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Mike Sokol

Speaking of my RVelectricity seminars and seminar topics, I’m currently presenting two 75-minute seminars on the following topics:

#1) Hot-Skin/Stray Voltage and Surge Protectors
#2) Campground pedestal measurements and hookups

During my latest seminars there’s been a number of requests for a new seminar on how to use meters. I could easily create a class on how to use meters of all types to measure AC voltage, DC voltage, charging and starting currents, ground impedance, wiring temperatures and anything else interesting for RVs.

What do you think? Sound like a good topic for Seminar #3?

Dave Telenko

Hi Mike, I would support anything you wanted to do about RV electricity, my answer would be YES on how to read meters! So where can we see your 2 current seminars. How about coming to Southern California?

Mike Sokol

My plan for 2019 already includes Tampa and Quartzsite in January, the FMCA Expo in Perry, GA mid March, the RVillage Rally2 in Live Oaks Florida the end of March, and the Heartland National Rally mid June in Goshen, IN. Plus in the fall I’m already scheduled back at the Hershey show mid September, and perhaps a few smaller Rallies if the logistics works out. I’ve said I’ll do a dozen shows/rallies in 2019 if I get enough sponsorship, so there’s room for Seattle and SoCal seminars if there’s good places to do them. Suggestions?

Ray G

I normally use Ipad to read newsletter,but last three weeks,have not been able to click through on articles. I have not updatde to os 12,usually wia a month or so for the bugs to go away.

Marilyn R.

WRT the rubber on your RV tire: When in the CDN military I used to do airworthiness. One of the tracking issues was the rubber of the tires. The rubber was lifed “X amount of months/years” and if installed on aircraft the time could run out but the plane could remain flying until the tire was considered too worn. At times the technicians would rob the assembly for another aircraft and I’d have the unpleasant task of telling them to remove it as the life was expired even though it looked almost new (I wasn’t too popular on those days!)


Mike and Chuck,

Just across the line in Abbotsford, BC there are two RV shows a year. The Earlybird show in February, and the Snowbird show in September. A short trip from Seattle, and you would be most welcome.

Joe & Shirley

Mike, please come to Seattle.

Mike Sokol

Actually the song is “Please come to Boston”, but yes I’m considering coming to Seattle as well. Of course, Chuck’s home base is Seattle so I would probably hang out for an entire week so we could get some serious planning done. Of course we’ll want to set up some meet and greet sessions in the area, and I do love the seafood there. Chuck and I will confer on this later, but what’s the largest RV dealership in the area?

RV Staff

Yes, please, Mike. I’d like to finally meet this super-cool and highly intelligent guy I chat with on the phone several times a week! 😀 —Diane at

Richard Lux

I signed up for your news letters and am charged with my donation every month. This has now been 3 months that I have paid each month and I have yet to get anything from you other then the Saturday news letter.

RV Staff

Hi, Richard. Thank you very much for your donations! We appreciate them, and you, very much! We’re sorry you’ve only been receiving the Saturday newsletters. I just checked the records and couldn’t find your name, so I checked via your email address, and there you were. All it showed was your address (not your name) and the only box you apparently checked when signing up was the Saturday newsletter. I added the RV Electricity Newsletter as well as the four RV Daily Tips Newsletters each week. I hope that’s OK. If it’s not, you can go back into your subscription… Read more »