1. I have to laugh a little when I see Tesla talking about making an RV. Elon Musk is truly a genius & I love his enthusiasm but when he talks about coming out with a new product like that I have to wonder if it will ever get to a production line. I have been waiting years for his solar roof tiles but that looks to be DOA. He has great vision but unfortunately for all of us the production side comes up short.

    • Thanks for asking, Tom. I just checked on the contest page, and here’s what Chuck posted about what the winners said:
      Dan McGuire from Pennsylvania, whose sentence went like this: “Travel trailers are homes on wheels that often move around.”
      Mike Grima from California whose sentence went like this: “Trailers are travel homes on wheels that move around often.”
      I think it’s a good idea to post the sentence(s) with the winners’ names, so we’ll be sure to do that from now on. 😀 —Diane at RVtravel.com

  2. Western Views Article ….. Staff, what does this story have to do with RV Travel? Its just another unnecessary politically charged story that belongs on CNN, not here.

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