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Any chance of the pictures being click-ably enlarged in future newsletters? This would help quite a bit in the BOLO sections, especially. It’s not like I am reading this on a 55″ tv, lol. I would love to be able to help someone get their camper back or arrest a criminal, but I’d rather not have to download and “save as” to do it, because that takes space some of us don’t have, or work computers don’t allow it. Some people only have their phone.

Otherwise, I really enjoy the newsletter.

Diane M

Nudists in Ontario? Brrrrrrrrr!


The most valued part of receiving this newsletter is finding where the hot spots of Recreational pursuits are. So we can avoid them!

We leave home for the great outdoors and often the unknown to escape the hustle and bustle of bumper to bumper, elbow to elbow human activities. Not that we don’t like human contact, at all, we just want to avoid the racket, the fur pal mommy feeding her baby ice cream from the bowl she’s eating from, and all the rest of the crazy stuff going on today.

We seek what’s left of our natural environment. We do all we can to protect what’s left, playing a role leaving something behind of value for the few who do not wish to be among a raging river of 12 million crowding into a ruined area like in that picture.

We want just nature, birds, perhaps a coyote running through the site, the stars at night, the booze and drug free environment. We abhor artificial light buggering up an otherwise gorgeous off the beaten track campground. It’s all getting harder to find, but thanks to RVtravel we can eliminate places like Great Smokey Mountain National Park, and scenes like is displayed in that picture from our itinerary.

Gary Johnson

We ordered the adjustable brass water pressure regulator from Amazon. It’s been about a year and I’m no really sure about it! But, I did mount it in my plumbing compartment. I went to HD and purchased a 1 1/2” X 3” u-bolt, and two 90 degree brass connectors similar to what you would use to hook up your washing machine. I turned one connector to the city water inlet, then added the valve horizontally and then the other connector. I measured for shims between the valve body and the panel, drilled holes and installed the u-bolt to hold the valve tight. I leave the fresh water hose connected and now I don’t worry about leaving my valve behind on the spigot and no concerns about ‘knocking’ it around, a common complaint about damaging the valve.


The Smokey Mtns are best during the week. We did and found the weekends are a nightmare. Go during the week. Less crowded.


We went to Great Smoky Mtns NP in fall, 2018. Beautiful place, but we couldn’t get out of there fast enough. It was so crowded we could barely move. Roads were jammed, trails were packed, and we couldn’t pull off the road to park, because it was all full. The only thing that wasn’t jam packed was the campground, for some reason.

I can only imagine what it was like in 2019.

Kerry Hartman

I guessed Civic as the vehicle in the brain teaser !


Smoky mountains national park by the law that created it does not charge an entrance fee

Tom Smithbrother

Toyota will ramp up truck production at its new Mexico plant to 100,000 vehicles a year by 2021 in a major step to shift production of its popular mid-size Tacoma pickup truck to Mexico from the United States, the company said on Thursday. The plant in the central state of Guanajuato, along with an older facility near the U.S. border, will bring Toyota’s Mexican production to 266,000 trucks a year when at full capacity. Toyota said it expects to send 95% of pickups from the two plants to the United States, where the automaker sold nearly 249,000 Tacomas last year.

The exact type of thing we need import duties for. Taking the jobs out of the USA yet expecting (Being freely allowed) to sell 95% of that produce in the USA. Their is nothing sold to Mexico,by the US that will ever balance out that trade deficit.