Thursday, July 16, 2020

New RVer asks: Should I carry water in my tank when traveling?

By Russ and Tiña De Maris Should I carry water in my freshwater tank when traveling? If I do, is there anything special I...

The second most important step in buying an RV

EDITOR'S NOTE: Our long-time contributor Jim Twamley wrote this in 2007. Digging through old issues for long-lost but still relevant articles, we came upon...

Are we still “newbie” RVers?

By Betty Linneman How long is a person considered to be an RVing newbie? Is it so many camping trips or days before one graduates...

Winnebago unveils new Class B and towable RVs

Based on a Winnebago press release. RVtravel.com editors have not yet seen these RVs. (Sept. 24, 2019) — Winnebago has debuted the Solis, a Class...

Lemon law attorney: “Don’t buy a new RV!”

In this recently released video, Michigan lemon law attorney Steve Lehto discusses the continuing epidemic of poor quality RVs. Steve reads portions of an...
Tax Corner

Is interest on an RV loan tax deductible?

By Neil Seidler, CPA, CMA Like most areas of taxation, the answer to this question is “it depends.” But it's entirely possible you can deduct...

Just what does a “grade” sign mean?

By Russ and Tiña De Maris Get out of the flat country and hit the hills, sooner or later you'll find a sign warning of...

Boondocking in our National Forests: It’s not just about saving money

By Bob Difley Deeper into the thick pine forest I followed the narrow dirt road to the edge of the rim – and the small...

My first time driving an RV, and how I nearly killed a cop

By Chuck Woodbury I'll never forget my first trip in my first motorhome. Before I had logged two hours, I had nearly killed a Reno,...

Shopping for an RV? Here are some tips

By Bob Difley If you are in the market for your first RV, or even a subsequent RV, the following tips may help you make...

Beginner’s Guide To RVing Issue 7

June 14, 2019 Welcome, new RVers, and thanks for joining us for another great issue of our Beginner's Guide to RVing newsletter. We look forward...

Another RV Horror Story, again about Camping World

LETTER TO THE EDITOR Dear editor, We are in our 60s and wanted a smaller camper. We were going to get a travel trailer and then...

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