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john stahl
15 days ago

I would not rent out a home I live in so I would not rent out my home on wheels either. Renters never take care of your property as good as you the owner do. I do not want to sleep in a motel bed because I do not know who slept there before me. So, I do not want anyone sleeping in my bed in my RV. I would have to be in really bad financial shape to ever think about renting out my motorhome. Motorhomes are luxury items and money pits and if I cannot afford the RV I would sell it or not buy it in the first place. I love my home on wheels and do not want to share it with anyone else. Happy Trails To You!

16 days ago

The eggs and bacon and spaghetti is called Carbonara. You take like 6 eggs, whipped them up and add to cooked sphagetti. Cook eggs with the spaghetti and some cheese. I mix mozzerella with parmesan and crumble up the bacon and you have a great dinner with a side salad. We just had some the other nite. One of our top favorites. Once eggs are cooked you have dinner.

16 days ago

I would love the idea of getting some money to rent out our RV. But my biggest negative, (besides what you mention, cooking in our kitchen, sleeping in our bed), is most other people will not take the extra care to be careful with everything. Too many things could be damaged by just a slight bit of neglect or inattention. So I don’t think I would ever do this.