment equals three paragraphs of outrage? Oh, ya, now I get it. ???

1 year ago
Reply to  KellyR

You are a delicate soul for reading that as outrage. I was disappointed with the article. And your comment, like the others here, seem to be about the fact that I made a negative comment. Not that the issue I brought up is valid or not. The article was poorly written and could have used a strong editor to help the writer make some sort of point. As it was written it was a waste of space. I’d like to see this publication keep up its really high standards for content. I’m sorry you don’t seem to agree with that point of view.

1 year ago
Reply to  brian

I agree, my theory about climate change is that it is a natural occurring phenomenon. Right now we are between Ice Ages. What are the politicians going to do when our fine planet decides it’s time to begin the next Ice Age? Blame it on us also?

Uncle Swags
1 year ago
Reply to  gene

Agree with you both. And a silly move to turn the comments off there and think that ends the discussion. But then again, propaganda has always been a funny thing. And never stands up to the light of day.

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