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In these days of cat fishing and identity theft, are you quite sure it’s email from the real Marcus Lemonis that you’re getting? Just sayin’…

E Richards

I live in SW Michigan just across the border where many RVs are made in northern Indiana & have seen them made & know people who work in the plants. So when I wanted a small 1-2 person MH I bought a low mile diesel no rust Horton ambulance from a small Detroit suburb Fire Dept. The back up ambulance. IMHO so much better, top shelf all the way & we all know how firemen take care of their equipment. Couldn’t be happier!

Mark C Schaffler

how about a section dedicated to RV Good News Stories? Am sure there are many as we continue to own and use our RVs….regardless…and we continue to trade them and get new/different ones…
Brick and mortar homes have there horror stories too, from bad deals when purchasing, to terrible loans, to ugly repairs and ripoffs. But people continue to buy homes, live in them and make happy memories.
So be it with RVs of all kinds. Lets have more happy stories of us making RV memories, and suggestions for others to do the same. It is a great life style, and a wonderful way to enjoy our country.


Please continue the new “contests to enter” section. I entered the one for the generator, winning would be epic!!
I also love the upside down cast iron skillet idea for baking in the RV oven. I’ve never had a problem using our oven, but I did learn to keep a very close eye on foods being cooked in there. Being tiny, it heats up fast and can be hotter than a home oven very quickly. I have read of people putting pizza stones on the bottom of the oven to make heat distribution more even. But I’ve also read if those breaking in the oven. The skillet idea sounds really good.


Re: the propane hookup article (which does’t have a comment section…), I’ve tried a tank-pressure Tee hose (which pretends to be a 1lb cylindar at the grill regulator), and have a low-pressure (11iwc) quick connect fitting (which replaces the grill regulator). I now use NEITHER. The best method I’ve found is the refill adapter that lets you reuse your $4 1lb tanks for a quarter. You refill 19 or so little bottles from an $8 20lb. Not hard to do, no tripping on hoses, and you’re not literally tied to the camper. To me, keeping portability is important so I’m NOT grilling with potential flareups too close to the trailer and/or awning. Even once cool, I keep the grill a little distant from my rig in bear country.

jerome friedman

How does one join the stray voltage patrol

rodney teuscher

Love your newsletter. I have enjoyed your RV articles for years. At one time I had planned to buy an RV and travel. I dont own an RV now but I want to buy one. I am a Good Sam Member by choice. Information gathering I call it. The factors currently preventing me from buying an RV is I dont have a place to park it. If I went full time there wouldnt be a problem. The other factors are how do I get it worked on and not knowing when the RV will be fixed. I went to Camping World in New Brunsfeld , Tx to buy a barbecue and I noticed all the keys hanging from the maintenance shops wall. There was a lot. I asked the man working there why so many keys. He told me they were RVs either being worked on and or awaiting parts. Most RVer’s he said either had toads or another means of transportation while their RV was being fixed. And if you didnt have other transportation the only other recourse would be to rent a car. Thats another pickle one gets into when you only have one vehicle. The other issue is parts. When will the part get in because the man said almost all parts had to be ordered. Maybe it would take one day, one week, one month and then they would schedule maintenance. Thats not a situation I want to get into. And while the RV warranty is ticking downwards other future warranty issues will not be covered. So I am waiting. The storage issues I face if I buy one and the problems I might face if I need my RV fixed and I have to wait for a repair.

Wade Phillips

With Walmart stopping overnight parking, why not use a church for overnight parking? With the large sizes of churches, which also means large parking lots, is there anything negative about using those lots?

Judith Grayson

Please do an article about traveling with cats. Outdoor portable enclosures for large cats.
Thank you

John Hiler

As much corporate welfare as is paid to support Wal-Mart you should be allowed to park inside the store.


Noted that new link to rvparkreviews. Thanks. Concerned that when I checked a specific RV Park in Nephi, UT that it gave the park a 3.5 star rating. This is consistent with other sites that rate/review and/or list this particular park. The problem is that we stayed there one night while moving between destinations and found it was terrible and should not even be listed by Good Sam and/or any site as acceptable. Too many messy permanent RVs, reeks of cat, plumbing issues, no host at arrival or departure, etc. May have been a good RV park once upon a time but it is not maintained. We checked the satellite view and it looked fine but even that is misleading. A 3 star should be considered an OK+ facility. It appears the ratings are either ‘loaded’ or very much out of date. Per RVTravels concerns about the RV experience, this ‘rating’ system should be discussed as well as the ‘review’ system. The park I am referring to may have been a 3.5 at one time, could be again. But the environment pushes it to unacceptable.

Kevin Lohrey

I love to read your articles but there is one issue I have a slight problem that hearing your audio program. I am deaf. If you can provide closed caption or something close to it as we deaf camper would enjoy it.

Cindy Baldwin

Wonderful !

Anthony Joel Vinson

I for one am so glad that your newsletter is “striking a nerve” with the big industry. Once we’ve ironed out THE MANY issues with our Keystone, it has turned into a good TT. The axles are lightweight garbage, our floor had to be replaced a year and half after purchase, the bumper can barely hold the spare, Chinese tires are an accident waiting to happen, and RV warranties are just a piece of paper. Our dealership turned out to be crap, dealing with Keystone is almost worthless, and fixing it yourself becomes essential. Your newsletter is sharing with everyone EXACTLY how it is. Thank you. Stay the course and keep RV principles at the cornerstone of you journalism. Please, don’t be bullied by the industrialists.


I have written a personal Email to Chuck Woodbury concerning the comments of Marcus Lemonis and the fact that he will be monitoring RV Travel. To me, that sounds like a BIT of a threat and we should all be careful what we say about Good Sams Club and Camping World and Mr. Lemonis.

Remember Billionaires only care about their bottom line and if they can make something go away, Like RV Travel Newsletter, then he will protect his Bottom Line!

I’ve been down this road before with an RV Manufacturer years ago, who sent me a Cease and Desist request. My website was seriously hurting their Sales and I was threatened with a Law Suit. So, I took the website down and made sure to tell future RVers via “Word of Mouth” instead publicly posting online.

Fortunately, nothing happened and I wasn’t Sued!

Be Careful what you say on the Internet, since it is out there forever!

Take Care,