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Steve F
7 months ago

California’s Inyo County has yet to open campgrounds, their website states all campgrounds closed until June 12. And I wouldn’t bet on that too.

Ted F
7 months ago

Please make mention of Year to Volunteer’s contribution to the work at Buck’s Pocket State Park.
I am not a member or associate, but follow them on youtube

7 months ago

There should be a bunch of decent used RV’s in about a year from all the “panic buying” now. But I would tend to stay away from anything built in the next 6-12 months. Generally speaking the quality already stinks and is only going to get worse as greed overtakes the industry even more.

7 months ago
Reply to  Steve

Steve I agree with you .
I’d be particularly wary of buying a “slightly used” Rv for another reason.

As I mention in another note on this site. I suspect many folks buying into the lifestyle & the challenges to enjoy it fully , may not know how to change a taillight bulb let alone care, diagnose or repair properly problems inherit in these very complicated amalgams of Fiberglas/aluminum, circuity, and everything else that might have gone wrong.

There may well be as many bad deals out there a year from now as good deals.

Timothy Hardy
7 months ago

Not a complaint, just a laugh. Your story from Santa Rosa, California features the shoulder patch of the Santa Rosa County, Florida Sheriff’s Office.

On RV sales numbers going up rapidly, I might be inclined to wait to buy. If manufacturers increase production speed to keep up with demand, the resulting RVs may be poorly built and have many defects that a purchaser would have to correct or have corrected.

I enjoy your daily post! Keep up the great work!

Tom Smithbrother
7 months ago

Regarding Vehicle registration. I cannot renew on line because the required emission testing stations are closed. I still receive my notices though.