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emilymoore MOORE



Thanks to all on providing an enjoyable and thought provoking newsletter each issue.


The story on GS and Pilot J is a joke. If you use the truckers pumps to get diesel you have issues trying to use your GS card, unless it’s the CC. Most cashiers have no idea about GS. We tried numerous times to get ouR percentage off fuel but the cashiers didn’t know how to ring it up. So we have lost $.

Billy Bob Thorton

To all the people who make this blog happen. Much appreciated. And a special thanks for allowing a lively discussion to be posted, offering opinions, comments, experiences, etc.

Steve - Alaska

Chuck, I do realize that some do not appreciate your opinions on all the stories in the newsletter. I may not always agree with what you write, but I DO always enjoy reading your opinion, as well as all those who comment. I read this newsletter for all the stories, opinions, enlightenment, tears, laughs and information that appear. I don’t want to read about politics or religion or other issues I can see on TV night after night. I appreciate your staff as well as your time and effort to provide us with all issues RV, good and bad. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I appreciate the articles and the comments supplied by other RVers, no matter how wonderful or not so wonderful they may be!

I hope you and Gail are enjoying your days as much as we enjoy reading about them. We are in our home, Palmer, Alaska, where is has warmed up to +7 degrees this morning. Our friends in North Pole, Alaska are at a chilly -40 today, so we feel pretty blessed!!!

Travel Safe Steve

E. Cowan

Hi from Graham, WA! Thank you for the newsletter! Have been RV’ng a long time and this is the first time I’ve seen such comprehensive and well thought out articles. Look forward to the next week!

Marty Mapson

Looks like a great crew behind all the great articles. Your daughter is cute. Keep up the good work!


The joke of the week was funny.


If it wasn’t clear, the article on the musical highway fails to note(!) the REASON it was done… it only works correctly when you drive 45mph, which is the speed limit there. This was an experiment to see if positive reinforcement was more effective than speed control through more typical “revenue enhancement” methods. Pretty cool, overall.


Well after 4 years of reading RV Travel it is nice to see the faces that go along with some of the stories. As well as some of the Great staff behind it all. Chuck, I know it takes a bunch of help, and that things do sort of get forgotten about with all there is that has to be done. I learned myself that a leader can only be as good at what they do with the help of the people behind them. It is nice to see that you give credit to those that help you. And I always told the people who worked for me your not 100% behind me you are 100% right here next to me and that’s right where I want you! GREAT JOB GANG & KEEP UP THE FINE JOB THAT YOU ALL DO & ARCHIE AS WELL. I use to have my two big labs right under my desk everyday with me.


Congratulations on recognizing the value of a proof reader!

You’re way ahead of most major newspapers and publications, who seem to have tossed proof readers, professional writers, and objective reporting out the window a few years back.

I suspect the fact that you produce an honest product of quality is why you’re still around.

Now to reward yourself, but prudently.

Sonja collyer

Further to “where are all the black rvers” really??? where are all the thin rvers?

Ken Wahl

Chuck and Gail. You missed our Yuma earthquake Friday night at 8:52. Centered 60 miles south in Baja California, it shook for a good 30 seconds. A great ride in the motorhome. For many in the park, it was a first. They’ll be talking about it this morning at breakfast.


Chuck and Gail,

Hope all is going well with the RV issue you shared with us last week. I am writing from Tucson this morning where it was 80 degrees yesterday…yes indeed…pool time!

While we are dependent on our RV’s to transport us from place-to-place it is sad when “they” cause us to think about cutting our travels short.

Here wishing you continued shared journeys….