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Sue M

What is the best Rv water regulator

Robert C

Let me get this straight: A man in Idaho crashes his 5th wheel through a sporting goods type store. He gets CITED for Driving Under the Influence (of alcohol) and gets RELEASED? Are you kidding?? “ Hey, don’t do it again. Have a good night”.
Uuhhh, maybe, next time, he kills innocent people with his drunk driving?

Susan Smith

Could you please say the riddle again Sunday when you give the answer. We forget the riddle. Thank you


The last weekend of June last summer we were on the highway just entering Nebraska. We saw this cloud and realized it was butterflies. It was like someone was throwing handfuls of butterflies at us. When it was all said and done my jeeps front was a hood ornament for butterflies. I haven’t opened the hood lately but I did back then when I was getting gas just to see if they got inside the engine. They did. Never experienced anything like that ever.


Traveling along Interstate 10 through Arizona recently, Ey pulled into the Truck/RV section. A young woman sporting high heels, shorts, long legs, and a fluffy top walked in front of my truck/camper and got into a camper a few spaces down from me. A minute later the truck driver that she was talking to walked by and knocked on the door of her camper and she let him in. Ey am cracking up—Got entertainment with my coffee. Ey wonder if she belongs to Xcapers and will go to their next gathering.


Wow! I was way off on the brain teaser; I was thinking ribs. Mmm…

Matt Johnson

Please come up with some original “joke of the day”. The last several have been on Facebook weeks ago.

Ed Fogle

Food trucks allowed at rest stops. Some municipalities allowing longer stays at normally overnight only locations. At last some rational thinking from government.

Ed Fogle

Diesel at one Sam’s Club in Tulsa Is $1.48. Sure since my tank is full of $2.70 per gallon fuel.


My guess for yesterday’s brain teaser was an egg could be sorta since some people don’t like the yoke but yep corn on the cob 🌽 diesel in my part of California was $2.39 a gallon last week.


A ++++ huge shout out to the United States Fish and Wildlife folks in concert with the University of Illinois – Chicago for getting at it and developing/maintaining inhabitant for Monarch Butterflies. One of the most important pollinators need our help much more than most folks realize. They are very important to maintaining the balance in nature.

Great article on Vitamin C too. That Vitamin is a life saver. I take one every morning before breakfast, and/or immediately after feeling a scratchy throat or any sign a cold is coming on.

The vitamin C touted in the article is a 1600mg dosage, which would be excessive on a daily basis for my needs. We buy the Costco Kirkland brand at 400 tablets to a bottle. They’re in the chew-able 500mg size. (sweetener (sugar) makes them chew-able so if you’re sugar intolerant choose non chew-able)
I’ll take up to three daily (at one time) if a cold really comes on quick and strong. That dosage knocks the bug dead out every time.

There’s hundreds of brands out there,(some very pricey) take your pick. The Costco Brand we find is least expensive of all we’ve looked at and best is one a day keeps the immune system topped up- neither of us having experienced a cold in memory

I notice

Umm, why is the food truck in the photo covered in Russian? Should have Google searched just a tiny bit more and found a food truck in the USA. I’m sure there’s plenty of photos out there.

Concerned reader

I have to *strongly* protest against your advertisement stating “One easy thing you can do to help prevent the coronavirus? Take Vitamin C”. There is ZERO PROOF that Vitamin C will protect you from COVID-19, let alone that it will “keep your immune system healthy”. Let’s not add false information to an already confusing situation. This is irresponsible. Please stop.

Timothy H VanderVeen

What have been RV’s experience renting used rental class C motor homes? I am contemplating getting back into RV life and have been exploring rentals from Cruise America. I don’t want to see a lot of negative content, but hope for honest opinions based on actual experience. Thank you and stay safe and well.