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19 days ago

Sorry to see another good RV park being bought out by Sun Resorts. Every resort they have purchased here in California have raised their nightly fees dramatically. Most don’t offer any discounts and those that do are hard to get the discount when booking online.

19 days ago

Concerning emergency stops in the breakdown lane of US freeways: it is one of the most unsafe occurrences that can happen to you. My instructions to wife and friends are to pull over as far to the right in the breakdown lane as possible; turn on the hazard flashers; deploy the breakdown flares (quickly, with a constant eye for on-coming traffic; and then abandon the vehicle by climbing over the guardrail, and get clear of the entire freeway traffic area! Do NOT linger alongside, attempt roadside repair, or sit in the vehicle! Call for roadside help.

Accident statistics and a rash of state laws mandating that vehicles must slow and stay clear of highway officers stopped to perform their duties prove that too many drivers are drunk, inattentive, careless, or distracted to trust with one’s life while stopped on the road’s edge. The reported I-5 RV “accident” near Bellingham, WA that critically injured the woman occupant is just another of many sad “accidents” that happen.

20 days ago

It is sad to hear Cherrystone was sold but I guess no family members wanted to continue the business. I hope deeply that the new company takes care of it. So disappointed on what happened to Newpoint Campground in Matthew’s VA

20 days ago

re: Cherrystone takeover.
Given they were the most convenient and one of the nicest campgrounds near Washington, DC, that offered tent sites and even offered shuttle service to the nearby DC subway stop, I worry that Sun Resorts will make it a luxury destination for big RV rigs only.

20 days ago
Reply to  Doug

Cherrystone is on Va eastern shore. I believe you are remembering Cherry Hill in the DC/ Baltimore area.

20 days ago

Or, it could be the only RV park in La Junta indirectly complaining about loss of business.

Randy Cruse
20 days ago
Diane M
20 days ago

That brain teaser was pretty lame!

20 days ago

There is also a new KOA or shall we say coming back to Ypsilanti Michigan. What was once a KOA left and the site became private. KOA is now back to this RV site. I am not sure what they are going to call themselves but right now they call themselves Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti KOA. Use to be Greenfield RV Park. Great park just be aware that when it rains? It floods.

20 days ago

Jeff, we pray that the Lord heals you and gives you comfort.

20 days ago

I am not sure if I will be allowed to post this but here it goes. Friday March 26th I had nose surgery.please keep me in your thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery. These last two days I am having trouble sleeping and breathing.

20 days ago
Reply to  Jeff

REALLY????   :wpds_shutmouth: