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On January 15, I tried to go to https://www.rvtravel.com using the Chrome Web Browser on windows 10 and got this message “The page you are trying to access is restricted due to a security rule. If you believe the security rule is affecting the normal operation of your website, contact your host support team and provide detailed instructions how to recreate this error.
They will be able to assist you with rectifying the problem and adjusting the security configuration if needed.”
I had to use Internet Explorer to get to the site.


For those licensed to carry concealed weapons in their state, http://www.uscarry.com is a great source to find those states that allow you to carry concealed there based on your state’s CCW permit. Simple interactive map on the site. They also discuss and list related firearm laws of the various states.


Michigan gas prices are 1.99 a gallon. Which leaves me speechless because I am use to paying almost 40 bucks a fill up. I now pay less then 30. Love it.


This happened to one blogger I follow a while back. The blog may actually be costing you money because the content is still linking to all your images and being served from your server. Scott put in a hack on his website that replaced all the images with one image that told readers this content was stolen. Check out his story at https://www.hanselman.com/blog/BlockingImageHotlinkingLeechingAndEvilSploggersWithIISUrlRewrite.aspx

Rex Smith

Hello everyone, from Lincoln, England, sorry, not Nebraska….
I really enjoy this website and newsletter. A couple of points spring to mind, firstly the fuel prices.
In the UK , we pay up to £1.40 per litre, £7.00 per UK gallon of diesel. As I only get around 13 miles per gallon in my Winnebago Sunseeker 6.5 litre, 32′ long, you will understand me smiling if I read comments from the USA relating to ‘high’ prices.
Secondly, the availability of parking at some Wal-Mart’s, although maybe reduced now, makes me envious.
I still work as a truck driver in Europe, although I’m 71 next May, and we use our rv for an annual drive to Greece every May,and a couple of weeks in Spain in September.
Thanks again Chuck, and your staff. Best wishes to all in the USA.
Regards Rex Smith

Jeff Johnson

Chuck – in your diatribe about Good Sam Club, you failed to mention that members get gas at a discount at Pilot and Flying J. We use both our Good Sam Club card for 5 to 6 cents off per gallon, plus our COSTCO card which gives us 4% rebate.

Ron Swartz

I agree with Chuck regarding the deterioration of Good Sam/Camping World since the “Marcus” took over. My co-pilot and I first joined Good Sam after going to their “Great North American Rally” in Louisville KY. At the time we needed aux brakes for our toad and figured the rally was a good place to find them and to meet lots of fellow RV’rs. We did, and it was. We had so much fun that I wrote a letter to Sue Bray (Then Director of GS), offering to help at future Rallies. That was the beginning of an 8-year relationship. Sue was great to work with and kept the organization rolling (leading the member organization, lobbying Washington for RVr’s). The GS state chapters were a fun bunch. We helped organize their “Parade of State Flags” at each rally. We had GS Roadside Assistance which gave use good advice on a couple of occasions. All was good about the organization, then the “Marcus” came along and all began to change. He abused the volunteers at the rallies, did away with HiWays magazine and turned MotorHome and TrailerLife magazines into little more than Camping World marketing tools. Local RV dealers (they provided the display RVs) were cut out of the rallies and replaced by Camping World who’s presence in the Vendors area kept growing, cutting out the independent vendors. Our last RALLY was in Daytona Beach FL where Marcus made the entertainment nights into his own “Reality Show.”

We are on our 8th RV and won’t even buy toilet paper from Camping World. I’m glad some GS chapters are still active. The members are good people. Its unfortunate that they no-longer have a “Good Sue” to run the organization.


john paterson

I was unable to read your newsletters except on my android phone prior to your server change. Now no problem. Can read on PC, tablet and phone. Thank you!!


We continue to enjoy your newsletter! Thank you. Regarding “personalizing” the newsletter: how will you know in what part of he country we’re currently residing? We have Wheels.

John Mooney

I get lots of ads for Florida RV Parks which made me wonder if there is something in my profile that indicates I am in Florida rather than Palm Springs, CA. I thought I would review my profile but for the life of me I can’t figure out if that’s even an option on this web site. Then I thought I would contact you with a question but couldn’t find a non-public way to ask a question or send you a message. If I reply to the weekly email will someone read it and respond? Maybe an add to the list of options for future consideration would be to give readers an easier way to access and manage their profile, subscriptions, etc. also adding a “Contact Us” button like most web sites have would be helpful.

As for the geographic location advertising, maybe a check in feature for those of us on the road (like RVillage has) would be helpful to this group.

Thanks for hanging in there, I enjoy reading the weekly newsletter!


Sorry to hear about your website theft.
I had the same thing happen for sections of my site.

One thing you should do if you have not already is to notify Google. They may take the other site out of their search ratings. Its also important because Google does not like duplicate content and may downgrade both sites in their search listings.



Sorry to hear about your website being stolen. Does this mean your entire member list including credit card information has now been compromised? Should we take steps to protect our identity? Please advise.

Steward Smith

Hi Chuck….Because of the Good Sam Club I was connected with Transamerica for Medigap insurance. This has turned out to be a wonderful purchase as, at 75, I pay only 210.00 per month for my PPO coverage. Perhaps at some point they may get back to providing great benefits to the RV community.

Al Philips

Chuck just a comment on this: “Say you live in Arkansas, and a popular state park near Little Rock shuts down. That might matter to you, but it won’t matter to someone in Portland, Oregon. So you’ll see the news, and readers there won’t.”
By definition RVers are mobile. Using your example, a state park in Little Rock might be very pertinent to someone in Portland, OR. Why? Because the state park in Little Rock might be on this RVers itinerary. To avoid a bad surprise, and default charges, the RVers might want to change their itinerary before arriving in Little Rock. To me, nothing more frustrating than searching for a campground after driving several hundred miles or several hours. Something to consider.

Patricia Carey

Great article on the Good Sam Club. We became life members years ago when we became full timers. Now I am ashamed that we did that due to what the organization has become.


Good morning, Chuck. Thank you for your efforts in keeping this newsletter up and running. After reading your article on personalizing it, I must say, I agree with Julie on this. We travel full time, and not to just one winter spot and one summer spot. We travel all over throughout the year. We are currently in NM. In March we will go to FL, in May, SC, Jun/Jul we will go to WI and MI before heading west again to CO. I want to know what is going on all over the US, not just where my residency zip code happens to be. Will this be a mandatory personalization or will it be an option? Thank you for listening.


Yes I think Julie has a great idea as lots of us just decide to go somewhere and wondering what’s going on there
Otherwise good job!!!?


Could we see a little less regarding electricity, it seems to dominate newsletter.
Maybe have one segment to locate all the related information.


Good Morning. I would like to occasionally leave a “plus” to someone’s comments, but the message “you must be logged in to vote” pops up. How do I “log in” so I can agree with someone else’s remarks? Thanks for your help.


Good Morning. I am happy you are able to personalize ads, but am really hoping you just chose an incorrect example for personalizing content! I live in an RV! On wheels! I travel. If I am, for example, in Oregon now, I may be planning a return to that small park near Little Rock. Wouldn’t it be nice if I knew it was closed. Even if I’m not headed that way right away, I can update my book of travels so I’ll remember it’s no longer open when I next plan a trip in that direction. I read every article in every newsletter, so let’s compromise! Go ahead and personalize, but give me a link to the rest of the articles that I am not seeing:)