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Pat Pettersen
1 year ago

I am interested in the unknown fire hazard, but can’t find the article about it.

Shredder J.
1 year ago

I think that most folks think they need a big house or RV because they picture themselves living a life that they don’t really live. My hubs and I have had the giant house (6K square feet) and now live in a 1500 sq foot house. Truth is, we use the kitchen, living room, bath and bedroom the most – and although we have a 2nd bedroom and a small dining room – we rarely use them. When we purchase our RV it will be a van with one slide out. We’ll be fine and I’m really looking forward to it. Thanks for your wonderful and interesting newsletter.

1 year ago

I can’t read the casting, but I think its an antique duck press.

1 year ago

O the junk a house is for. We cleaned out a study and built a murphy bed. Ended up with 6 boxes of crap I need to go thru. Cleaned out study and now a bed in a box sits in that room. Looks ten times better then it has in the 20 years we have lived here. I plan to give it all away or toss it all away. Going RV FT and a house for storage is not what I want to come home to. We have a 1000 sq foot house. It is like a mini RV in of itself. So if you do not need the space? Sell and travel. I know what rooms I use and it is not much.

1 year ago

Big houses are bad for the environment. They require a lot of maintenance (chemical-based products), yard fertilizers (chemicals again), use a ton of heating and air conditioning (fossil fuel consumption and carbon footprint). It’s generally a sign of power. We live in a 2 bedroom 2.5 bath, with a studio under 1000 sq feet. The second bedroom is used as closet space and the studio, well I am sitting next to it right now and I haven’t been in it since last October. I could easily live in our 24ft two slideout travel trailer.

Abe Loughin
1 year ago

The answer to the brain teaser is “racecar’

Colin Flagg
1 year ago

Modification I have made:
I noticed my drawers didn’t come out all the way or even half way. I found the drawer slides only come out 3/4 of the way. I measured the drawers and then measured how deep the drawer could be. what a surprise. I bought drawer boxes closer to size they could be. I bought full travel slides. a new problem came up, the drawers came out at every turn, and even parked at camp. To fix this I installed 1/4-20 threaded inserts above drawer, modified 1/4-20 J-hooks (cut 1/2″ off the hook) as drawer locks.

1 year ago

I not only know it is a sausage stuffer, I own one and use it every year.

1 year ago

The editorial is right on… I’ve owned a (!) McMansion with my exwife — and many rooms I didn’t go into for WEEKS. We had rooms for storing stuff we didn’t use, and rooms for guests that didn’t visit (no one liked my exwife, literally…) including a 1200sf entertaining room and 600sf kitchen.
Total waste, and so was the house. Safe to say, it did not produce happiness.

I’ve owned a 19′ RV with current wife and two sons. We constantly crashed into one another, got in one another’s way, and squeezed into every activity. That was too small, but much happier even with the rubs. I kept the lesson, just upgraded the passing room slightly to current 35′ trailer. I’ve often marvelled at how “not too small” it feels even after weeks on the road — all the essentials are right on board including my very unusual ones.

My current house is typical size, and I enter every room every day. It keeps my ever expanding crudpile rotating with Craigslist to get rid of it when it’s in my way. Sometimes I miss my McMansion 4 bay woodshop and being able to park inside, but on the balance, it’s good enough. I don’t think I’ll be able to live in JUST the RV anytime in the next few decades, but doing so much RVing has taught me to be more efficient and appreciative even when home.

Linda & David
1 year ago

Brain teaser answer: RACECAR

Ed & Cindy
1 year ago
Reply to  Linda & David


Dan Kimble
1 year ago

Is it safe to leave a deposit at an RV dealer…beware!!! Not all dealers are honest. When we started our search for a motorhome we visited a large well known dealer to get a feel of what’s available, what type and our campers trade in value. We met with a salesman and were honest we are not ready to commit right now. The salesman assured us he understood our position and offered a test drive and to work with us. Our first time driving or being in a motorhome happened, we knew at that point we wanted to explore our options! After our test drive we were brought into a tiny office and the pressure started…we were clear we were not ready and would need to speak with our financial advisor before considering any purchase. My husband wanted to know how much our 3 yr old Outback trade-in value was. That’s when the scam started. In order for the dealer to work up the trade they we would need to sign a “trade-in” document and supply a credit card number, nothing would be charged until they could see the trailer in person. Multiple people came in applying the pressure…we stuck to our guns, got our initial deal to think about it until we got our ducks in a row. We left with a lot to think about! Two days later I received an alert from my credit card co that a 5,000 charge was made on our card…the dealer went ahead and charged the card! We rejected the payment as unauthorized! Within 3 hours we received a call from the dealer stating when we signed the document for the trade in value we committed to the deal, We argued that we in no way agreed to the deal! Worse in the fine print it stated if we did not take delivery we would be responsible for $25,000 (lawsuit)!! The month long nightmare began!! Thankfully, I had sent the salesman an email after our initial visit detailing our visit and that we had not agreed to the deal until the trailer could be seen and that the cc would not be charged, which he agreed to in writing. We had to get an attorney and luckily came out ok. Not to say all dealers are bad, we ended up purchasing a new MH at a different dealer with no issues. Cautionary tale,,,buyer beware!!!

1 year ago

Its an Apple cider press

1 year ago
Reply to  John

No… an apple cider press has an iron-strap wooden slat crush basket, underneath a hopper-mounted shredding drum. I and friends have literally hundreds of hours making cider in fall orchards, collecting and pressing all the downfalls. (No livestock grazed in the orchard, so no worries about e-coli or other nasties. Plus, we must have been far more hardy back in those days.)

1 year ago

Allstays was always our go to app when looking for campgrounds and planning stops. BUT NO MORE….. they have stopped aupport for the Android version and it will no longer run on our phones. This has become one of many apps that no longer support Android phones (some never did).
This is the USA, why are we being FORCED to use one manufacture’s products. I for one will not be FORCED. If necessary, i will go back to using a laptop in the vehicle. Thank goodness we aren’t forced to drive a certain manufacture’s vehicle or shop at only one store.

1 year ago

I spent 5 months living in my 168 square foot hybrid. And found it to be very comfortable. I spent most of my time outside until it was time to turn in. When I went back home to our BIG House I felt lost in it. After having everything I needed just a few steps away. Plus keeping it clean inside was a snap. Done in minutes instead of spending a couple hours. I have been to some houses that were so big that I thought you needed roller skates to get from place to place in them. What a waste.

1 year ago

“I have visited royal castles in Scotland, Germany, Austria and elsewhere that were bigger than department stores. I’m telling you, I’d take my RV any day. Castles are way overrated if you ask me.” Sour grapes?

1 year ago
Reply to  friz

Castles are just like mansions. No one needs one, they incredibly costly to maintain and operate and they really aren’t that comfortable.

I have a 2,000 square foot house with a basement. It is too large and filled with literally junk that we have accumulated over 20 years of living here. We could do just fine in a house half this size and still have room to spare.

This is why I like my RV. It’s a 35 foot fifth wheel that is large enough not to run into each other and we have plenty of room to relax and enjoy life.

No sour grapes here. Even if I had millions of dollars I am fairly certain that I wouldn’t have an overly large house.

1 year ago

The reason why my wife and I had a 3,600 square foot house is we had 3 daughters. Once our 3 daughters moved out of the house we sold our house and down sized to a double wide trailer house with 1800 square feet.
We did have a hard time selling our 3600 square foot house because the house was too big for most people.

1 year ago

It’s a sausage maker.

1 year ago
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N'tan Gilpin
1 year ago
Reply to  Frank

lard press

1 year ago
Reply to  N'tan Gilpin

it is a lard press my mother one I saw it used a couple of times.

1 year ago
Reply to  Frank

I have one. No way is this a sausage maker….
I have a sausage maker and the meat is pressed out in the direction of the spout [wher you would slide on the skin]. The one you show the spout is by the side of the press so it would always jam up. There is a very small museum in a small mountain community in northern CO with this explained.
I have used mine to press cheese curds. Most others have used it to crush apples for cider [mine has a sheet metal spout on it with an attach point lip on output to collect the juice.