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Off-roaders destroy land everywhere! I’m a boondocker and have seen the horrific destruction those macho goons love to create on public land. One of their funsies is called mudbogging, which is buzzing around in the rain or shortly thereafter, digging huge ruts into dirt roads that make them impassible for others. The ruts remain for years because the BLM or Forest Service won’t or can’t level the roads again. I’ve also seen places where it was obvious that they purposely ran over vegetation just for kicks. And when they’re in dispersed camping areas, they sometimes drive around the camping area all day with no particular destination, making loads of noise that disturbs those who boondock for a quiet time in nature. Too many off-roaders are rude, oblivious, and malicious. They shouldn’t be allowed on public land, but should be forced to form an association that buys land for their private “fun”. Perhaps a tax on their off-road vehicles could finance the land.


I thought the question You can’t say yes to may be:

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Article titled “Three years into the present administration, the National Park System has no leader or other key administrators” is somewhat misleading in a negative sense. The service has an acting Director, as was the case for a portion of the previous Administration. Acting Directors have the same responsibilities as Directors. This Acting Director has a staff in place. The previous Administration appointed a full time official, Jonathon Jarvis, who was much criticized for sexual harassment and general mismanagement during his tenure. Still, the Service, including the 20,000 employees has an approved budget of over 3 Billion dollars to use for them and those who visit National Parks.

Karin S.

Cities should not be in the business of owning RV Parks. As citizens, our monies are going into that Park and most residents of the City would not be staying in the Park, as they have a home. Also, if a City does decide to open up and operate an RV Park, they will be in the position of being “Landlords.” If someone refuses to vacate the Park, (signed agreement or not) the City will have to go through the eviction process with the Courts, which means money to the citizens.


Reference the Brain teaser answer:
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DJ Napora

I read a brief article about the new FORD F53 chassis and engine for 2020.
Is there any more info and anything specific about items like upgrades to chassis, fuel economy, etc. When can we expect to see this in RV designs?