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Sunday, May 16, 2021
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Utah RV dealership customers say they’ve been cheated

After a Utah television station reported on “discrepancies” in an RV dealership customer’s loan papers, more alleged chicanery has popped up. Lisa Pueblo thought she’d bought a motorhome on a 20-year finance contract. Imagine her surprise when she found, instead, her contract was for just 10 years – and then needed to come up with a whopping $63,000 balloon payment to complete it. Could you be the victim of such perverted paperwork? Others have already stepped forward. Learn more and get important advice here.

East Coast fuel shortages: What’s to be done – and how real are they?

By Russ and Tiña De Maris
Last week’s cyberattack against the major East Coast oil pipeline set up circumstances that could potentially create fuel shortages. At mid-week, about 1,000 stations reported “out of gas” situations. What’s being done to help drivers along the East Coast get that precious motivator back in their tanks? And are the fuel outages really the fault of the pipeline shutdown? Continue reading.

Colorado town wants to limit stays in RV parks

The Woodland Park, Colorado, city council is discussing limiting stays in RV parks to 180 days instead of 12 months a year, as it is now. One council member said the RV Industry Association (RVIA) was pressuring municipalities in the U.S. to institute a limit of 180 days of RV camping over safety concerns, stating that full-time living would wear out RV appliances too fast. Does the RVIA really advocate that? Find out here.

RV rental fleets won’t shrink this year despite RV shortage

RV dealer rental fleets won’t be shrinking this year despite the difficulties in procuring new units from manufacturers, according to a recent survey by the RV Rental Association (RVRA). The survey, conducted this spring, found more than half of the rental dealers surveyed said they intend to grow their rental fleets in 2021, and another 25% said they will keep their fleet numbers at the same levels as 2020. Read more.

Canadian RVers struggling to start camping season near home

RV owners in the U.S. are looking forward to a return to “semi-normal” camping trips this summer, but that isn’t the situation north of the border. While the entire 5,525-mile-long Canada/United States border remains closed to all but essential crossings, new COVID-19 rules and regulations in each province are making camping trips for sequestered Canadian RVers nearly impossible in most locations. Continue reading.

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Today’s RV review…

In today’s review, industry insider Tony Barthel looks at the Scamp 19. Tony writes, “What’s the smallest fifth wheel trailer you can get? Can you really tow a small fifth wheel with a half-ton truck? Looking at these questions will inevitably lead you to the Scamp 19 – a 19-foot fifth wheel trailer from a company that’s been making small, fiberglass trailers for a half-century.” Continue reading.

Alaskan Camper

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Alaskan Campers Truck Camper

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That was the RV week that was

May 9–15, 2021

If records are made to be broken, the RV industry is on the leading edge. Registrations of new RVs for the month of March 2021 continue to cut new trails, with 54,829 new rigs recorded by DMVs. That’s the best March ever, beating out previous high registrations of 45,568 in 2018. In the U.S., travel trailers leaped ahead to 34,911 registrations, 52% more than March 2020. Fifth wheels are up nearly 48% with 6,370 new units. Pop-ups (now referred to as “camping trailers”) up almost 61% with 827 registrations. Class A motorhomes, 1,489 new, a 24% increase. Doing even better, Class C rigs jumped nearly 27%, moving out 2,527 new registrations. And, finally, Class B conversion vans shamed them all: 877 new registrations for a whopping 119% increase.

Photo: Jones County Fire Council

A travel trailer appears to have come out the “winner” in a rear-end contest taking place in Laurel, Mississippi. Volunteer firefighters didn’t even need to get an official call-out – they heard the boom of a three-vehicle accident that took place on the highway just outside their firehouse. An RVer pulling a travel trailer had stopped to allow the vehicle in front of him to make a left turn across Highway 15. But a pickup truck driver behind him didn’t take the hint – plowing into the RV. Not to be left out, a car driver then rear-ended the erring pickup truck. The last car in the pileup yielded four passengers needing a trip to the hospital. The pickup in the middle was left immobile. The travel trailer took the least damage, upchucking the contents of its rear storage compartment, and leaving driver and passenger of the tow vehicle unscathed.

If you were in the virtual line to try and score tickets to access Glacier National Park’s Going-to-the-Sun Road, you may have been disappointed. The Park Service says the first batch of tickets for June access to the Montana attraction sold out in a matter of minutes. 10,000 people competed for the precious papers, more than three times the number of tickets available. The Park Service is limiting the number of vehicles that use the road, and the $2-per-ticket trick is what they think will work. Once rangers know when the road will actually open, more tickets will be offered. If you’re visiting the park and have campground, lodging, horseback, or guided hike reservations, you won’t need to compete – your pass is already included.

New York Daily News

Adding pressure to the already tight used RV marketplace comes this from the New York Daily News. It’s a full-length feature story on New Yorkers who’ve reached the conclusion that they can’t afford high rents and are moving into RVs. One man, a full-time employed emergency medical tech, said he moved into a motorhome under the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway after he had to rent out his apartment living room just to make the rent. In March, the price of rentals DROPPED to just $2,463 a month in Brooklyn.

RV TRIVIA – While varied across a series of demographics, Current RV owners are most often families nearing the age of 55 that earn at least $65,000 per year. Current owners are largely committed to the lifestyle, with 60% stating they will always have an RV. —SOURCE: RV Industry Association

Not blood, orange paint applied after accident. Photo: Walton County Fire Rescue on

Is Florida the center of freak roadway incidents? You might wonder after you hear of these two tales. Last Monday, a pair of folks traveling Interstate 10 near DeFuniak Springs in a pickup had a heavenly run-in. Cruising eastbound, the pair were startled when a lightning bolt blasted down in front of their rig. It gets worse: The bolt blasted a piece of asphalt out of the road surface and flung it through the windshield, leaving both injured enough for a trip to the hospital, and shattering the truck’s back window, too. Fortunately, their injuries weren’t serious. Last month, on I-95 near Port Orange, Florida, a “projectile turtle” also made a through-the-windshield visit on another vehicle. One woman in the car took head lacerations but will recover. The turtle walked away with a few shell scratches. Turtle wax protection?

Winnebago Industries Foundation is partnering with Habitat for Humanity to help the international charity in its mission to provide housing for those in need. The Winnebago Industries Foundation announced a donation of $100,000 that will support local Habitat for Humanity organizations where Winnebago has operations, along with Habitat’s RV Care-A-Vanner Program, as well as Habitat for Humanity’s work to revitalize neighborhoods. Read more.

Proposed new park regulations may be coming in order to accommodate more people. As more and more people discover the joys of camping, some state and local parks have made policy changes that will go into effect this summer. Take, for example, the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation. They are cracking down on overcrowding in several of their most popular state parks. And Pennsylvania is not alone. Many other states are taking preemptive steps, as well. Officials hope that new regulations (with enforcement) will improve the camping experience for everyone. Here are some ideas that state and local parks are considering and/or implementing.

Will Langhorne via The Western News

We reported last week about a public meeting that had to be shut down because of an unruly crowd in Ava, New York. They shouted down presenters trying to describe a proposed campground. Apparently it’s not the first time in recent days this has happened. Last month, U.S. Forest Service officials had to similarly scrub a public presentation at the Three Rivers, Montana, ranger district office. A proposed project called Knotty Pine apparently struck a nerve. A social media misinformation campaign suggested the Service was planning on clear-cutting 7,000 acres of forest, and would build a huge RV park. In fact, the “RV park” was merely a proposed group camp that could be used by up to 150 people. When officials tried to tell folks about the project, a loud group of opponents “over-talked” officials. On May 6, rangers tried a different route. They sponsored an outdoor “open house” with booths staffed by rangers who could answer questions. Divide and conquer? Maybe. But in any event, they were finally able to get their message out.

When vandals shoot at road signs or scribe them with graffiti, what do you do? If you’re the U.S. Forest Service, simply shut the facility down. That’s the case in Idaho at the Mann Creek Campground. “Due to damage and vandalism to federal facilities located in the Mann Creek area on the Weiser Ranger District,” wrote Forest Service officials on their page, “Mann Creek Campground will remain closed until further notice.” Users are noticeably outraged, calling out the vandals, and some questioning the wisdom of government officials. If no one is present to report on vandals, will simply shutting down the problem area resolve the problem?

 “Can Opener” bridge claims yet another RV 
VIDEO: Once again, the famed 11-foot, eight-inch bridge has claimed another victim – the 162nd one since 2008! In this case, the driver of a truck pulling a fifth wheel trailer fails to realize that the height of his RV does not include the air conditioners that extend above the roof. Oh my goodness, this is not pretty! There’s a lesson to be learned here: Know the true height of your RV and if in doubt you will make it under a bridge or through a tunnel, take a different route. Watch and weep. Then read this to avoid a similar occurrence.

A Tylertown, Mississippi, RV park has stirred up the waters in requesting to increase its sewage flow into the Bogue Chitto River. Paradise Ranch RV Resort is asking the state’s permission to allow as much as 70,000 gallons of treated sewage to flow into the water per day. Locals and environmental groups envision algae blooms and flows of sewage-bearing pharmaceutical wastes. The park presently has 100 RV sites and 15 cabins, and the owner says he’d like to roughly double that, but needs a permit to increase sewage outflow. He also points out that even with the expansion plans, the park would never generate that amount of sewage flow.

Fox Bluff Vacation Cottage and RV Resort

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Tom Major via

California’s Six Rivers National Forest needs campground hosts at three different Smith River National Recreation Area campgrounds. Panther Flat, Patrick Creek, and Grassy Flats all need volunteers who’ll don a free uniform and take training to meet and greet, monitor, do basic maintenance and cleanup. All this in exchange for a free campsite through the summer. All sites will provide river access. Fill out a volunteer application on, keyword, Six Rivers National Forest.

Campground owners, which of your guests are most likely to create problems? If you said “Tenters,” you’re correct. Campground trade site recently published a story on campground guest behavior. Summarizing some interesting points: More first-time guests mean more problems, as many simply have no notion of campground etiquette. Those who’ve been hotel guests in the past often bring a sense of “entitlement” with them, which they visit on staff and other guests. While some want to get that “pre-pandemic normalcy,” they translate that into “escape the rules of COVID” and often spurn mask-wearing rules set up to protect guests. Got a drunken guest who creates a commotion in the middle of the night? Don’t send them packing immediately – the park could be responsible for road accidents, and they’ll likely create a noisy disturbance. Want to hire the best folks for the job as campground hosts? Try ex-law enforcement or retired high school teachers. They’re already trained on dealing with unruly folk.

Arkansas DOT

Do detours crack you up? Then stay away from Memphis, Tennessee. The I-40 bridge that ties Arkansas to Tennessee is closed indefinitely after a routine inspection turned up a “crack” in a support span of the 40-year-old bridge. Later reports described the matter as “a significant fracture” that will put the bridge out of service – likely for months. Where does traffic go now? A detour takes this relative “youngster’s” traffic across “granddad,” a 71-year-old Memphis & Arkansas Bridge that carries Interstate 55 into Memphis. Needless to say, the detour is creating major traffic slowdowns.

Last February we wrote about Nathan and Alicia Lawson, who were busy building a new RV park near NASCAR’s Talladega Speedway in Lincoln, Alabama. New RV parks aren’t “new” news, but the Lawsons are unusual in the field, being a Black couple in a predominantly white industry. Now their Time Away Resort has come to fruition, as the 100 full-hookup sites park is opening on June 1. In appreciation to new customers, those who make reservations in June will be guaranteed a $40 per night rate as “Founding Members.” Can’t make it in June? Reserve a site and with the Lawson’s help, you can donate it to a military veteran and get your Founding Member creds. The park has a lineup of special events for June. Visit their website here.


Oh bahhh-ther! If your travel plans included a stop at the Bureau of Land Management’s Cronan Ranch Trailhead near Pilot Hill, California, earlier this week, you may have been displaced. The trailhead parking area was closed to the public as trucks unloaded 700 sheep. What’s with the woollies? The agency “hired” them out to crop back yellow star-thistle and medusahead plants. Both are invasive species that out-compete local grasses, and the Bureau wants to control them as naturally as possible. Apparently the sheep think of them as high-class vittles. The flock comes equipped with a shepherd who will guide and direct the fleeced croppers over some 900 acres until some time in August.

shook photos on

Planning to RV through South Dakota this summer? RV park owners in Rapid City say you’d best be rapid yourself if you want to get a reservation in place for a spot to stay. The owner of two parks in the area says that 4th of July spots are basically gone; another park owner says his reservations are running about a month earlier than usual.

The folks who bought Gilroy, California’s Garlic Farm RV Park have become an unwelcome odor to city officials. We wrote in January that the new owners planned on turning the RV park into a “tiny house” development, and would rent out the new residences. This was all news to Gilroy city officials. Apparently the new owners never bothered to mention the plan to them. City officials learned of the plan when they read their newspapers. Now the city says there’s a problem: The zoning for the “new” development doesn’t allow long-term stays, nor does the location allow “residential” development. City officials and the development’s new owners will be meeting to see if they can bang out some sort of agreement to allow the show to go on.

 Amazing Nature! 

Meet the Football Fish!

Do you like to fish? Whether you do or don’t, we bet you don’t know about a very prehistoric fish that just washed up on a Southern California beach. It’s seldom seen, but last Monday, one washed up in Crystal Cove State Marine Park’s Marine Protected Area. The female Pacific Football Fish possess a long stalk on the head with bioluminescent tips used as a lure to entice prey in the darkness of waters as deep as 3,000 feet. Her teeth, like pointed shards of glass, are transparent and her large mouth is capable of sucking up and swallowing prey the size of her own body. Read more and see two photos! This is one ugly fish!


empowering cuts on facebook

While most of us think of an RV on the road to relaxation, Joshua Santiago’s RV is on the road to a clip job. Santiago, of Mayfair, Pennsylvania, makes his living as an Uber driver, but his true passion is helping the homeless as a barber. While training as a barber, his instructor took students to homeless shelters to give free haircuts. Later, Santiago set up a chair on city sidewalks to do the same. Now, with some $70,000 in donations to his nonprofit Empowering Cuts, Santiago goes farther afield in a converted 32-foot motorhome. The rig is equipped with two chairs, a shampoo bowl in the bathroom and, of course, a couch and TV for waiting “customers.” Since he started out with his free cuts, Joshua has given away 8,000 haircuts.

Don’t blow out your plumbing!
Sooner or later, usually “sooner,” every RVer comes upon an RV park water hookup with pressure so high it could blow out the plumbing. None of us want that because it causes a lot of damage and is expensive to fix. The simple solution is to be sure when you hook up use a water pressure regulator, like this one that features a lead-free design to prevent lead contamination. Learn more or order

COVID effects on B.C. by the numbers: At the end of April, British Columbia officials shut down non-essential travel. Backing it up, police checkpoints have been set up to ensure locals don’t move outside of their respective health zones. RV ferry trips from the states were canceled, and restrictions were put on campground reservations. Government officials report they have canceled 6,000 provincial campground reservations, amounting to nearly a quarter of all campground reservations. Restrictions are in place until at least May 25.

With the Academy Award for Best Picture going to “Nomadland,” Quartzsite, Arizona, has decidedly had the spotlight focused on it. Local vendors are playing up the movie hype, and this fall, visitors will no doubt be hit alongside the head with plenty of Nomadland-based trinkets. The town may well feel this could be “the big break” it needs. But hold on! warns an editorial in the newspaper from up the river. warns the little town that wants to get big that an overdose of marketing may kill the golden goose. A few quotes from the editorial: “It’s really unclear how many Quartzsite-area (and the general desert region) visitors might fall into the category of nomad. Quartzsite is also home to the event billed as the largest RV show going with prices well into the six figures. It’s that mix, reflective of much of the country, that is part of Quartzsite’s appeal.” Plunk down half-million-dollar bus-conversions next to the guy living in a patched up tent – yeah, it is a bit quirky. “Will the movie bring new tourism and business to Quartzsite? It certainly should. People like to see the places featured in movies.” But, as the paper warns, “The only thing that could damage the tourism draw is trying to hype the product. Quartzsite is quirky and different. It is, for lack of a better term, organically so. Any extra prepackaging and marketing of the peculiarities might backfire.” 

An RV park that had been a nightmare for Kendall County, Illinois, officials looks to be turning a new leaf. Hide-A-Way Lakes Campground near Yorkville had been under the government microscope for a sewage and drainage problem, an unsafe bridge, and campers overstaying their welcome. That’s apparently becoming history as the park is now under new ownership, and a new name: Fox Bluff Vacation Cottage and RV Resort. The park changed hands for $2.5 million plus in December, and news of the sale has just percolated up to the surface.

Pavilion, New York, may see a new 346-site campground. Proponent Jesse Coots asked the Genesee County Planning Board to sign off on a special use permit for the project. The outfit would build in two phases, utilizing 20 to 30 acres of an existing 94-acre parcel that’s presently farm fields and woodland. The board’s staff gave a tentative recommendation, providing the developer prove wetlands wouldn’t be adversely affected, and that the state issue a storm water permit. Pavilion is southwest of Rochester, New York.

Road Atlas: Adventure Edition
As much as we love technology, we still appreciate a good physical road atlas. This highly rated National Geographic Road Atlas: Adventure Edition is certainly one to love. The atlas has up-to-date road maps for all 50 states, plus Canada and Mexico. Cities and metro areas include popular attractions and points of interest. The atlas also acts as a guidebook to National Parks and the top 100 adventure destinations. This atlas is cool! Check it out.

Pickup truck news

According to our recent survey, about 80 percent of readers own at least one pickup truck. Recognizing that, we’ll provide the latest news highlights about the vehicles here each week.

No chips for new trucks means big bucks for used trucks

Hold off selling your old pickup truck to the first person who offers you $5,000. It could be worth $50,000, or as much as a new truck. Across the country, but notably in states like Texas where pickup trucks reign, supplies of new trucks are surprisingly thin. The reason? Car parts, particularly computer chips, are in rare supply. Continue reading.

Futuristic Rivian EV pickup truck getting close to reality

The much-anticipated, pending electric pickup truck Rivian will begin its introduction to the public this summer when customers who have preordered the R1T model will be invited to test drive it. Rivian has said the truck, rated with an 11,000-pound towing capacity, will be positioned between a mid-size and full-size truck and will comfortably seat five adults. A trailer hitch is located behind a cover and is accessible by removing two screws. Read more.

Monster new 2021 Cadillac Escalade: Is more better for RVers?

A year after the Lincoln Navigator debuted, General Motors launched the Cadillac Escalade, the luxury brand’s first sport utility vehicle. It was 1998 and a quick rivalry began between the makers of gas-guzzling apartments on wheels. It also marked an expansion for RVers to use behemoth SUVs for towing. Besides the Navigator and Escalade, the GMC Yukon, Chevrolet Suburban, Toyota Sequoia and Nissan Armada are also in the segment. Read more.

Roadside Emergency Assistant Kit – Every RVer must have one!
This 110-piece Roadside Emergency Assistance Kit should be a requirement to have for all RVers. The kit is for cars and RVs, so you’ll always be safe. The kit includes a 64-piece First Aid Kit, Heavy Duty Jumper Cables, Heavy Duty Tow Strap, Emergency Blanket, 11-In-1 Multi-Tool, Flash Light, Bungee cords, Magnesium Fire Starter, Roadside Warning Sign, Roadside Emergency Tools and much more. Learn more or order (seriously!).

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Metal SunflowersThe NEW “Good News” from you, our readers

By Nanci Dixon
We started the “Good News” column to help bring a smile in a very dark time. COVID raged; unemployment surged; and uncertainty, anxiety and depression rose. Now, as things are rapidly improving, people are shedding their pajamas and emerging into the light again. So we want to hear your personal “Good News.” Continue reading and see how you can contribute to our new “Good News” section.

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News briefs

A sorrowful tale from Daytona Beach, Florida. A 40-year-old man was working underneath a motorhome when its owner jumped in, started it up and drove away. The rig was driven nearly a mile by the unidentified 78-year-old owner before someone flagged him down to tell him about the man underneath. Sadly, the younger man did not survive.

In yesterday’s newsletter, founder Chuck Woodbury announced he was stepping down as editor after 20 years and 1,000 issues of the popular newsletter. Read his announcement.

A Boat-N-RV Superstore in Ridgeland, South Carolina, has sunk under acquisition shots fired by Camping World. The latter had already taken over two other dealerships of the same flag, one in Pennsylvania, the other in New York. The latest takeover means a fifth “RV and outdoors” store for Camping World in the Palmetto State and will rebrand to Gander RV and Outdoors.

RV park prices continue to amaze. In Tucson, Arizona, Desert Trails RV Park, on the city’s southwest side, just sold to a Phoenix investment group for $4.5 million. The 200-site, 25-acre park, built in 1979, has been picked up by Desert Trails RV Park LLC of Phoenix.

Two more family-owned RV dealerships are giving it up to a major retailer. B. Young RV dealerships in Portland, Oregon, and Woodland, Washington, will become part of the Lazydays network sometime in the next three months. This will now take Lazydays’ dealerships into eight states.

Now Camping World wants to get into your rig and snuggle up with you. How’s that? The company is launching its own “top-end private label” furniture line, especially for RVs. Thomasville Recreation Furniture would see its way into your motorhome or towable in the form of sofas, chairs and tables. It falls on the heels of another Camping World takeover, when the company bought out furniture builder Allure last fall.

It’s about time you cleaned those headlights
When was the last time you gave those headlights a good scrub? It’s been a while, huh? Get yourself this 4-piece headlight restorer kit from Turtle Wax for less than $11, and have your headlights looking as good as new in less than 5 minutes. It can be used on all lenses, plexiglass and plastic surfaces, and will restore all dull, yellowed headlights. Learn more or order here.

Want a little “remote” camping in California’s San Diego County? The Bureau of Land Management says it’s moving ahead with sprucing up Lark Canyon and Cottonwood campgrounds in the McCain Valley, out near Boulevard, California. Presently the water system is kaput, and the agency says they’ll not only fix that, but make the sites a bit more conducive to campers. Included are replacements of picnic tables and fire rings.

What do you do after you’ve sold your RV dealerships to Camping World? For Scott Nielson, who founded – then sold – Nielson RV, you go to work for Yogi Bear. Well, in a sense, perhaps. Nielson has now signed the first Utah Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp Resort franchise agreement. Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp-Resort at Hurricane Sand Hollow near Hurricane, Utah, is slated to open on 52 acres this fall.

Airstream has partnered with the home-decor specialists at Pottery Barn for a collection of accessories that are custom-fitted for the brand’s travel trailers. The collection of goods includes custom-fitted organic-cotton bedding, dinnerware, kitchen linens, barware, indoor/outdoor pillows, and even small accessories such as wine-bottle stoppers and travel games. Price tags on the items range from $12 to $899.

Add an outdoor water faucet to your RV!
This lead-free outdoor faucet is really handy. If you don’t have one, here’s a super inexpensive way to add one. No tools required and it installs in a minute (just screw it on). Brass T included with the plastic faucet, just as it’s shown in the product photo. Learn more or order here.


A bad guy in Wetaskwin, Alberta, looks to be patterning his work after Lower 48 crooks. Last Monday, a “male suspect” in a newer black Ford pickup rolled into the Masco RV Storage yard. He hooked up and dragged away a 2018 Jayco Pinnacle 37MDQS fifth wheel. Mounties have surveillance video, but still need your help looking for this character. His truck sports black, aftermarket wheel rims. If you know something, phone the RCMP at 780-312-7267. Or call Crime Stoppers at 800-222-8477.

See many more recently stolen RVs. Let’s help find these for their owners and maybe even put the crooks in the slammer. Click here.


On May 6 at about 4 p.m., deputies with the Montgomery County (Texas) Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to the Rayford Crossing RV Park/Resort in Spring. Upon arrival, they learned that earlier that day an unknown silver SUV drove into the dog park area of the business and severely damaged a concrete sidewalk, a fence, a sprinkler control box and a water line. The estimated cost of the damages was estimated to be about $5,000, making the crime a felony. The park owner captured several photos of the vehicle but couldn’t get a clear shot of the license plate. If you have information about this incident please contact the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office at 936-760-5800 or Crime Stoppers 1-800-392-7867 and refer to case #21A138357.

Campground and RV Park News

Developments in places where we stay across the USA

Janet Groene reports each week on developments at RV parks and campgrounds across the USA and Canada. There’s a lot of good information here that you can use to plan your travels. Read the current installment of “Campground and RV Park News” here.

RV recalls posted since our last newsletter
Airstream recalls some trailers, cabinet doors could fall off
Triple E recalls some RVs: Some wires may be damaged
Some Spartan RV chassis being recalled for fuel leak issue
Jayco recalls some trailers: Spare tire carrier could break

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Latest fuel prices

Here are the latest U.S. average prices per gallon of gasoline and diesel fuel as of May 10, 2021:
Regular unleaded gasoline: $2.96 [Calif.: $3.95]
Change from week before: Up 7 cents; Change from year before: Up $1.11.
Diesel: $3.19 [Calif.: $4.01]
Change from week before: Up 5 cents; Change from year before: UP 79 cents.

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Upcoming RV shows

Most of the RV shows in the early part of 2021 have been canceled. We will restart our show directory feature here as shows begin again. In the meantime, see the frequently updated schedule here.

Recipe of the Day

Perfect for the RV park pot luck!

Bourbon Baked Beans
by Danielle Lorton from Cowden, IL
Yum! This is a really different take on your everyday baked beans. Since they’re slow-cooked, the beans have a soft texture. Pineapple adds a little tangy sweet kick to the beans. You do taste the bourbon, but it’s not a strong flavor. Try them at your next cookout!

Beans, pineapple and bourbon – count us in! Get the recipe.

Did you miss yesterday’s recipe, Pigs in Egg Roll Blankets?

Other recipes featured in this week’s Daily Tips Newsletters:
• Shrimp Au Gratin • Spring Rolls (My Mother’s Recipe) • Easy Cheesy Mexican Stuffed Shells • Grilled Chipotle Chicken Pizza Rolls • Spinach & Ricotta Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

Brain teaser answer:

A match

Roof vent not doing its job? Here’s a solution…
If you smell your toilet when driving your motorhome down the road, it’s because the odor is being drawn into the RV and not outside via the roof vent. The solution is to get an inexpensive 360 Siphon Roof Vent. It works for all RVs even when the RV is not moving, like in a campground. Keep the stink away.

Sunday funny

Q. What do you call an Irish man bouncing off the walls?
A. Rick O’Shea

The Perfect Scam Podcast

Every Sunday we present a podcast from AARP about scams and how crooks are stealing your money, often via telemarketing. Their efforts are often most successful with people 65 years and older who fall victim to the scammer’s sophisticated techniques. Here is this week’s episode.

Today in History

If you want to have a wonderful day, send $10, $50 or $100 to a local food bank. There are millions of our fellow citizens, including little kids, who are going hungry because their parents lost their jobs. You will feel so good if you contribute – helping people less fortunate than you go to bed without the pain of an empty stomach. Here’s where to donate.

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1 year ago

If the trailer with its partial picture is what I think it is that is a coachman clipper. I have one and its a sturdy little {bleeped}. You forgot one other person besides law enforcement and teachers to handle unruly campers. School bus drivers. Trust me I retire next year. It has gotten a lot worse lately then back in the day. As for moving into an RV in NYC? I have heard those apartments are tiny for a big rent price. The landlords make a killing off these properties. As for limiting long term RVers? Its to make room for those who want a camp there as well. And to limit squatters. 2 years ago we visited Colorado and needed a place to rest over nite and the state police said you will get a ticket if you stop at any of the rest stops but you can boondock at any of the police stations if you wish. Just let them know. Blew me away. We were warned of truck stops and pick pockets. We got picked pocketed at one of them. I got distracted.

Randall Brink
1 year ago

Congratulations on the 1000th edition of RVtravel News!