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Are Trailer SumoSprings worth it?

SumoSprings for trailers and fifth-wheel suspension products are designed to enhance load-carrying capacity, stabilize sway, and improve overall driver control and ride comfort. They are maintenance-free, do not leak air, and do not require air lines or compressors.

They also reduce vibration in your trailer, which will reduce the wear and tear on your towable unit.

Trailer SumoSprings® utilize the same micro-cellular air springs as SumoSprings. They mount above trailer leaf spring assemblies and create a cushion between the axle and trailer frame.

Trailer SumoSprings reduce wear and tear on body frames, windows, doors, closets, mounted TVs, and other components by minimizing bounce, hop, and sway associated with most towable RVs.

Reduced sway and bounce in the trailer results in increased driver control, ride comfort, reduced maintenance costs, and reduced overall cost of trailer ownership.

Here are links to order them:

Watch our video below to learn more.

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Dennis Snyder
9 days ago

I installed Sumo Springs on my 2018 Ford F150. I also had them on a Chevy Silverado. Do your homework to determine the weight design range you will require. I highly recommend them

Tony B Ivie
3 months ago

What of us who don’t have leaf springs, but torsion axles on our RV’s?

3 months ago

I installed Sumo springs this spring in preparation for an Alaska trip this summer on my 2022 Shasta Phoenix 298rls. So far am experiencing moderate ride improvements with short trips. Looking forward to seeing how they do.

3 months ago

Already have added shocks to my GF367BHS. Makes sense to also add Sumo Springs??

Capt. Jim
3 months ago

I added Sumo Springs to my Grand Design 379FL (+/- 16,000 lbs.). Significantly reduced sway and especially rebound over bridge transitions and humps. Easy install.

Tom E
3 months ago

I’m still awaiting the iFlex SMARTryde by AKTV8 and MorRyde air suspension/autoleveling option. I added the Roadmaster Comfort Ride Shock Absorbers kit to smooth out the 5th wheel’s ride but there’s a weight distribution issue with the mid-bunk design. The left side has more weight than the right because of the heavy kitchen slide, mid-bunk slide and bedroom slide are all on the left. This poorly distributed weight flattened out the two left springs which in turn changed the axle alignment causing uneven tire wear. Replacing all 4 spings, the axles are back in alignment. They’re 3500# springs on 7000# axles. I suppose I could switch to 4000# 8 leaf springs??

Bob P
3 months ago

I installed sumo springs on my Nissan Frontier and it made a huge difference in handling and load control. Running empty it took away the extreme lean in turns, loaded with our 23’ TT it helped with load carrying and handling. It felt like the truck was in charge of the trailer rather the tail wagging the dog previously.

Tom H.
3 months ago

Very timely! I have the springs in my Amazon cart, planning to install before my next trip. Thanks again.

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