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9 months ago

As to “old enough to know better” add young enough thinking to try.

Alan Goldberg
9 months ago

Ever wonder why states/cities with the highest gas taxes have the worst roads? New York City comes to mind. Where does all that money go?

9 months ago

California raising gas tax for roads. What’s new. Last time taxes were raised for roads nothing much happened. Roads in California are some of the worst in the nation. Especially I-5

9 months ago

The use of a full moon as a reason for odd or bad behavior is a classic superstition reaching back millenia. There are no more occurrences of crime, mischief, childbirth, or other weirdnesses during a full moon than at any other time. There are police officers, EMTs, and emergency room personnel who will disagree, but they simply remember the times that their hunches about “there must be a full moon” were right, and disregard the times that they were wrong.

The same effect applies to astrology, but that’s different set of superstitions. Another time, maybe.

For those who are ready to claim that since we’re mostly water, and the moon causes tides, etc., the math tells us that your refrigerator exerts thousands of times more gravitational attraction than does the moon.

This is also why my weight is up dramatically this year. I plan to call my next peer-reviewed paper, “The Frigidaire Effect”.

Science is your friend.

Mike Albert
9 months ago
Reply to  Marvin

I completed a research paper on this topic in college for my police administration degree. My theory supported the actual number of crimes committed during a full moon do increase. I believe that this is due to the availability of light reflected from the moon during it’s full phase. This makes it easier to see while normally dark, and be able to commit property crimes. Also the increase of domestic disputes, assaults and DWIs do increase at this time. Never did come to a supporting conclusion about that.
My son was an ER nurse in San Diego and said that while they are inside a building without windows, they too saw an increase of the number of patient visits.

9 months ago
Reply to  Mike Albert

Mike, thanks for the reply and for your work on the subject.

I haven’t seen the correlation you discovered. For one project, I pulled six years of date records from a regional metropolitan crime lab – how I got that access is yet another story – and compared them to tables of moon phases – the line was nearly flat. I was never able to complete my research paper into the phenomenon, but from what I’ve been able to find, along with research by others, your results may be non-typical.

mike henrich
9 months ago

Got me on the brain teaser. I thought the answer was a beer.