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My wife was also a volunteer firefighter. When we met she dragged me into it too. Those were some of the best years of our lives.

Lynn Davis

How can you advertise Harvest Host as “Free Camping” when it is a $79 per year camping club. Bad on you!

Timothy Hardy

Why don’t we just change the definition of words containing “men” to include women? In my mind that’s how I do it. After all, the word “women” includes the word “men.” I know, and so do most people, that women participate in just about any industry one can name, so when I hear the word “Firemen” or “Policemen,” I don’t exclude women from my thoughts. BTW, I served over 40 years as an LEO and many years as a volunteer firefighter (used out of respect to you).


Karin: you were quite polite here, and I do try to use gender-neutral versions of most professions because of preferences like yours, but I’ll admit I don’t understand the zeal that some women express over traditional wordings. I know many female police and firefighters, but no one would mistake any of them for men nor question their competence. It’s not an insult to them to say they are policemen or firemen — rather, it emphasizes that there IS no difference. To them, if you have to say FEMALE police or firefighter, it emphasizes that they are different and implies “less” to many ears.

When I worked from home raising my kids, I was a “housewife” because it was a shortcut to the roster of duties — “stay at home Dad” sounds to many like implying lazy oaf on the couch instead of the reality of working my butt off raising kids PLUS working a career. Most women I know liked that I used “their” term, because again it’s the name of the job, not the gender of the worker. My nephew is a nurse — not “male nurse,” just nurse. Same concept. Even if you’re unusual in your career (less so by the day), feeling you NEED to stick a gender to your job detracts from the point IMHO — I’m sure you never wanted to be a “police officer, except she’s a woman.”

Either way, thanks for your services as LEO and firefighter!


Unnecessary. No one thinks it is excluding.

Will B.

Brain Teaser: Also, all the words have two letters that repeat twice. (Might be the same letter, as in Voodoo, but still accurate.)

John Edgette

Why not put some focus on the BEST made RVs?