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Unfortunately, your site isn’t improved it’s very much monetized, no longer interested in reading. Best of luck.


My first newsletter. Very interesting, and full of good tips. I just have one question, I have some new furniture out of my 2018 Prowler that I would like to sell. Does anyone know of a place or places for buy and sell RV items?

Phil Atterbery

Hi Mike. Glad to see some progress on training the tech. Maybe you could train the sales force to “stay in their own lane” when it comes to electrical matters.


When we bought our bigger TT last summer we had to get a loan on it. Knowing we could put more money on it towards the payments we opted out of the warranty. When we refused and I mean refused 5 times the lady got up and out of her chair and said I will give you a minute to think about it. This guy comes in 10 seconds later plops into her chair and tells us why we needed the warranty. I mean this guy was strong arming us into getting it. We again refused and boy it was like hell and spit fire was going to happen if we don’t. We told them no and in no uncertain terms were we going to get it. They were extremely cold to us once we finalized the paper work. This is the last trailer we are going to get because I do not want anything bigger. This new one has everything I want and will retire in. We told this to General RV in Birchrun and they told uh huh right. See you all in 5 years. We will not be back there not because of what happened but because I am happy with what I have. Period. The TT will be paid off in less then 3 years and I don’t care what any one says about Camping World but the one near us is fab. Good luck saying no to the strong arm tactics of RV dealerships. Never had this happen to us ever and hope it never does if we are forced to buy another one in the future. Happy camping.

Carl J

An issue I see with the transference of info from the dealer to the consumer is that many of the sales dudes and dudettes have not a clue what they are selling. Last week they may of been at a car dealership or a cell phone kiosk in the local mall. They know how to sell, they just don’t the product they are pimping.

Kim Christiansen

Did you see this when trying to get to RVTravel today?
“This Connection is Insecure! – Get me outta here”

Was RV Travel hacked? Was the site insecure?
No and No.

Regardless of the message you saw, RVTravel operates at all times under an SSL certificate that supports all of the latest standards in security. When the site is up and running, you can see the little green LOCK in the address bar. That means that you have a secure connection to the website. There were several moments when our site was offline, and at that point there was some confusion at our hosting company as to what to show visitors and several of you saw that disturbing message. Normally, you’d be right to be suspicious of a site where that message came up. But in this case, it wasn’t a security failure, so much as a temporary glitch.

So, what the heck happened anyway? Chuck covered what happened last week in his article. But in a nutshell, we’re a really popular website with a lot of loyal readers… and some bad actors out there decided to poke our server to see what they could find. They found our security guards (firewalls, etc.) They poked more, we responded more until the cycle caused the site to become unstable.

“You need to get yourself an IT guy and fix that!”
I agree with you… and I’m the IT guy!
We kicked out the bad guys and shut the door behind them, again. Next, we’ll tweak our settings to ban these types of attacks sooner. We’ve already done some of that, and we’ll do more.

We’re going to double down on security and optimization, and we’ll bring a service online that allows us to put copies of our website on various machines around the country. This will ensure that if there’s a group of bad guys this weekend, it won’t take down the entire server. And even if it does, the copies around the country will continue to work while we kick the bad guys out.

We take both your patronage and the security of our website seriously. There’s nothing like falling flat on your face in front of thousands of good folks to buff up your sense of humility. We thought we had this well in hand, and we were wrong. I can’t say that we won’t be attacked again. There’s nothing anyone can do about that; hackers are proliferate. But I can say that we will do everything we can to stop these bad actors from taking the site down again.

Have a happy holiday!


Captn John

The new format is fine. I prefer articles to open in a new window as they are easily closed when read. Besides, at times I prefer to leave one open to read later or a 2nd time without having to look for it.

John Hiler

We can send people into space and back and we can’t teach technitians here on flat earth technical electrical wiring? Could it be that corporate America sees more profits in selling junk than in a good product? And, cheap labor lends more to the CEO’s bottom line than dollars in a workmans pocket. You get just what you pay for and if you won’t pay for junk and they surround bank properties with unsold rv’s then things will change. Especially if you are taught to stay isolated and don’t trust anyone. And for god’s sake don’t join in any movement to make things better by joining your fellows to protest crap…Like your great grandfathers and great grandmothers did…


re: your new web design….used to be that all links and articles opened in a second tab or window….now, some do, some don’t….more than once I’ve closed the entire site out of force of habit….any chance we can get more consistency?
re: your website…I STILL LOVE it…

Kenna Hoyser

Some links not working. Example, Americas Mailbox.


Still saying failed to connect or not a secure site. Just have to wait until traffic slows down.


Ref: RVtravel.com blows fuse. Won’t let me post there

Still getting random “Failed to connect” or the links are all over the place, wrong articles. Click on one poll, last weeks poll pops up. Click on “thing found on the side of the road” and a new poll comes up. Even got an error code a few times. Good good article from Mike to lead off the morning. Had trouble re-entering this issue a 2nd and 3rd time. It went downhill from there. Well it is 8:30 AM in Yuma and net traffic is heavy on my personal hotspot and rvtravel. Will try this afternoon when there’s less traffic.

Richard Davidson

I like the new format however I am wondering something. I notice that some of your “links” open new windows and some of them don’t. (which makes it confusing as I have more than once closed the window I’m reading and had to go back to my email and open the news letter again) . How do you decide which links open new windows and which ones do not? Is there any way to make them all the same?