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Robin Richmond
6 months ago

Backing up an r v
we use our cell phones one on the dash with speaker on
other one stands out back. 🤔

6 months ago

Funny about the Navajo Indians and wanting to change the name of an R.V. Park named after Kit Carson. Yes the government ordered him to break the back of the Navajos because for 1000 years they killed, abducted the women and children, stole the sheep herds in the 100,000s from the Mexican nationals. The Mexican people at that time held Kit Carson as a hero because of what he did. Read your history.

6 months ago
Reply to  Crowman

That is a huge problem in today’s world. Jump on a bandwagon without knowing the history behind it.

Matt Johnson
6 months ago

Re: the brain teaser it also is, the present

6 months ago

re: “Chased by a Bison”
I am sorry but I have to say this. I live near Rocky Mountain National Park and this happens all the time with tourists crowding Elk and Moose. Frankly acting thinking these wild animals are tame is stupid…..there are signs posted everywhere. They have to have guards at pull over areas to keep the people away for their own protection. If you look at the two people they were way too close to the Bison, period I am glad they did not get killed or anything but what they did was wrong.

6 months ago

I see yesterday before today is the same place we found sympathy when we were growing up.

6 months ago

My comments yesterday was for chuck and his rv staff. Why I put down mike was beyond me.

6 months ago

The info on traffic fatalities being higher can not be correct and I would challenge the statistics and those putting them together. With bars and restaurants mostly closed, common sense says the number of drinking related accidents and fatalities would be down tremendously, a stat the folks at Big Booze would like to keep hidden. As alcohol is a major factor in highway accidents, I have been wondering what the numbers have been, but sorry this one doesn’t pass the stink test.

6 months ago
Reply to  Doug

I’d expect the reduction you do as well, but subjectively when I go out everyone is driving like maniacal jackarses… maybe it’s lack of practice or gullible folks wearing masks and blacking out?

6 months ago
Reply to  Wolfe

Where I am, there is much less traffic, but in the 35 to 45 mph areas people are doing well over the limit, where normally they are slowed down by the normally greater traffic. I have never been cut-off so many times in all the decades I have driven this route. I wish I had settled in the country. Well, this WAS sort of country 47 years ago. Groan……..

5 months ago
Reply to  Doug

Maybe essential workers are just terrible drivers.

Bob Ruggles
6 months ago

I went on a blind date on August 17, 1963. Four months and four days later we got married. We had just months less than 50 years together when the love of my life passed away.

6 months ago
Reply to  Bob Ruggles

So sorry. Congratulations on all those years together.

Tom Schmidt
6 months ago

Mick Jagger was born in 1943, not 1948.

Jeremy Hill
6 months ago

Regarding the “ removable “ mounting tape described above, I’d use with caution . Ad on Amazon is seemingly written by non English person and describes removable and permanent features at the same time . I’m skeptical .

Kenneth Lyons
6 months ago
Reply to  Jeremy Hill

Don’t worry…tape doesn’t work well anyway. Bought some, hung a key holder and fell off an hour later. (RV was parked)

6 months ago
Reply to  Jeremy Hill

Are you saying it may be “Made in China”? Perish the thought.

6 months ago

I agree

Bill T
6 months ago

Like the “today in history” video segment. This should be added to the daily newsletter.