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October 3, 2020
Non-Members (advertising supported) edition

Editor’s corner

With Chuck Woodbury

Why do we do things a certain way without knowing why? Do you ever accept “truths” told to you by a parent or friend? When you ask someone why you should do something a certain way and get the response, “Because that’s the way it’s always done,” do you just accept that answer or question it?

Permit me to tell a short story: An animal researcher put four gorillas in a big cage, their new home. Beginning the next day and for each day thereafter, he lowered a bunch of bananas into the center of the cage. When the gorillas grabbed for the bananas, the researcher sprayed them all with a high-pressure hose that caused great pain. Even if only one of the animals went for the bananas, they all got hosed. Soon, the smartest gorillas began restraining those who still grabbed for the fruit. Before long, all knew to leave the bananas alone to avoid the awful punishment.

Then, the researcher removed one of the gorillas from the cage, replacing it with another one, which, of course, grabbed for the tasty bananas when offered. But the other three gorillas, knowing the painful consequences, held the new gorilla back. Soon, the new gorilla avoided the bananas, too.

One by one, each of the original gorillas was replaced with a new one. Each time, the newbie was physically restrained when grabbing for the bananas. Finally, the last original gorilla was removed from the cage leaving four gorillas that knew nothing of the powerful hose.

The last arrival, like those before him, quickly learned to avoid the fruit. And so it came to be that none of the animals went for it.

A human observing the scene at this point might wonder, “Why don’t they eat those bananas?” If the gorillas could speak, they might say, “We don’t eat them because that’s the way it must be,” with no further comment.

Ask yourself. What do you do in your daily lives “because it’s always done that way?” Think of the gorillas. You might find that you don’t have a clue, other than someone told you so.


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The trashing of our public lands. Case in point

This message was posted September 10 in our Facebook group Crowded Campgrounds by a representative of New Mexico’s Lincoln National Forest. I doubt very much the readers of this newsletter would contribute to this sort of trashing of our public lands. I suggest that if you have any place to pass along this story – on your social media page, for example – please do so; perhaps it will help spread the word that this sort of behavior is unacceptable. —C Woodbury, editor. Read the disheartening/infuriating but important message here.

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Clintoons • By Clint Norrell

COPYRIGHT 2020 BY Clint Norrell

RV packing on the pounds? Try these 10 steps to shed some rig weight

By Nanci Dixon
I read an article by Greg Illes about RV weight last week and decided it was time for our RV to lose some weight too. Along with us, our motorhome seemed to have gained some COVID weight — the result of too much time for too much online shopping. Continue reading.

Casino RV camping, October 3, 2020

This week our readers and Facebook friends had some great advice and also a few warnings about casino camping and gambling to pass along. Read more.

Video: Notorious low underpass claims another RV

Watch what happens when an RVer towing a fifth wheel trailer ignores warning signs and even runs a red light and attempts to pass beneath what is probably America’s most infamous low bridge. It’s not pretty. Watch and weep (and then measure the height of your RV so this doesn’t happen to you).

Video: Acrobatic elk somersaults on cue

When the hormones are strong, seems like guys of every species sometimes forget common sense. Elk are no exception. Fall is here, and the elk mating season is up and running in Utah. For one hapless bull, intent on chasing his lady friend, a fence was not about to stand in his way of conquest. Read more and watch the video. (The elk doesn’t appear to have been injured in the acrobatics.)

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Brain Teaser

If I am holding a bee, what do I have in my eye?

(Shhh. Don’t give it away. Answer in tomorrow’s Sunday News newsletter.)

Reader Poll

For couples: Do you or your partner snore?

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Do you walk or jog regularly for exercise? See how nearly 2,500 other RVers responded.

I just spent $106 on a $3 shower replacement part…

By Nanci Dixon
It can be hard to find a part for your RV these days. With brick-and-mortar stores carrying a lot fewer items and online sales the new normal, finding a simple replacement part for an RV has gotten much harder. I just spent $106 to get a $3 plastic bracket that broke on the shower spray bar in my RV’s shower. What the heck?! Read more.

Here are the top 5 complaints to the RV park office

A variety of things make for not-so-happy campers. Have you ever wondered what campers complain about the most? Do other people share the same annoyances as you? We have answers. Here are the top five complaints the campground office gets from campers at one park.

Bronco Sport. Too bad for RVers, it can’t be flat-towed

The Ford Bronco Sport has a tough job. It needs to live up to its Bronco nameplate, and be the most off-road capable crossover in the segment. If the Sport can do that, it will surely inject some much-needed interest into the otherwise boring compact crossover class. But Motor1 has just uncovered a drawback to choosing the Sport over the regular Bronco, and it’s the inability to flat tow the vehicle. RV owners, we are sorry. Learn more.

Instant Pot Cookin’: A fresh taste on a Southern dish

By Nanci Dixon
I just plain love my Instant Pot™! I love collard greens too. If you haven’t had collard greens before, this is a flavorful, easy way to try them. Collard greens are part of the kale and broccoli family and, just like kale, contain mega-amounts of vitamin K. … And the best part is, they taste good! Read more and get the recipe.

Bumper grill means grilling where no one has grilled before

Start-up company HitchFire has introduced the Forge 15. It’s a hitch-mounted grill touted as “grilling where no one has grilled before.” A swing-away truck grill, the Forge 15 features a powder-coated steel body built atop a tubular frame. It attaches to standard 2-inch receivers. … It’s built to travel rugged backroads smoothly. Learn more.

Campground crowding. Discussion for October 3, 2020

More people than ever are taking up RVing. These newbies have determined that RVing is the safest way to travel in our pandemic times. The result is campground crowding like never before. In this weekly blog, RV Travel readers discuss their experiences. Maybe we can make some sense of this and find ways to work around the problem. Here are a few observations from our readers.

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Redneck high-rise. Thanks, Mike Sokol!

Best Club for RVers: Escapees. Click here to learn more or join. Endorsed by

Directory of RV parks with storm shelters
In case you’re on the road with your RV and the weather report is showing a tornado headed your way, have this list handy.

RV Clubs
Check out our Directory of RV Clubs and Organizations.

What does financing an RV for 20 years REALLY mean?
In case you missed this article the first time around, here it is again. Important! Click here.

Stuck with a lemon RV? Contact Ron Burdge, America’s premier RV lemon law attorney.

flameless candlesAdd a cozy mood to your RV with these flameless candles
There’s nothing like a candle to add a romantic glow to your home or RV. This set of three flameless candles fits the bill perfectly. And, boy, do they look real! They’re made of genuine paraffin wax with realistic dancing LED flames that add a festive or romantic mood to any room safely, even in the presence of small children and pets. Learn more or order.

RV Gadgets and Gizmos

My two favorite black tank dumpin’ gadgets

Dealing with the black tank is one of the least enjoyable parts of the RV lifestyle. When a product comes along that makes the process even a little bit friendlier, I’m in. As such, two Camco products have really made my black tank dealings less miserable and have taken some of the frustration out of parts of this process. Continue reading

RV History

It’s a travel trailer. No, it’s a boat. No, it’s both!

You’ll love this British video from the mid-1950s. It’s one man’s idea of how to improve on the run-of-the-mill travel trailer (“caravan” in British lingo). Why limit yourself to camping on land when rivers are nearby?

Don’t buy a portable generator 
Use your car’s engine instead. Save money. Save hassle. Learn more at

RV Electricity

Avoid space heater danger: What you need to know

This is a special two-part article on a topic that’s not only seasonal, it’s very important to your safety, both in your home and your RV. This is about electric space heaters and how dangerous they can be if not used correctly. Be sure to answer the poll at the bottom of the story where we ask about whether you do or do not use a space heater in your RV. Continue reading.

This week’s J.A.M. (Just Ask Mike) Session

Dogbone adapter confusion cleared up – Part 1

I’ve had several postings this week over on my RVelectricity Facebook group about dogbone adapters. No, these are not the bones that you actually feed your dog. … In the RV world these are AC power adapters that allow you to plug your 50-amp shore power RV into a 30- or 15-amp pedestal outlet. Or you can go the other way ’round and plug your 30-amp shore power RV into a 50-amp pedestal outlet. Read more.

Sign up for Mike’s popular and informative RV Electricity group on Facebook.

RV Tire Safety

What tire inflation should I run? It depends…

By Roger Marble
The question as asked is simple but, of course, I have to make the answer complex. Not really. However, there are two different answers. One is for “motorized vehicles”: Class A, Class B, Class C and tow vehicles. The answer for trailers, be they teardrop or triple-axle 5th wheel trailers, has some minor but important differences. This post will address the motorized vehicles so I don’t have to keep switching back and forth. Continue reading.

RV Short Stop

New Orleans: So much to see and do – even during pandemic

New Orleans is more than just Bourbon Street. There is so much to see and do in New Orleans, even during the pandemic, that it makes one’s head spin. New Orleans City Park is one of the country’s oldest and most beautiful urban parks in the United States. Read about these great suggestions from Julianne G. Crane, and then plan your trip.

RV Fire Safety

Only fight small fires on your own

Always leave large fires to the fire department, and only fight small fires that are contained, within reach, and that you can fight with your back toward a safe escape. If you have the slightest doubt if you should fight the fire, don’t attempt it! Instead, get out and away fast. —Courtesy: Mac “The Fire Guy” McCoy

Fire-resistant bag keeps valuables safe!
This silicone-coated fire-resistant bag will save your money, documents, jewelry, passport and other valuables from a fire. Its two layers of supreme fire retardant fiberglass material make it resist fire and heat up to 1000℉. It’s waterproof, too, so when the hoses arrive, your valuables won’t be harmed. Learn more or order.

Museum of the Week


Museum of Clean

Pocatello, Idaho

Well, if you were worried about visiting a museum right now because of COVID, worry no more. What better place to go than to the Museum of Clean? This 75,000-square-foot museum is all about being clean. Owner Don Aslett, the “King of Clean,” says the museum’s goal is to teach visitors how to be clean and how to want to be clean. This includes having “clean language” and “clean minds.” You’ll learn how to clean your home and car, yourself, and other physical things, as well as what it means to live in a “clean world.” You’ll also find a very impressive vacuum collection inside. People love this place! Check out the website here.

Readers’ Pet of the Day

“‘I’m ready to head out!’ This is Diesel. She is about 6 months old. San Felipe, Baja California.” —Marilyn Maxwell

Pets featured in this past week’s RV Daily Tips:
• Monday: A ball-loving Shih Tzu • Tuesday: Chloe • Wednesday: Sadie • Thursday: Léna • Friday: Karma

This lint-roller works like a vacuum
Used by the staff!
We can’t recommend this lint-roller enough. This eco-friendly, reusable (no wasteful sticky tape!) lint-roller sucks up lint and pet hair like a vacuum. Simply roll back and forth over your clothing, on your furniture, or even on carpets or rugs. The lint and pet hair collects inside a small compartment that you empty once full. It works like a charm and it will save you money in the long run! Learn more or order here.

Trivia: A Halloween favorite treat!

35 million pounds of candy corn are produced each year. The sweet candy dates back to the 1880s, where workers would cook sugar, corn syrup, marshmallow and other ingredients in large kettles. They’d then pour the mixture by hand into trays imprinted with the famous kernel shape. The Goelitz Confectionery Company, now Jelly Belly Candy Company, began selling it to the public in 1900. And do you know why it’s called candy corn? Check out the photo to the left. Did you know it looked like an ear of corn?

Laugh of the Week

This hilarious DIY face-mask-tutorial-gone-wrong will surely give you a chuckle. Watch it here, then click through and watch the rest of the videos on Kay’s channel. She’s great!

Did you miss last week’s RV Travel?

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David Stansbury
2 years ago

I’m sorry, I don’t know where else to post- I saw a small article on RV newsletter the other day that had an app for finding doctors, hospitals, etc. that showed everything near you and what insurance they accept, etc. I thought it was going to download to my phone, but it never happened. Can somebody point me in the right direction? Thank you so much!

Last edited 2 years ago by David Stansbury
2 years ago

I just love the pet segment but show us more Kay DIY videos if you have them

2 years ago

The part about the gorillas made me think of wearing masks. Are we being conditioned to just wear them all the time?

Bill W
2 years ago
Reply to  John

the society we have today is from building on the knowledge of those that came before us.

2 years ago

Why do we do things a certain way? If your like me. I am old stubborn, and set in my ways. Lol.

2 years ago

The short story reminds me of a parable that might be told by Jesus when he walked among us. Except in his version the researcher would be replaced by two politicians. One politician influenced his “controlled animals” by inflicting pain to get the desired result. The other politician encouraged the desired result by reminding his “controlled animals” that they will get rewarded for their own personal actions good or bad based upon God’s law, not man’s law.

Bill W
2 years ago
Reply to  Rod

funny, that story reminded me of people’s belief in God.

Tim Slack
2 years ago

RE: “That’s the way it’s always been done.” A woman was preparing a holiday dinner for her family, and after getting out the pan, used a sharp knife to cut off the ‘butt’ end of the ham and placed it down beside the larger portion of ham. Her daughter asked, “Mom, why do you always cut off that end?” Mom thought for a minute then replied, “That’s just what my mother taught me, but I don’t know why. Let’s call and ask her.” So they did, posing the question to HER mother. Granny laughed and replied, “I had to cut some off because my only pan was always too small for the size of hams we needed to feed all the people at our holiday table.”

2 years ago

Wife and I stayed at the Museum of Clean in May 2019. It is part of Harvest Host. Never thought I would enjoy this sort of museum, but I found it quite interesting.

2 years ago

Thanks for the lead to Kay. She was hilarious.

Brian Burry
2 years ago

Candy corn is my wife’s FAVORITE 😀🌽

2 years ago

In the editor’s corner the analogy might be said that there is value in collective wisdom. The first remembrance I have of mother’s instruction was don’t touch that its hot. Wish I’d listened.

2 years ago

Love the amphibious caravan but who is the pilot?

Donald N Wright
2 years ago

Chuck, I have camped in Virginia where the campground owners were putting two small RV’s in a pull through site. We shared electricity, water and curses from folks with big RV’s who thought we had stolen their sites.

2 years ago

Smart Gorillas. Who likes pain? Actually in a way we all live in Skinner’s box.