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Christopher D English
1 month ago

I enjoyed reading Chuck’s review of the movie and book titled “Nomadland.” However, in my eyes, it is Hollywood at its best putting a spin on something to create a specific narrative. Contrast this film with #VanLife where “joy and pleasure” are portrayed as the benefits of the lifestyle. In the prior, the narrative is about misfits barely able to survive in the 21st century due to corporate greed, while in the latter, the mostly younger and hipper group is finding themselves or learning about people and cultures from their travels. The reality, sadly, is that both groups have those who chose the lifestyle for a specific reason and enjoy it, and those who, whether they admit it or not, do not enjoy being stuck in the lifestyle and struggle to survive.

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Mark Anderson
1 month ago

I have fond memories of “The Long, Long Trailer “. It was the first movie I ever saw. My mother took my sister and I when I was 5 years old to a theater in Erie PA. I was in awe of the whole experience.

RV Staff (@rvstaff)
1 month ago
Reply to  Mark Anderson

Hi, Mark. I saw that when it first came out. I was 6 at the time and it gave me nightmares. I haven’t see it since, but I told Emily that now that I’m a little older (74!), maybe I can handle the “scary” scenes. 😆 —Diane at

1 month ago

That Bernie Sanders sure get around doesn’t he? Sitting at that chainsaw carving place in Port Angeles.

Mike Schwab
1 month ago An old song suggestion: Shaving Cream.

1 month ago

Yes I agree, the “Nomadland” style of RV’ing isn’t what hubby & I do or what most of us here do. The movie made RV’ing look so drab and sad. But it is true that some folks for one reason or another live on less than $1000 a month which is very difficult. I think Bob Wells does a good job, he does help folks. I know some are against him for one reason or another. But these folks do what they must to survive, I guess we all would do the same if we had to.

Cheri Miller
1 month ago

I sure enjoyed the article on “Nomadland”. I had much the same take after reading the book but you articulated it for me. Can’t wait to see the movie. Thank you.

Gary Viggiano
1 month ago

Wonderful family get together. Great job

John P Macatee
1 month ago

I read your article on Nomadland, then I checked out the book at my library. I am disgusted with the treatment of our USA citizens, mostly USA CITIZENS who have worked all their lives and not being able to support themselves are working at USA campgrounds as “Hosts”. Being forced to work long days, long weeks, and not being paid for the extra hours and being fired if they complain. This seems to be an ongoing issue and must stop. I plan to write, using this
Book and movie as the reason and demand comment and or their policy for dealing with this abusive workforce behavior.

Peter315 Donahue
1 month ago

Great video laugh of the week!!!! Made my week!!!