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Gene M
3 months ago

What I learned when I wrote “Where are all the Black RVers?”Perhaps in the light of the recent events of 2020 it was just a bad time for that article. The fact that the author pointed out the way Blacks do not feel welcome, or safe, camping among Whites was, imho, begging for responses. I’m White. I have had many Black colleagues over the years that I worked closely with. I have met Blacks camping. I never had a problem conversing with just about anyone before, during, and hopefully after 2020. The Race issue on it’s own merit is an extremely sensitive, and potentially explosive subject as we all no doubt observed. That being said there is a time and place for all subject matter to be explored and debated, I am of the opinion that this was the wrong year for the article.Wwith so much charged emotion in the world today it was like a taking a match to a powder keg. I have nothing angry to say about the results of the article other than discretion is the better part of valor.

Diane M
4 months ago

Journalist Ernie Pyle was himself killed in April 1945 during the battle for Okinawa.

Art Schroeder
3 months ago
Reply to  Diane M

Ernie was also one of my heroes. He is buried at the Punchbowl in Honolulu. Some where I have a pic of myself standing by his grave site.

4 months ago

Army 1968-71. When I came out of a coma summer of ’69, messed up, I was lucky. I lost nothing. Most of my ward was missing legs, or arms, or parts of head – they guy next to me got a “dear John” and tried to kill himself.. When I got out of the Specialized Treatment Center, after relearning how to walk and other things, I got crapped upon for being stupid and being a RA and being a member of the green machine. I can not acknowledge to this day any of this crap, especially 11-Nov remembrance – too much baggage.
Alex; If you can wear your hat and remember w/o anger…….God bless ya.

Gary Nichols
4 months ago

“Clintoons” today is my dream – the perfect campsite.

4 months ago

Thank you for honoring veterans with Ernie Pyle’s story. I’d like to contribute a short version of an experience many Vietnam veterans will relate to. I only wear my Vietnam Veteran baseball cap on Veterans Day. Although I’m proud of my military service, I was uncomfortable when a stranger would say “Thank you for your service” because responding with “you’re welcome” never seemed appropriate. Last year at the Palm Springs Veterans Day Parade, a charming Canadian lady wearing the Canadian poppy (much nicer than ours, by the way!) shared a story with me. After the usual “thank you for your service” a veteran took her hand in his and replied “for you, I’d do it again.” For veterans, your families and all those who value our military, I will always say “For you, I’d do it again.”

4 months ago
Reply to  Alex

Thanks for this!

Jeff Craig
4 months ago
Reply to  Alex

I’m going to have to remember that. I usually say, “Thanks for paying your taxes and covering my GI Bill.”

3 months ago
Reply to  Alex

I reply with “thank you, it was my honor to serve”

RV Staff (@rvstaff)
3 months ago
Reply to  Snayte

Very nice, Snayte. And thank you for your service. Hugs. 🙂 —Diane at