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2 months ago

I really enjoyed this news letter, so many good articles. The essay was a hero.

2 months ago

I live in the northeast, 11 below last night, how much battery power would it take to warm up the inside of an electric car???
I do know that I burn more fuel oil to heat my house in a year then the amount of gasoline I use in my vehicles, and it’s already hard wired. Plus my oil burner doesn’t get yearly emission checks. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t burn as clean as my car.
Ever try using off road diesel fuel on the road to save money, avoiding road tax? Can get in big trouble with that, yet buy an electric car, you beat road tax and get a tax break!! Maybe electric cars isn’t the answer.

2 months ago

Loved the Little Onion. Sang that with Mom back in ’48. Didn’t Burl Ives make it big? 🙂 

2 months ago

regarding the trivia: not true in Canada.

60% hydro, 15% nuclear, 11% natural gas, 7% coal, 7% other renewables

2 months ago

Regarding the trivia fact, this must be why we are moving to electricity powered vehicles.

2 months ago
Reply to  CeeCee

Amen! I always bite the inside of my cheek* when I read that electric vehicles are “pollution free.” (*It’s considered rude to scream ‘BS’ in these politically sensitive times.) I think of all the charging stations to be installed at every service station, rest area, and home garage, etc.; I visualize the sagging overland transmission lines bearing the hugely-increased electrical load, with up to half of the electricity wasted in transmission losses. I see vast clouds of CO2 from distant generating plants; and lastly, I recall the photos I saw of third-world children squatting in the dirt, hammers in hand, breaking open battery cases shipped in from First World nations for recycling.

2 months ago
Reply to  Gray

And California wants to have all electric vehicles only on the roads by 2035, that’s 14 years from now. They don’t even have the electrical infrastructure to power their homes let alone all vehicles! Has anyone ever stopped to think about 2 of the most filthy businesses in the USA? Battery and solar panel manufacturing! And what do we do when solar panels burn out? Both batteries and solar panels are filthy to make and filthy to get rid of. But none of the tree hungers want to talk about it!

2 months ago

Diesel school buses need to be worked to generate any cabin heat worthwhile. I only idled mine for as long as it took to do the safety checks and clear snow. Drive it to work it!

2 months ago
Reply to  Ken

Depends on the set up. Though not a standard option, I have driven both school and commercial buses that were equipped with heaters that ran of the diesel fuel tank independent of motor operation. Those were really nice for long down times in cold weather.

2 months ago

Your guest writer’s essay was excellent…

2 months ago

I was in the Navy. I would have taken the soldiers home and cherished them for ever.

Uncle Swags
2 months ago
Reply to  MICHELE

I thought it was also a bit over-dramatic and how does he know the kid didn’t throw them out the window? And someone back home would have gotten a cheap souvenir.

Geo A
2 months ago
Reply to  Uncle Swags

My thoughts exactly. Donating to a children’s dentist or even Goodwill would be a more fitting end to this story.

2 months ago

I was watching some show I guess called elaborate RV. Should see Simon Cowells RV. Wow. As for jewelry? I happened upon a pair of really well hand made earrings out in Colorado. They look like mini trailers. Love them.

2 months ago

Idling a car or truck engine for hours I do not think is advisable.
It can cause damage to an engine.

2 months ago
Reply to  Wayne

School buses need to idle at least 20 minutes before you get any heat. The mechanic said there was one bus that idled for 3 hours because it took them half hour just to get the monster started. For some cars and trucks I agree idling will or could hurt the engine but if it is diesel won’t hurt none to run for an hour. Trust me at O is an eye opening experience. Almost retired.