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News for RVers #1015, Sunday edition

Congratulations on making it through August! Remember in early January, when we were so happy to say goodbye to 2020? Now it seems 2021 is just 2020’s Cousin Eddy from “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”. But we RVers are a resilient lot. We’ve still managed to take our trips and enjoy life during this trying year. We may be on the cusp of September, but there’s still plenty of camping left before the leaves fall – and plenty of news. Find a comfortable spot and let’s get started. As always, we at appreciate your help through voluntary contributions to keep this newsletter coming your way. And be sure to check out all of our other RV-related newsletters.

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rv travel logoSunday, August 29, 2021
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Will your trailer brakes help you stop … or help do you in? Adjust them right to help ensure you’ll be safe. If not, good luck (and be sure your trailer is insured). Ouch!

SATURDAY EVENING UPDATE: The team is hoping and praying that those of you in the path of Hurricane Ida remain safe. If you live in the area and have evacuated with an RV, please email and let us know how you have dealt with this natural disaster.

Only the vaccinated are welcome at this popular Maine campground

Pat Kosalka doesn’t see herself as a crusader for COVID-19 vaccines. The 74-year-old owner of the Sagadahoc Bay Campground near Georgetown, Maine, just wants herself and husband, Eric, 75, as well as her campers to stay safe. Kosalka is among the very first campground owners in the United States to put the “not welcome” sign out for unvaccinated campers. Continue reading.

Good news! DEF head alternatives are coming

By Russ and Tiña De Maris
RVers are in our headlines – getting the credit for some potential solutions to the DEF head problem. If you’ve been following this story, you know that federally mandated DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) monitoring systems have been stranding RVers. It’s a problem with plenty of dynamics, including why the sensors are failing to start with, coupled with a shortage of microchips, and rounding out with recalcitrant industry and government officials. In any event, we have stacks of email from upset RVers who cannot or are afraid to use their rigs because of the issue. But thanks to persistent and innovative RVers, two DEF head alternatives are on the horizon. Read about them here.

50 business owners file complaint against Camping World’s Lemonis over treatment on “The Profit”

CNBC’s reality show “The Profit” portrays Camping World Chairman and CEO Marcus Lemonis as a financial savior for struggling small businesses. The cable TV show usually portrays Lemonis coming to the rescue of a struggling business, using his “Midas touch” to quickly turn things around. But the network’s “Golden Boy” took on a little tarnish this week when 50 business owners who had appeared on “The Profit” banded together to file an amended complaint in a New York U.S. District Court. “Lemonis strategically and deliberately drowns these businesses in debt to him and his entities in order to foreclose on them and take their assets and intellectual property to expand his own empire,” the filing states. Learn more.

Campground Crowding: Should popular campgrounds go to lottery reservation system?

RV sales have skyrocketed and more people than ever are taking up RVing. The result is campground crowding like never before! In this weekly blog, RV Travel readers discuss their experiences. This week one frustrated camper suggests popular campgrounds could go to a lottery system. You’d enter a requested arrival day, then a computer would pick lucky winners for each of the slots. What do you think? Read about that suggestion, and much more, here.

This week’s podcast (#22)

Can’t get a reservation? “Bots” and “ghost campers” are stealing your campsites, that’s why! + How to deal with bad neighbors

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Today’s RV review…

In today’s review, industry insider Tony Barthel looks at the Ford Transit Connect Nugget. Tony says, “Spoiler alert – You can’t have one.” But you’re going to want one! Check it out and take a look at its cute and functional interior.

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That was the RV week that was

August 22–28, 2021

GM says all Chevy Bolt e-vehicles should be parked outside until batteries can be replaced.

GM pulls the plug on Chevy Bolts. If you’re thinking about using a Chevy Bolt as your next trailered e-toad, you might want to wait a bit. General Motors has announced an additional recall on all Chevy Bolts produced from 2019 to 2022 (about 73,000 cars) due to a battery problem that could result in fires. The recall of the newer vehicles is in addition to a previous recall of 69,000 Bolts produced between 2017 and 2019. GM told owners not to charge the vehicles, and to park them outside. GM said some batteries have been found to have a manufacturing defect that could result in overheating and fires. The total cost of the two recalls to GM is about $1.8 billion. For more details, click here.

Bison aren’t the only reason for traffic jams in Yellowstone National Park this summer. (Dan Meyers Photo)

Yellowstone National Park being loved to death. If you visited Yellowstone National Park in July, you definitely weren’t alone. Statistics released this week by the National Park Service showed this past July was the busiest July on record for America’s first national park. More than 1,080,760 visitors ran through the gates of Yellowstone in July. That’s up 13% from July 2020 numbers, and up 15% from pre-pandemic July 2019. This July was also the first month in Yellowstone’s history that visitation topped 1 million. So far in 2021, the park has hosted 2,668,765 recreation visits, up 16% from 2019. Park Superintendent Cam Sholly said park officials are scurrying to handle the influx of tourists. “Increases to Yellowstone’s visitation have accelerated rapidly over the past 12 months and we continue to be on pace to set record numbers for 2021,” Sholly said. “We are actively developing defensible short- and long-term solutions, with our partners, which focus on protection of park resources, improving visitor experience, and considering impacts on park staffing, infrastructure and our gateway communities and regional economies.”

San Francisco Bay Area gets first new campground in 30 years at site of old rock quarry. The quarry that was used to produce the rock fill that built San Francisco and Oakland’s airports, freeways and bridges is now the location of the first new Bay Area campground to be built in three decades. The Dumbarton Quarry Campground on the Bay opened to campers Friday along San Francisco Bay’s waterfront near Fremont, CA. The new park has 63 campsites, including 60 that have RV hookups. Continue reading.

Ladies, have you considered Pennsylvania? The Pennsylvania Campground Association is still trying to lure in more campers, especially women ages 30-49. The association launched a new $40,000 TV ad campaign in July that targets that age-and-gender group. The campaign has been broadcast in New York City, New Jersey, Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio, and their surrounding areas. The total projected impressions from the two-month campaign are 1.4 million. The campaign runs through September 12, and was partially funded by a grant.

New RVs selling fast, but sales lots are often still empty. RV manufacturers shipped more rigs in July than they did during July 2020, according to the RV Industry Association. July RV shipments were up 3.5% (44,537 units) compared to the 43,035 units shipped in July 2020. That’s the ninth straight record month compared to the previous year. Yet all major manufacturers are still reporting a massive backlog of unbuilt orders. That means any completed RVs being delivered to dealers are likely already sold, so don’t expect sales lot inventories to increase sharply just yet.

Hey, Boo Boo. There’s more Jellystone Parks. Four Points RV Resorts, based in Lake Charles, Louisiana, recently purchased two existing Jellystone Park locations and converted a third into the Yogi Bear-themed franchise. The existing parks are in Pittsfield, Illinois, and Monticello, Iowa. They added to the Yogi empire by purchasing the former Bucktail Camping Resort in Mansfield, Pennsylvania, and bringing it to Jellystone. Four Points RV Resorts partner Matt Van Der Molen said his company is looking for more parks to purchase and “transform.” “We want to be able to transform it, physically and economically, and take it to the next level,” he said. 

Fire forces closure of several national forests in California. Northern California campers are going to have to look elsewhere for their outdoor fix. Western wildfires have forced the closure of several national forest units in the state. The closed national forests include: Klamath National Forest • Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit • Lassen National Forest • Mendocino National Forest • Modoc National Forest • Plumas National Forest • Shasta-Trinity National Forest • Six Rivers National Forest • Tahoe National Forest. Campgrounds and trails are also closed at least through Labor Day in many recreational areas around Lake Tahoe.

Camping World puts Good Sam brand on college football events. If you’re a college football fan, you might be hearing a lot more about Good Sam and Camping World over Labor Day weekend. Camping World has entered into an agreement with ESPN Events to be the title sponsor of two college football games this fall. Both games occur over the Labor Day weekend and will feature the Good Sam brand promoting its new RV rental business. The first event is the Good Sam Texas Kickoff featuring Texas Tech and the University of Houston on Saturday, Sept. 4, at 7 p.m. ET at NRG Stadium in Houston. The second game is the Good Sam Vegas Kickoff Classic featuring Brigham Young University versus the University of Arizona, which will be played Saturday, Sept. 4, at 10:30 p.m. ET at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. Both games will air on ESPN.

Web-based “Outdoor Hospitality Update” is worth a look. Woodall’s Campground Magazine has a new weekly web-based show that RV owners should keep an eye on. The show is hosted by Woodall’s Campground Magazine Editor Ben Quiggle and our own Senior Writer for Mike Gast. Gast is also the former vice president of Communications for Kampgrounds of America Inc. The show’s first episode last week (Aug. 24) discussed what’s going on with dealer lot inventories. Guests of that first episode were RV Dealer Association President Phil Ingrassia and RVDA Board Chairman and Connecticut RV dealer Chris Andro. You can view the show’s recorded first episode here.

The focus of the show’s second episode Tuesday, August 31, will be the challenges campgrounds are facing with new campers and the decay of camping etiquette. Guests for the Aug. 31st episode will include Senior Writer Nancy Dixon, who covers issues like campground crowding and etiquette for The episode will air live on Woodall’s Campground Magazine’s Facebook page and will be recorded for later playback on WCM’s website at

Two guides to free campgrounds will save you $$$
Discover thousands of designated camping areas in the West and in America’s Heartland — real places, not big box store parking lots. Included are areas managed by various agencies — federal, state, local, etc. Learn more about West edition or Heartland edition.

We are all for stress-free RV dealership visits. If the purchasing process at RV dealerships stresses you out, you’ll be glad to know that dealers are working on it. Jonathan Dawson, one of the speakers at the upcoming 2021 RV Dealers Convention in Las Vegas, is presenting a session called “Psychology of Objections – Prevent the Fires, Fix the Wiring!” Dawson is the founder and president of a company called “Sellchology” and is an expert in the psychology of sales. Dawson’s session includes teaching dealers a five-step approach their sales teams can use to minimize or prevent buyer objections; deal with the most common questions and buyer objections that slow or stop the sales process; and teach dealers how to create a more stress-free sales experience for both the salesperson and the customer. Ahead, we’ll see what sticks.

Your next jacket may be pine-scented. North Face has announced a new partnership with a Finnish company to produce clothing made from wood pulp. The totally renewable material would be used to make everything from shoes to shirts, jackets and comforters. Janne Poranen, CEO of textile manufacturer Spinnova, said, “We mechanically treat the wood pulp and extrude it into fiber without harmful chemicals or water.” The material is reportedly totally recyclable, even into new material for more wearables. No word yet if it will also make a good fire starter.

Something to consider for your next RV upgrade. A German carmaker is entering the RV business and bringing a level of luxury we don’t see often. Dembell Motorhomes has a new model that sits on a 3-axle Mercedes chassis and an interior designed by a top yacht company. It has all Miele appliances and a Bose sound system, roof solar panels, and a 270-gallon water tank. Inside, there are 4 captain’s chairs, all with massage functions, as well as hardwood flooring. The master suite has room for a king bed and 55-inch TV. There’s even a garage for your Lamborghini. It’s all available for the bargain price of only $2 million. You can take a look around the rig by clicking here or here.

A lightweight e-scooter for cheap. It may be time for all of you e-bike lovers to take it up a notch. Honda has just unveiled the new Honda U-BE, a lightweight electric scooter that weighs in at just 119 pounds and is set to cost $447. It will be one of the cheapest 2-wheelers out there. This one is strictly a 1-seater. (Honda also has the U-GO with room for 2.) The new scooter has a top speed of just under 16 mph, and the battery is removable for easy charging. The U-BE scooter will have a maximum range of just under 50 miles on a full charge.

Oregon is adding more tent campgrounds for the homeless.

New “campground” for homeless in Oregon. Medford, Oregon, officials are selecting a site for a new “urban campground” for the homeless. The Oregon Legislature approved $1 million in funding during its last session to purchase property for the homeless encampment. Plans call to have 150 tents at the site. The exact location hasn’t yet been disclosed, and operators are predicting they will face some local opposition.

Family watches RV float away. A Mt. Juliet, TN, family camping at an RV park in Bon Aqua, TN, says they’re grateful to be alive after their RV was swept away by swift flood water. The group arrived to the RV park on Aug. 20 and were awakened by a flash flooding notification on their phones around 6:15 a.m. Saturday. “I looked out the window of the RV and there was a couple of inches of water where we were camped out. Within minutes, that couple of inches turned into a couple of feet. We collected our boys, our dogs. We had three dogs, six boys and two adults with us,” said Jared Jakalski.  Jakalski and his family then linked arms as the water became waist deep. They were able to get to their vehicle safely and drive to higher ground. After reaching higher ground, Jakalski said he turned around to check on their RV. “It was too late. The hitch was submerged under water. We watched it rise very rapidly as we were watching our camper flood out and start to float away.”

Don’t swelter in your RV!
At we don’t see too many products that we go nuts over, but the SoftStartRV is a game changer. Here’s what it can do:
• Run one air conditioner using only a small portable generator.
• Run one air conditioner on 20-amp household current.
• Run two air conditioners (with 2 SoftStartRVs) on a 30-amp hookup.
• Run an air conditioner or two using your onboard inverter system. Read more or order at a special discount price. Simple installation!

NEW! Truck & Towing Trends
If you own a truck or want to, this is for you!

With Tony Barthel

In this Truck & Towing Trends column, we’ll look for the latest information about trucks and tow vehicles with insider stories and tips about tow vehicles of all sorts, primarily those of interest to RVers. Among this issue’s topics:
• Ram announces an updated ProMaster van, specifically upgraded for RVers.
• Daimler announced a new Mercedes van that’s smaller than the Sprinter and Metris.

Truck owners, wanters, enthusiasts… click here.

TODAY’S DEALS on parts and accessories for pickups at Amazon.

More truck news:

No chips ahoy, as trucks suffer further with semiconductor shortage

The global semiconductor chip shortage is further crippling the pickup truck industry, notably Ford. The country’s largest-selling truck manufacturer is again cutting its production of the F-150 and two other vehicles. With the lack of adequate semiconductors, Ford will close its Oakville Assembly Plant in Ontario, Canada, and Kansas City Assembly Plant in Missouri, beginning Aug. 30. Read more.

Ford hits brakes, cancels plans for Bronco pickup truck

Ford’s plans to further expand the Bronco name have hit a roadblock. The Ford Bronco pickup truck set for 2024 delivery is no more. Find out why, here.

Heavier, taller pickup trucks pose more road danger

Pickup trucks keep getting taller and heavier. The increased size also means increased dangers. That’s the assessment of Consumer Reports. The publication’s analysis detailed that from 2000 to 2018 (the most recent study), trucks are 11 percent taller and 24 percent heavier. As a result, big trucks have poorer front sightlines and bigger blind spots that can prevent viewing a small vehicle or a pedestrian. Continue reading.

New EV Wolf could be an alpha ready pickup truck

Another manufacturer is counting on the potential popularity of electric pickup trucks. The truck is named Wolf and it’s made by Alpha Motors Corporation in Irvine, California. The Wolf is a two-seat, two-passenger electric utility truck available in standard rear-wheel drive with a single electric motor or a dual-motor AWD powertrain. Learn more.

Truck add-ons: The good, the bad, the ugly

By Gail Marsh
We bought our current truck from a private individual (friend of a friend). The previous owner of our truck (F-350 dually) had equipped it with several “add-ons” – after-market features that he obviously purchased to make the truck a better “fit” for how he planned to use it.

See what add-ons Gail’s truck came with (and if she and her husband like them…) and then answer a few questions: Any “add-ons” that you wished were available? What “add-ons” would you like to get someday? Are there after-market products that you’d never consider putting on your truck? Click here to read more and tell us!

Tow bars for trailers and motorhomes – tons of options. Click here.

Is this your RV?

Jellystone RV Resort in Wichita Falls TX

If it’s yours and you can prove it to us (send a photo for comparison), tell us here by 9 p.m. Pacific time today, August 29, 2021. If it’s yours you’ll win a $25 Amazon gift certificate.

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Metal SunflowersThings to smile about this week

A biweekly roundup of news stories that will make you smile (and maybe shed a tear or two…). This week: a re-invented steel mill, a lost dog who just wanted to go shopping, kittens enjoying the finer things in life, and, of course, a couple more cute animal videos. Click here to smile.

10 Best-selling products from Amazon on in July
Here at we recommend a lot of products to you. If we know something works for our RV or someone else’s RV, we tell you about it. Just about every Amazon ad you see on our website has been tested by one of our staff members or someone we know. If we think something doesn’t work, is poorly made, or is just boring, we won’t recommend it. We like cool stuff, exciting stuff, neat stuff! Here are the top 10 best-selling products on from Amazon for July.

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Should drivers with RVs 40 feet or longer need a special driver’s license?

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 Directory of RV parks with storm shelters  
Where do you camp when a tornado or hurricane is headed your direction? Hopefully in a park with a storm shelter. Here’s’s ever-expanding directory of such places.

We’ve also heard …

New RV park OK’d for Akeley, MN. The county board in Hubbard County recently approved a permit for a new 21-site RV park. The sites will all be 45 by 70 feet. The RV park will be just 270 feet from Crow Wing Lake.

Bring your RV right to the game. Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond is bringing back the RV Zone for home football games this fall. The tailgating area was a big hit with fans, and is located just a few steps away from Roy Kidd Stadium.

Man dies in Missouri RV wreck. A 79-year-old Hazelwood, MO, man died Tuesday when the RV he was driving swerved off an exit on Highway 61 and crashed into a rock bluff. The RV burst into flames and was completely destroyed.

Camping World getting even more aggressive. Camping World plans to expand its national footprint by opening 20 or more new locations through land acquisitions over the next three years, in addition to strategic and opportunistic purchases of existing RV dealerships. The 20 new “supercenter” locations will add an expected 350 to 450 service bays to Camping World’s existing service network, said Marcus Lemonis, Camping World chairman.

Loose Jeep causes scary scene. A Jeep being towed through an intersection in Colorado Springs came loose and rolled through traffic before a bystander chased it down, jumped in, and set the brake. View the video here.

Texas’ Black Gap Wildlife Management Area has been designated as an International Dark Sky Sanctuary by the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA). It’s the second Texas Park and Wildlife Department (TPWD) property to receive the Sanctuary designation, joining Devils River State Natural Area’s Del Norte Unit.

Give Galveston park another try. The Galveston, TX, Park Board has approved a bevy of improvements to the county’s Dellanera Park RV Camp. The park is located at the west end of Galveston Island just beyond the end of the seawall, and features 65 sites. Read all about it here.

A shooting of a 42-year-old man Friday morning on a Seattle street that is home to many parked RVs has renewed attention on the issue of people who live in RVs amid unsafe neighborhood conditions. The owner of an area business said the number of parked RVs has dramatically increased over the last couple of weeks. “They cut all the four-hour parking signs down,” said Dana Wolk, who owns StoneWorld, a home supply store in the area. “The city came out but didn’t do anything about that.”

If you get hurt in Missouri, it’s on you. If you’re a sue-happy camper, you might want to avoid Missouri. A new law went into effect Aug. 28 in that state that protects private campground owners from being sued for injuries or deaths that occur “from an inherent risk of camping.” Read the details here.

Your favorite snack may be on strike. This item has little to do with RVing, except for that package of Double Stuf Oreos we know you have stashed in the storage space above the RV couch. More than 1,000 workers at Nabisco bakeries are on strike. Read the details here.

New RV park planned for Northern Kentucky. A real estate developer recently presented his initial plan for a 125-site luxury RV resort in Alexandria, KY, to the county zoning and planning board. The site would be on 22 acres near the corner of Moreland and Highway 27. Read all about it here.

Moratorium may curb new RV parks around Bar Harbor, Maine. County voters will get to vote in November on a moratorium on new campground development in the Mount Desert Island area. Read about it here.

And another RV park planned for Cottonwood, AZ. A new RV park got the approval of the Cottonwood Planning and Zoning Commission this week. It will be known as the Airport Cottonwood Springs RV Park, located on 37 acres. Eventually, it could include 500 RV sites. The site is about 100 miles north of Phoenix.

When in doubt, put it out. A recent survey by outdoor company The Dyrt found that 36% of campers reported seeing active campfires in areas with burn bans this summer. The National Interagency Fire Center has reported that more than 53,000 fires were started by humans in 2020. 

Flooding closes Utah campground. White Sands Campground in the Little Sahara Recreation Area is temporarily closed because of flooding, according to a closure order from the Fillmore Field Office of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in Utah.

One killed in California RV fire. One person was killed when a fire broke out last week at the River’s Edge Marina Resort near Isleton, Calif. The cause of the fire hasn’t been determined. Isleton is 40 miles south of Sacramento.

THOR Industries is partnering with Girl Scouts of the USA. THOR will be sponsoring GSUSA’s largest outdoor event, Girl Scouts Love State Parks. The event is hosted in nearly 500 state parks across all 50 states and Puerto Rico. The 2021 event, occurring September 11 and 12, will focus on inclusivity and park stewardship in response to COVID’s impact on public lands. Find out more here.


Stolen from a dealer lot in Vancouver, Washington, August 17. This 2005 Chinook Eagle LT Class B rig had Washington plate ABA4633 when it vanished at 4:30 in the morning from Vancouver Ford. The crook waltzed into the lot, bored out the passenger door lock, hopped in, and hotwired away. The rig’s front bumper is a casualty, as the lout made his escape by driving straight through the gate and fence, leaving the bumper and front plate behind. Another identifier to look for is a spare tire cover with an American eagle symbol. Know something? Call Vancouver Police at (360) 693-3111 and reference case number 21-17252.

Did someone rip off your ride? Let us post information on your stolen RV. Email Russ (at)

See many more recently stolen RVs. Let’s help find these for their owners and maybe even put the crooks in the slammer. Click here.

Campground and RV Park News

Developments in places where we stay across the USA

Janet Groene reports each week on developments at RV parks and campgrounds across the USA and Canada. There’s a lot of good information here that you can use to plan your travels. Read the current installment of “Campground and RV Park News” here.

RV recalls posted since our last newsletter
Some Ford F-150 Super Duty trucks recalled. Seat belt danger
Some Vienna and Villagio motorhomes recalled for fire risk

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Latest fuel prices

Here are the latest U.S. average prices per gallon of gasoline and diesel fuel as of August 23, 2021:
Regular unleaded gasoline: $3.15 [Calif.: $4.23]
Change from week before: Down 3 cents; Change from year before: Up 96 cents.
Diesel: $3.32 [Calif.: $4.28]
Change from week before: Down 3 cents; Change from year before: Up 90 cents.

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This popular camping activity has been shrunken down to RV-size! Check it out.

Upcoming RV shows

Most of the RV shows in 2021 have been canceled. We will restart our show directory feature here as shows begin again. In the meantime, see the frequently updated schedule here.

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Slammin’ Pork Fried Rice
by Georgane Vann from Clifton, TX
This really is slammin’ fried rice. Each bite is filled with distinct flavors from the assortment of ingredients. We love how the peas give it a pop of sweetness in contrast to the spicy and robustness of the sauce. This makes a wonderful meal or a side dish. Delish!

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• Outrageous Cuban Sandwich with Mojo Sauce • Drunken Grilled Peaches • Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad • Awesome Skirt Steak With Coffee Rub & Tomatoes • Grilled Citrus and Garlic Pork Chops

Prevent blisters with this anti-blister balm
Judging by the thousands of reviews, this BodyGlide Anti-Blister Balm really works! It’s easy to use – simply apply this to places on your foot you’re prone to getting blisters before putting on your shoes. Use it daily with new shoes to break them in. No more blisters, no more rubbing! It’s infused with vitamin A and C, which helps soften and restore your skin. Learn more or order.

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The Perfect Scam Podcast

Every Sunday we present a podcast from AARP about scams and how crooks are stealing your money, often via telemarketing. Their efforts are often most successful with people 65 years and older who fall victim to the scammers’ sophisticated techniques. Here is this week’s episode.

Scammers convince Judy she needs to send $15k in gift cards to avoid arrest

Sunday funny

By far the coolest bottle opener for RVers!
Look at this adorable vintage trailer bottle opener! You’d be the star of the campground if you opened everyone’s beer or soda with it! It’s a magnet, so you can always find it on your fridge, and it comes in two colors. It would make a great gift too! Learn more or order.

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Roger B
2 years ago

After reading the article about the Maine campground requiring vaccines there is no way to leave a comment or reply to the existing ones. We are currently staying in a friend’s driveway. Covid recently went through the household after being given to one of them by a person who is vaccinated but still is capable of spreading it. Requiring people be vaccinated does not insure you will not be exposed to covid.

Patricia Tucker
2 years ago

Oregon State Salem Fall RV Show
Show Currently Postponed Due To State guidelines.
Be sure to see us at the Spring Show in February 10-13, 2022!

Patricia Tucker
2 years ago

Just an FYI! Per the show web site:

Low dealer inventories, dealer labor shortages and concerns over spiking COVID cases have made it futile to hold a viable show.


2 years ago

Couldn’t pay me to go to Portland, your politicians need to be arrested for criminal incompetence, such a shame what is allowed to take place in such a beautiful area

The Lazy Q
2 years ago
Reply to  James

Concur, odds are they won’t have a show next year either.

2 years ago
Reply to  James


2 years ago
Reply to  James

Totally agree—and we used to love living here!

2 years ago
Reply to  James

Agree! Its a shame. Oregon is one of the most beautiful states I have ever been too And Portland has a lot of rich history that is being destroyed because of incompetent politicians.

2 years ago

I have inspected and adjusted all my electric brakes on our 12,000lb. Cedar Creek.
But at the highest setting (2016 Ram) still seems very poor.
Im wondering if perhaps there is not enough amperage going to the brakes.

2 years ago

A loose jeep? That must have been one heck of an off roading experience. As for vaxx vs non vaxx? I am wondering what the law says about that one. Especially since even though may be private? Accepts the public. Can’t ask private information. Especially an employer cannot ask this medical question either. As for gas prices? Michigan is hovering around 2.95 even though the one gas station down our street? Says 2.64 Thinking of topping off.

Joe L
2 years ago
Reply to  jillie

Hi Julie
I’m sure you’ve been to the dentist and if I ask you I’m sure you would tell me. But if I asked your dentist how many cavities you have he could not tell me! All business owners have the right of refusal, “No Shoes No Shirt No Service “We live in a society with the rules what happens next someone parks in a Handicap spot without a sticker an rants that we have no right to question what is handicap is Because of his medical privacy is that where we’re going? Any business or employer has a right to ask about information about you and you have a right not to tell them .

2 years ago
Reply to  jillie

Not to get political but since you mentioned it, an employer can state you must be vaccinated to work here AND you must prove it. If you falsify a vaccine card, you will be fired! Our Company is going trough that now. People have until Sept 30th to get the shots and upload the card, or find another job!

2 years ago

20-30 more Camping Worlds to open. Another 350 service bays where poor service is the norm.
I’ll stick with my privately owned dealer.

2 years ago

Anyone calling within a specific time frame before the day of arrival should be charged the full amount of all days reserved, or be given a rain check for use within a specific time frame. Someone who causes the loss of revenue to a venue should be charged the full amount the owner was expecting and planned for. They should not expect a free ride or reduced ride. Most other venues have a large cancellation fee, but campgrounds do not follow suit.

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