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RV Daily Tips. Friday, June 24, 2022

Issue 1890
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Today’s thought

“Lighthouses don’t go running all over an island looking for boats to save; they just stand there shining.” ―Anne Lamott

Need an excuse to celebrate? Today is National Pralines Day!

On this day in history: 1949 – The first television Western, “Hopalong Cassidy,” starring William Boyd, is aired on NBC.

Tip of the Day

Home-camping staycations: A cost-saving idea for RV families

By Gail Marsh
Recently, I talked to fellow RVers who are redefining the RV staycation. How? They are home-camping in their own driveway for their summer vacation this year.

Save money and still have fun

Yup, these campers explained their rationale for home-camping like this: “Fuel prices have pushed into the ‘we can’t afford to take our RV anywhere this summer’ territory. So, we are opting to camp in our RV in our driveway.”

Kids love to camp in the backyard. I did it and you may have, too. Just changing location, no matter how trivial a change, can sometimes be the break from the routine you’ve needed.

Continue reading

Today’s RV review…

2022 Newmar Bay Star 3014 Class A gasser

Tony says this is, “…a gasoline-fueled Class A motorhome. It might almost seem counterintuitive to consider a gasoline-fired motorhome with fuel prices where they are today. In fact, I can almost hear some of you looking for the papers to have me certified insane.

But hold on…”

Click here

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Ask Dave

Dave Solberg is a leading expert in the RV industry and author of the “RV Handbook.” 

What do you recommend to shine RV’s cabinets and floors?

Dear Dave,
What do you think is the best product to shine my RV’s floors and cabinets? —Collen, 2019 Coachmen Chaparral fifth wheel

Read Dave’s answer

Are remanufactured RV parts any good? Do they carry a warranty?

By Kate Doherty
Remanufactured parts, or more commonly called “remanned parts,” are products made by a manufacturer that have been returned for various reasons (e.g., defective or failed, cosmetic blemishes, or plain old returned for unknown reasons). If this product is returned directly to the OEM (original equipment manufacturer), then this may be the first time this part/product/equipment will be thoroughly inspected, dissected, and tested to find the failure. Continue reading about what you might have to go through if a remanned part fails.

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Reader poll

Walmart “campers,” do you ask the store for permission to stay, or just stay?

Tell us here

WHAT DO YOU THINK? In a recent survey of RVtravel.com readers we asked “How important to you is socializing with other RVers at campgrounds or RV parks?” What percentage of those who responded said it was NOT important? About 18 percent, 37 percent or 56 percent? Find out here.

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Quick Tip

Be careful where you park your RV

When selecting a campsite, pay attention to what’s above and below you. If there are a lot of bird droppings on the ground where you will park, it could mean birds roost above. Do you really want their poop on your roof? And look at the tree limbs above. Do they have berries on them? Not good: Berries can fall and leave dark stains. What about nuts, pine cones or larger fruit? They can drop during the night or during stiff winds, waking you up, or when a squirrel is finished chewing them, providing a loud, annoying “thump!” And, pine trees can drop sap, which is tough to remove. In the fall, if the tree above is dropping a lot of leaves, you may end up with a thick pile on your roof that, if not removed, could also leave nasty stains.

On this day last year…

Website of the day

47 Easy 4th of July Crafts
Can you believe it’s almost the 4th of July? Where did the time go?! Here are 47 incredibly fun and creative craft ideas from Country Living to make your holiday even more patriotic. You could easily make these in your RV.

Clubs and useful organizations
PLEASE NOTE: We may receive an affiliate commission if you join any of these.

• Harvest Hosts: Stay free at farms, wineries and other scenic and peaceful locations for free. Save 15% on membership.
AllStays: The best website for RVers! Your membership will become your RV-bible.
Boondockers Welcome: Stay at homes of RVers who welcome you in their driveways, yards, farmland or other space on their private property. Modest membership fee.
Escapees: Best Club for RVers: All RVers welcome, no matter what type of RV, make or model.
Road Trip Wizard: Make your RV road trip planning easier than ever.

Recipe of the Day

Shrimp Cakes
by Lisa Johnson from Macon, GA

We have had a lot of crab cakes and tuna croquettes in our lives, but had never thought about chopping up shrimp and using that in a shrimp cake. We love the crunchiness that Panko gives to this dish! If you want to kick the heat up a notch, add cayenne pepper or even chopped jalapenos. This is a super easy and delicious dish to try at your next dinner!

Click here for the recipe

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A study out of the U.K. last week as reported by CNN Business says that half of the British public believe young people can’t afford to buy a home because they spend too much on coffee, Netflix and travel.

Readers’ Pet of the Day

“Exploring makes Roxy just as happy as we are. She’s a 12-year-old rescue and always ready for an adventure.” —Leslie Peralta

Send us a photo of your pet with a short description. We publish one each weekday in RV Daily Tips and in our Saturday RV Travel newsletter. No blurry photos, please! Please do not submit your photo more than once. Thanks!

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Denny L’Etoile (@guest_188593)
1 year ago

First, we check the ONP Walmart app to see if the store is listed as ok to park, but we still call/ask the manager if listed as ok. Why? To insure we park in correct place and not interfere with their operations. We’ve had one manager thank us for asking so far on this trip!

Al Debes (@guest_188351)
1 year ago

There are some Walmarts that u can not get a rv in because of low clearance

Michael Galvin, PhD (@guest_188349)
1 year ago

I’m one of those who don’t care for gnomes, and lighted ones outside all night are a pain. The owners think they are cute, but camp nights are meant to be starry, not lit by cuteness.

Thomas D (@guest_188318)
1 year ago

I quit asking when the person behind the counter shows absolutely no interest in what I just said. Most don’t care and the manager is never around. If other rvs are there,so am I. If no other rv’s then I’m gone. I’ve been approached by too many beggers. Once i had a guy looking for money to get his sick mother home. I offered him gas, i had 4- 5 gal cans. No, he needed money. He got nothing.

Dane Smith (@guest_188298)
1 year ago

I noticed on the over night stay at a Walmart parking question do you ask permission before you stay for the night, 8 % said ” never ” ask permission. I suspect those are the same people that cause problems at camp grounds where ever they go.

Philip Mead (@guest_188305)
1 year ago
Reply to  Dane Smith

Great statement!!!

Skip (@guest_188313)
1 year ago
Reply to  Dane Smith

Point to ponder!

Crowman (@guest_188316)
1 year ago
Reply to  Dane Smith

No. When I use a Walmart to stay overnight it’s generally 2:00am on a trip to somewhere else. I’m gone at 6:00am that morning just a hit and run with no contact with anyone.

John (@guest_188331)
1 year ago
Reply to  Dane Smith

Over generalizations do nothing for your credibility, Dane. People that do the above are usually the ones that cause problems everywhere.

Bill (@guest_188336)
1 year ago
Reply to  John

Is this not a over generalization?

John (@guest_188338)
1 year ago
Reply to  Bill

Nope, making a point only.

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