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What we learned about you last week (February 1-7)

By Emily Woodbury

Howdy! I’ve got to keep this short because I’m being plucked out of my usual Friday routine to go to the Seattle RV Show. I’ll get to drool at all those nice fifth wheels some of you probably spend your time in. OK, before I get too far into blabbing, let’s jump right into things…

Man, this coronavirus thing is nuts, huh? Sure hope you weren’t planning a vacation to China soon. Anyway, last Saturday we asked you how concerned you are with catching the nasty virus. Eh, most of you, 45 percent, aren’t worried at all about catching it. Following closely behind, 37 percent of you are a little concerned but not very, and 16 percent of you are worried but aren’t losing any sleep over it. A tiny 2 percent of you are very concerned, and 0 percent (which was 4 votes) are terrified about getting it. Things like this are the reason we travel in RVs, right? With our own personal, safe, non-virus space. Humph!

Let’s see, let’s see. What did we ask you on Sunday? Ah, right. We gulped when we asked: Would you pay $17 for a bundle of firewood? Well, this is kind of boring… Almost all of you, which was 90 percent of votes, said nope, no way (I’m with ya on that!). A small 8 percent of you said maybe, but very rarely if so, and only 1 percent of you said you would once in a while. A tiny nine voters (which shows 0 percent on our poll) said you would indeed spend $17 on some firewood.

Monday’s poll asked you if you like your first name. Just under half of you, 46 percent, answered that you like your first name quite a bit. That’s impressive! A third of you said you think your name is “pretty good,” and 16 percent of you live with it, but you don’t like it all that much. Only 4 percent of you don’t like your first name at all. At least you’re not named like these children

I’m fairly surprised by Tuesday’s poll results. We wanted to learn if you ever hum or whistle a tune without thinking about it. Just about half of you said you seldom do! I’m surprised – I thought everyone did that (then again, maybe most of you aren’t as weird as I am). Anyway, 20 percent of you say you hum to yourself often, 7 percent of you whistle, and 15 percent of you admit to doing both.

Wednesday’s results cracked me up. Who would you rather be stranded with on a desert island for three months? Let’s go in order: 80 percent of you would like to be stranded with your spouse/partner, 11 percent prefer to be stranded with your dog, 3 percent chose their best friend, and another 3 percent said your child (or one of them). (Dogs over children, huh? Makes sense.) That leaves an additional 4 percent of you who answered “other.” Here’s what a few of you funny people commented: Reader John Brimer wrote (similar to the response from George Bliss), “I would want to be stranded on an island with the world’s greatest boat builder.” Bill Galber wrote, “Personally, I’d rather be stranded with a survival expert. Particularly, a younger one, who can do all the work.” And Rodger said, “Stranded? I choose Survivalist Bear Grylls. He’d have a 4 star hotel and seafood restaurant there in 3 months!” Ohhh, you people make me laugh.

Great. Now I’m craving a milkshake. What flavor milkshake do you like best? Chocolate is the clear winner here, with 50 percent of votes. Vanilla has a quarter of your votes, strawberry has 17 percent, and 7 percent answered “other.” On Thursday’s newsletter, where we asked this, we got 45 comments about your favorite flavor of milkshake. It’d take me forever to copy/paste them here, but one that stands out is Gary’s comment that says, “Other – Milk shake made with black cherry ice cream and chocolate milk. Just like the chocolate covered cherries you used to be able to get at Christmas made with real chocolate.” Ummmm yum…I’ll take three of those, please.

Ah, here we go, I was waiting for the poll I get every week with a million numbers. It waited until Friday to sneak up on me. We asked you fifth wheel owners how many months a year you usually occupy your RV. Here’s what we learned: 18 percent of you spend less than a month in your fifth wheel each year, 29 percent spend between one and three months, 23 percent spend between three and six months, 10 percent of you spend more than six months in yours but not full time, and 21 percent live in your fifth wheel full time.

All right, now get outta here and go read something without numbers! See you next week, as always.

Emily Woodbury
Emily Woodbury
Emily Woodbury is the editor here at She was lucky enough to grow up alongside two traveling parents, one domestically by RV (yep, Chuck Woodbury) and the other for international adventures, and has been lucky to see a great deal of our world (and counting!). She lives near Seattle with her dog and chickens. When she's not cranking out 700+ newsletters for she's hiking, cooking or, well, probably traveling.



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