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RV Daily Tips. Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Issue 2203
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Today’s thought

“The important thing to you is not how many years in your life, but how much life in your years!” ―Edward J. Stieglitz

Need an excuse to celebrate? Today is National Read a Book Day!

On this day in history: 1620 – The Pilgrims sail from Plymouth, England, on the Mayflower to settle in North America. (Old Style date; September 16 per New Style date.)

Tip of the Day

Are RV tire covers necessary? Are they worth the money?

By Gail Marsh
Those are the questions I asked our trusted, local RV technician. He didn’t answer with a simple “yes” or “no.” Instead, he said, “That depends.” Here’s what I learned.

Our tech wanted to know how we use our RV. He said, “If you’re always traveling, moving from RV park to RV park each day, tire covers will make you crazy! If you’re constantly taking them off and putting them back on, those covers will end up in a trash can. I guarantee it!”

He went on to explain, “But if your rig is going to sit in storage for several days, weeks, or even months at a time, it’s a good idea to put a cover on them.”

The tech went on to describe the rationale for using tire covers.

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Ask Dave

Dave Solberg is a leading expert in the RV industry and author of the “RV Handbook.” 

My RV’s slide room flap won’t “flip,” so I use a stick to pull it out

Dear Dave, 
You’ve answered several questions for me—many thanks. Today’s question is: The wipers on my slides do not extend all the way on the opened slide. I have made sure to keep them sprayed with silicone spray. I saw this when we had our walk-through. The salesman said don’t worry about it, with use and spray they will extend. It’s now been over two years. I use a small, long stick to work them out. Thanks again. —Steve, 2021 Reflection 303RLS

Read Dave’s answer

RV Reviews

A class B RV that won’t break the bank—revisiting Wayfarer Vans

By Tony Barthel
Today’s RV review is a new look at a company called Wayfarer Vans. The Colorado-based company offers very simple, but mostly complete, van conversions. Since the last time we looked at them, they’ve been listening to the many customers they’ve had and made changes.

Click here to read

In the RV shop with Dustin

Concerns during RV LP safety inspection, and best LP safety gadget

Join me in this video as I discuss some concerns I have during this RV LP safety inspection. In it, we are looking at a 2021 Alliance fifth wheel, and what I found and what I would do differently.

Click here

Video of the day

Semi-truck sleeper cab tour: Sleep in a big rig!

By Cheri Sicard
Have you ever wondered what’s inside those big semi-truck cabs you pass on the highway while RVing? I know I have. Apparently so did the team at Jalopnik. They produced the semi-truck sleeper cab camper tour video below to show what sleeping in a big rig is really like.

Guess what? It’s pretty darn nice and not unlike sleeping in an RV!

Click here to watch

Camco leveling wedges don’t always “level up” to other products

By Tony Barthel
One of the easiest things there is to do in the RV world is to level a travel trailer. Essentially, you only have to worry about side-to-side leveling and then use the power tongue jack to level the thing front to back. … Read Tony’s review of the Camco leveling wedges he bought for his new trailer and what he thinks of them. Would he recommend them to others to buy? Find out here.

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Quick Tip

Batwing maintenance suggestion 

Got a Winegard batwing antenna? Shoot a little silicone lubricant down the crankshaft that leads down into your rig. The lube will help keep a sealing ring from drying out. It’s a twice-a-year job that will help keep the rain OUTSIDE your rig.

On this day last year…

Website of the day

iPhone Photography School
Now, you do have to pay for most of the classes and courses on this website, but if you want to improve your phone photography, this is the place to do it! You’ll learn so much!

“Candy is dandy and liquor is quicker,” or so the saying goes. But take it from us, guys. Give these to your favorite lady and she’ll be yours forever (or at least for a few minutes).

Popular articles you may have missed at

Recipe of the Day

Ham & Cheese Potato Salad

by Amy H. from Detroit, MI

Potato salad is a must on a cookout menu and we really liked this twist. The addition of peas gives the side dish a slight sweetness. Ham and cheese make this a hearty potato salad. This could be a side or even a meal.

Click here for the recipe


During the first quarter of the 20th century, new Americans arriving at Ellis Island were served Jell-O gelatin dessert as a treat to welcome them to America. Gelatin dessert was patented in 1845 and the Jell-O brand was created in 1897. The first flavors were strawberry, raspberry, orange and lemon.

*How big was the world’s largest snowflake? Hint: It was BIG! Find the answer in yesterday’s trivia

Readers’ Pet of the Day

“Murphy was rescued at the beginning of camping season, so his first nights with us were in our travel trailer. Happy to have his own people and a home, he settled in and bonded with us almost immediately. We don’t know how old he is as his paperwork says between 4 and 8, but judging from his energy level and puppy-like demeanor, we’re guessing much less than 4. He’s always up for a new adventure with us and loves the outdoor lifestyle. After losing our previous dog last year, it’s great to have an enthusiastic travel, camping, hiking, and boating companion again.” —John McGrew

And we can tell by his wagging tail that Murphy is very happy with his new family.

Send us a photo of your pet with a short description. We publish one each weekday in RV Daily Tips and in our Sunday RV Travel newsletter. No blurry photos, please! Please do not submit your photo more than once. Thanks!

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Neal Davis
22 days ago

Thank you, Emily and Diane!

23 days ago

I use the CircleRoad levelers (Amazon) and they work great. Package came with heavy rubber mats for grip and no matter, concrete or gravel the levelers stay in place. Try using a couple of pieces of rubber under them. Should solve the problem.

Bill Byerly
24 days ago

Todays poll question comments were awe inspiring! Donating so much to help so many others! Thank you all.

Diane McGovern
24 days ago
Reply to  Bill Byerly

Thanks for your comment, Bill.👍 We have a lot of amazing and awesome readers here, that’s for sure! Thank you all for your generous and selfless gift of life.🤗 –Diane at

Jim G.
24 days ago

“Leave here with a laugh” is very sad. Some good marriage counselling might help.

Gary W.
24 days ago

When are the comment “features” going to be fixed?

24 days ago
Reply to  Gary W.

I like ’em now … saves on the political bs I think.

Gary W.
22 days ago
Reply to  Bill

No it doesn’t.

24 days ago

I tease my wife about who is sleeping on who’s side all the time.

Jim Johnson
24 days ago

Laugh of the day… the board down the center of the bed were fairly common practice back when the young man walked or rode his horse a lengthy distance to come calling for a young woman. The distance was far enough that returning home in the dark after dinner with the family was impractical. A spare bed for a guest was very rare. Besides, the goal was to let the couple get to know each other better before (hopefully) marriage. The couple were allowed to sleep in the same bed – after the “bundling board” was installed. In theory, the best the couple could do was sleep holding hands.

Don Capellani
23 days ago
Reply to  Jim Johnson

Want to bet

Diane McGovern
23 days ago
Reply to  Don Capellani

🤣 Jim did put in the disclaimer “in theory”. Have a great day, Don. 😀 – Diane at

Dave Lambert
24 days ago

I have used the CAMCO levelers for a couple of years now. I use a LevelMate Pro so that when setting up I can level side to side from my truck. I have found them to “slip” as the writer said on some concrete and gravel surfaces. The bottom of my levelers have the bottoms of them scraped up and the rubber plugs gone long ago. I will move the gravel out of the way if possible. But I carry two 6” X6” pieces of 1/2” compressible rubber material that I salvaged from something (rubber mat?) and slip them under the base of the wheels before I put the levelers on top. Works well.

24 days ago

Tony camco levelers make good chocks ;end of story.

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