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Williamsburg KOA website states that it is open March 1 – December 31; not year round as stated in the Holiday in Williamsburg article.


It appears RVTravel has got me thinking this week. It would be wonderful if there were a list provided to all RVers regarding the use of campgrounds. A list that is included with the sale of every RV, better yet permanently applied to the wall of every RV (inside a cabinet door). Listed below is a start of what I’d like it to see listed/addressed. It would be wonderful to have other RVTravel readers to add what they would like to see listed and then RVTravel may find an article idea as it relates to the information posted. REMEMBER –… Read more »


Is there a specific place to submit article suggestions? The RV industry, already well below par regarding quality control, is getting ‘out of control’ by adding all the new ‘luxury’ amenities – patios, televisions (inside and out), outdoor kitchens, multiple slide-outs, etc. (and many more new features that I’m not aware of). Each time you add something you increase the opportunity for something to go wrong. Articles I think would be helpful. Focus on specific features/components as they relate to what goes wrong (trailer/motor home) most often and why? Yes, there are many articles about specific issues but nothing that… Read more »


A subject I’d like to see covered is interior lighting – specifically the switching of interior ‘old’ light bulbs/systems for new more efficient, cooler LED bulbs (today’s article and many lighting articles touch on the what but not on the how). I’d like to understand my system and how to upgrade (visual examples). Right now, I’m under the impression that this is not just a ‘buy new bulbs, switch out the old ones and job done’. Getting it wrong could be catastrophic. Help with this kind of upgrade would be appreciated. New site is wonderful. Any bugs will get worked… Read more »

Steve Barnes, Kamloops, BC

In your editorial today you link us to your explanation “How to make money from a website or blog” (loosely quoted). Excellent, I hope those who did not read it will go back now and do so. Although it is specific to webs and blogs generally, and to specifically, if one didn’t know better they might think your comment was political. I really, really liked how at the end of your article you provided a link directly back to the newsletter. That answers “Ron’s” comment today, the 5th one below Appreciate your ethics. Without them we have no worth.… Read more »

Terry Brown

It sure would be nice to be able to D/L’d serial articles as PDF files for later viewing or printing.

Steven Scheinin

You claim 10,000 have complained about their lemon RV. If each of those 10,000 people hired one of the lawyers that advertise, no recovery, no fee, I think that would have an effect on the industry.

Brian & Joyce Burry

We do not use Facebook and will not use Facebook, but how do we participate and comments on the “RV horror stories” should not just be on Facebook,
and if it’s on your website, could you please tell us how we can participate in such discussions? thank you very much

John Hiler

You write a lot about the need for more technicians for RV’s. Better pay and working conditions might help to solve that problem. Training at tech schools will help too. Investment by the industry in technical training would make the work more sought after. More women in the trade would help. The major complaint that I hear a lot is simply working conditions. Being forced to work faster and not better is huge factor. Do some articles from that end. I find that locally, my independent dealer does a great job as long as I don’t push for something to… Read more »


Love the new layout scheme; however, I do have one complaint. When ever I click on a “go here” button to read another interesting subject… returning to the newsletter requires me to hit the back button which puts me back at the very beginning of your newsletter. I then have to scroll down to where I initially left off. After doing this a dozen times, it become very frustrating. Maybe going back to the old method of opening a new tab would be better.

Eric Meslin

Be patient. I found that if I wait for it (about 5 seconds) my browser will take me back to where I was. If I start scrolling this doesn’t happen. Hope this helps.


Not to pick on you specifically but I find it interesting about the complaints of having to use the back button instead of articles opening in a new tab. Years ago, the “back” button was the most used feature of a web browser. Web developers were told to not create links that open in a new window or tab because people would become confused and not know how to return to the original page they came from.

Dave Kaiser

I right click on the link and select “open in new tab”. Hope it works for you.

Richard Snyder

Two comments on the newsletter format, Chuck: it would be helpful if a new tab would open automatically when clicking to read an article (I believe that used to happen); when clicking on “read more” on my Samsung tablet, nothing happens. Otherwise, I think it’s terriffic.

Laurel A Deveso

I always hear you talk about problems finding RV spaces on the go. I’m not going to argue with you about that, but if you are the type of RVer to take the road less traveled, and aren’t expecting much in the way of amenities, spaces abound in all sorts of wonderful areas! After Thanksgiving, my husband and I took the scenic backroads from Prescott down to Yuma, and saw park after park more empty than full. Our park in Yuma is only half-filled. We have a good group here, and we have potlucks and outings, but no pool or… Read more »