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Great RV Accessories Newsletter #16

Are you currently on the road, or have you been RVing yet this year? If so, you undoubtedly got a reminder of just how dirty RV life can be!

No matter how many times a day I sweep, dirt, grass, pine needles, and sand, it all seems to get tracked inside anyway. I’ve done the usual: put a rug outside and inside the door. I take my shoes off when I come in. But still, I am in envy of those people who manage to have floors so clean you could eat off them. Ahh, well, I can dream. I am an excellent cook, but not a housekeeper (so we eat at the table, not off the floor in my RV).

In addition to some nifty new gadgets and tools we’ve found, this issue will focus on tidying things up!

Cleaning product tips from a reader

Machine washable dusterSue M. wrote in to say how much she enjoys the Accessories newsletter. Thanks, Sue! We truly appreciate the kind words. This “Clean Your RV” edition of the Great RV Accessories newsletter was inspired by you!

Sue asked about some of our favorite RV cleaning products, but she also shared three of her own that she finds essential to keeping her rig spic and span. Here they are:

  • Sue washes her RV windows with only water (no cleaner) by using microfiber cloths in two different textures. She says first use the coarser cloth to clean and then dry with the finer cloth. No streaks! And if you want to know what else you can do with microfiber cloths, click here.
  • Sue used the machine-washable polyester duster pictured above for years to clean her refrigerator coils. But she recently found a new use for it and she now also uses it to clean under the slides in her RV.
  • Finally, Sue said she can’t live without these inexpensive stainless steel scouring sponges that make quick work of cleaning griddles or other tough jobs. Although she cautions they do scratch, so don’t use on anything delicate.

More to keep your rig clean!

TaoHorse hand-held, cordless, USB rechargeable vacuum cleaner

Tao Horse USB rechargeable vacuum cleaner

This vacuum may be small but it cleans big! Best of all, it’s cordless, USB rechargeable, and comes with accessories. Check it out here and start getting rid of all that dust and dirt around your RV.

12 easy RV cleaning tricks with everyday products

For a lot of the cleaning jobs around your RV, you really don’t need special products, as Nanci Dixon shows in this invaluable article about using items you probably already have to keep your RV sparkling clean. Read more here.

Nanci’s 11 favorite RV cleaning products

Nanci is back with the 11 products she finds she needs to keep the RV clean. As she is undoubtedly a better housekeeper than I, I will bow to her superior wisdom. Here they are.

How to clean the inside of your windshield in under 2 minutes!

A simple household cleaning item you probably already own holds the secret to this super-fast interior window washing technique. Can you guess what it is? Get the answer here.

Magic silicone dish scrubbing gloves make RV dishwashing easy

Dish scrubbing gloves, silicone glovesWhen it comes to great RV accessories, I always love items that can multi-task, and these gloves, besides just washing the dishes, have a number of other uses. Check them out here.

Other stuff we’re liking

This gadget prevents catalytic converter theft

cat strap prevents catalytic converter theftIf you haven’t heard, catalytic converter theft is a major problem on trucks and motorhomes. Dustin Simpson, of California RV Specialists, wants to introduce you to a product he sells and installs called the CatStrap™. It just might prevent the catalytic converter from being stolen from your tow car, truck, SUV or RV. Discover how it works here.

Gadgets help with hand strength and grip on sewer connections

A gadget that helps with RV sewer connectionsWhen it comes to RVing, one of the challenges we all face is when it is time to install or remove your sewer connections. Having enough hand grip and strength to twist can become a challenge. Check out these invaluable gadgets.

Prospector’s tools

prospectors tools By all accounts, this year should be an excellent one for finding gold. Simple prospecting can be a fun and rewarding hobby for RVers. Randall Brink shows the basic tools you will need to get started. Prospecting for fun and profit.

GADGET LOVERS: Don’t forget, Amazon Prime Day is coming and there are already thousands of items on sale! Click here to learn more, or click here to go straight to Amazon.

The Book Nook

Camping journal and RV log book

Camping Journal and RV log BookThis little camping journal and RV log book makes a thoughtful gift for the RVers in your life. It’s also a great way to journal about all your own adventures and keep track of important RV and camping information in one convenient place. Learn more about it here.

Gear & Gadget Quick Takes

Camping Party decorations

  • Camping party decorations (pictured above). Are you planning a party while out RVing? These festive retro-style camping party decorations can help set the mood.
  • The Water Bandit eliminates headaches from broken spigots and helps stop leaking hose connections. You can also attach your hose to water sources you wouldn’t otherwise be able to.
  • Need a new sharp knife? I loved the quality and value of Brewin’s 8-inch kitchen knife so much, I have since bought several more as gifts.
  • RV vent handle extender (pictured below)—If you have trouble reaching your RV’s vent knobs, this custom 3-D printed extender can help.

rv vent handle extender

Gadget Funny (but still practical)

mop slippers

These cute and comfy teddy bear slippers do more than keep your feet warm. The mops attached to the soles also clean your RV’s floor! Don’t like the teddy bear design? Don’t worry, there are many others.

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  1. Unless you have the strength of the hulk those gloves do not work. They did not for me and I had to get someone to do it for me. So IMO? Save your money.

  2. I like the way you guys always allow for comments, no matter what the subject. Not very many RV publications do that. Not very many publications of any kind do that. None that I know of. And you guys don’t censor; always publish the bad with the good, another big plus. Very unusual. What the hell is going on here?!? 🙂 Some kind of freedom of expression?!?

  3. Based on the picture at the top of the cleaning tips, I was trying to figure out how a cricket bat could be helpful in cleaning my rv 😉

    • Thanks, Dana! I was wondering what that reminded me of. Have a good afternoon/evening. 😀 –Diane at

  4. Great suggestions! This all seemed a little familiar for some reason…but I forget a lot of what I read so good to read again!


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