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Mark Lawler
7 months ago

It is amazing what some RV Park “management” will do to harass guests. There is an RV Park in Florida where some well known YouTubers have been documenting and publishing an out of control HOA board. They’ve posted three videos over the last couple of weeks documenting the harrassment. Amazing what they have been drug through and the levels of harrassment. This park’s HOA Board supposedly went as far as to delete their google and yelp postings to nuke all the bad reviews. Imagine buying a lot here then trying to make $ trying to rent your lot out to make some money when you are on the road…

What is frustrating is that it takes well established YouTubers to be able to bring this type of harrassment to light. You and me? We are stuck dealing with crazy people.

Check out EnjoyTheJourney dot Life (they have a blog and a YouTube channel). They just posted their 3rd video today, finally naming the RV Park: Destin Resort RV Park in Miramar, Florida.


tom raspotnik
7 months ago
Reply to  Mark Lawler

They are complaining for You Tube hits they can afford to move instead of making more and more boring videos. I am sure number four. Unsubscribed from them too much drama, watching well to do people camp.

Richard Hubert
7 months ago

It is too bad about the forest fires near Big Basin Redwoods State Park. Visited there several years ago and it was quite nice.
However – as mentioned they never feared for the redwoods because those trees evolved many thousands – even millions – of years ago to be fire resistant exactly because of frequent fires occurring in the West. The very sunny weather, after a winter rainy season, throughout the West allows for fast growth of forests. Lots of fuel load builds up quickly feeding fires when they eventually ignite. Being a long time California resident – witnessing a fire season every fall – the press is surprised every season when fires occurred – every year. Good thing that some species of trees “learned” a long time ago how to cope with it. Always sad to see forests burn, but it has been part of natural cycle for much of earth’s history.

7 months ago

Before condemning Ford look at the numbers for both the Chevy and GMC they are the same trucks except for grille etc. If you add both the number is 10963 and Ford is 10845.

7 months ago
Reply to  Ken

Ford F-150 has been the holder of the biggest selling vehicle for MANY years running. Add the numbers of the sales of the Chevy and the GMC brands together and see then who sells more!

7 months ago

The vehicles listed as involved in the most crashes are also the vehicles with the highest number sold and on the road. One would expect their numbers to be high. The real story should be the percentage of accidents per number of vehicles sold. Way too many people fell asleep during the logic and statistics class and cannot decipher real information from fluff. Same thing with virus testing numbers – if you test a million you will get a high number of positives – if you test a thousand you will get fewer – Duh.

Mark Elliott
7 months ago
Reply to  Stu

Yes, six fatalities every day for F-150 owners due to the fact that they are the largest owner group in the market, and even worse, many more deaths in smaller cars that truck drivers crash into.
And the amazing thing is that trucks/SUV’s are now the top selling vehicles in the US with auto manufacturers shutting down passenger car lines and switching to lower mpg truck production in the era of rapidly escalating global warming.
We are whistling past the graveyard in our rush to hell in a handbasket…

7 months ago
Reply to  Mark Elliott

The auto manufacturers sell what people want. Sedans aren’t selling very well these days.
“rapidly escalating global warming”. Lol.

7 months ago

A Bugatti, a Porsche, and a Mercedes on a beautiful mountain road in Switzerland. Is it only me that expected Jeremy Clarkson to be involved in that mess somehow?

Steve Foth
7 months ago
Reply to  Ann

More likely to be Richard Hammond.

H Goff
7 months ago
Reply to  Steve Foth

of course nothing caught fire this time.

7 months ago
Reply to  Ann

Just you Im guessing. Have no idea who Jeremy Clarkson is, nor do I (apparently) care.

7 months ago
Reply to  Mike

From the show Top Gear.

7 months ago

It is little wonder that pickup trucks are listed as most dangerous, considering the aggressive manner in which they are usually driven.

7 months ago
Reply to  John

That’s a strange statement… I drive a pickup, and most people would say I drive like a gramma twice my age… 600hp doesn’t mean I want to see 6mpg… 😀

7 months ago

Is it just me and /or my internet connection security? I have enjoyed participating in the Reader Poll; however recently I cannot get into it. I get a rotating “clock face” that continues on and on never allowing me to take part in the poll. Has this been happening to anyone else?

Fernwegh Ric
7 months ago

Me too, both my cellphone and laptop (run off a server) just get the spin thing. Been that way for a few weeks.

Dale Roberts
7 months ago
Reply to  Fernwegh Ric

My laptop does this also, but only while using Chrome if I open the newsletter in Firefox it works great.

7 months ago
Reply to  Dale Roberts

mine works fine in Chrome and or Explorer. never had a problem. desktop

Roger B
6 months ago

I’ve been having a different problem. It says I can’t vote because I’m using incognito mode which I am not.