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As a response to the Covid-19 we can all contribute to, let’s, as hard as it may be, to make a concerted effort to NOT buy anything made in China.  This won’t be easy, as so many of our needed things are made there, but, spend some effort.  It wold also be useful, for the long term survival of at least our economy, to tell vendors that you will NOT purchase anything made in China if it’s at all possible at the moment.  The pennies or even dollars we can save by buying Chinese, are all little nails in our coffin. 

One example dear to my heart, actually my stomach, is the majority of canned seafood on offer at Grocery Outlet stores.  I REALLY like shopping at G.O., but all the apparent store brand of Polar canned seafood is from China.  Ever since having lost a beloved pet cat to tainted pet treats from China, and seeing news of baby formula in China also being tainted with melamine, 
I have been very wary of Chinese sourced food products.  YMMV, but, as “they” say, consider the source. And, for many more reasons now.


I used a rug beater like this in the 60s in PA. Lol

As for the people protesting why can they keep 6 FT apart and wear Mask. I guess if Government told them not to wear one they would have them on. Please listen, this is not an us vs them. We are all in this. Protesting in this manner is just going to up the #s in a few weeks time.

Please be smart

Andy Mirdik

Chuck, first time “writing”: just want you to know that I could feel the sadness in your text, and, no, it’s not “Mumbo-Jumbo.” Losing someone close is tough, and the feeling of not having any real control is frustrating. I really appreciate and enjoy your points of view. I think we, as a nation, will all have a better outlook on life, and a renewed respect for our fellow man and woman.

Danny Evans

Opinions are pretty numerous. Everyone has one. You can find plenty of information on the internet to support your opinion no matter what it is. If we disagree with info that doesn’t support our opinion we can label it fake news. So we have to respect the laws that vary greatly from state to state whether we agree or not, especially if we are visitors to that state. The degree of problem from covid-19 also varies from state to state. It may be inconvenient, but states have a right to decide what they prefer to do during this time. My state is lifting shelter at home rules soon, but we will choose to stay pretty much in place since we can. Why take chances unnecessarily when we are happy anyway. Hopefully we’ll live to travel another day.

Susan L in KC, Mo

It is my understanding with talking with Missouri State Park people that State Parks will open back up for camping on May 4, 2020. It is if the Governor stays with his plan. I’ve already had my reservation cancelled by them for May1-3. I’m packed and ready to hit the road. Most campsites are far enough apart to keep social distancing. Maybe just use your own bathroom in your rig. Happy Camper.


Before you all just roll over and do what they tell you to do. You might want to take a few minutes and read the paper linked down below. There is good info out there that says this whole CV19 deal is a bit over done. Consider this, 92% of the people that have died from CV19 had serious underlining health issues. If your healthy the odds are pretty slim that you’ll have any huge problems if you get it. In fact you may not even know you had it. The CDC told hospitals and doctors to stop testing the dead and just go ahead and call it a CV19 death. Why would the CDC do this and what Doctor would sign a death certificate without knowing for sure what the actual cause of the death was? The fact that the government is supposed to be paying between $13,500 and $300,000 per CV19 death might have something to do with it. The number of deaths from flu and pneumonia have been going down lately. One can only think these deaths are now being added to CV19 death toll, as I’m pretty sure we haven’t found a cure for the flu and pneumonia in the past month or two. Also the fact that their test can have upwards of 80% false readings, it makes it a bit hard to believe the “official” number of cases. Also there are a number of countries and nine of our own states that did none of this lock down BS and their case numbers are no worse than the rest of the countries that have gone full lock down mode. To quarantine the sick makes good sense. To quarantine the non sick is Tyranny. The ’17-’18 Flu season killed 80,000 in the USA. In Feb ’18 they were dropping dead at 4,000 per week from the flu. Where was the outcry over that? A recent John Hopkins study concluded that between 250,000 and 440,000 people die each year from medical errors. Now it would seem to me that if the media and politicians gave a hoot about stopping people from dying they might want to get fired up over that instead of CV19. I’m not saying to completely disregard all common sense safeguards, but I really don’t think we need to let the media and politicians scare us into some dark corner of our locked house where we can rub our hands together and shake in fear. This link is to a fairly well done piece:


Wallace Twigg

You’re spot on today Chuck. A vaccine is the only way we’re going to turn this tide. Even then there’s going to be a new normal.


Forgive me venting. I understand where both sides are coming from. People want too go back too work. We have people who are afraid too go outside because the federal and state government put the fear into people.
Here are some more examples. The city council in Green Bay Wisconsin told the police department in green bay that if people are not following the social distance law the police have a right to arrest you and fine you. Wluk tv out of Green bay had this story.
Wtmj radio out of Milwaukee Wisconsin had these two stories. The city council out of Milwaukee passed a law saying you could not protest because you are not obeying the shelter in place orders. The city council told the Milwaukee police department to start arresting people if they protest. The next story involves the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. 18 out of 23:suburbs have passed a law stating you must wear a mask while you are outside. Here are the only exceptions. Kids under two years old. People who are out exercising and you are maintaining social distancing. If you have trouble breathing with a mask on then you need to have a doctors excuse why you are not wearing a mask.
Now Walmart is requiring all employees to wear a face mask. If a person does not want too wear a face mask you or I should not be force to by government or state authorities to wear one. We should be allowed a choice to if we want to wear a mask or not wear a mask.

Billy Bob Thornton

Chuckle, please, I beg you to look it up. If I’m wrong, please point me in the right direction. My opinion was based on detailed research, not disinformation.

I wait your reply with an open mind. I have given facts, it is your right, and i do mean right to reply with facts that counter what my research has uncovered. Thanking you in advance for attention to thks matter, and look forward to anything you can counter o what i have stated.

Greg Jones

Chuck, well said.

A comment on reopening. I follow the math and have been following Covid-19 this about as closely as one on the sidelines can. I live in Portland OR and was up in your stomping grounds yesterday to visit a large aerospace company that is just starting to re-open. To get on site we had to have masks and the number of people in the area we were in (large room) was the two of us and never more than 2 of their employees. I carried hand sanitizer and used it. Social distancing at all times possible though we did elbow bump.

Most everything else we say was closed. There was drive through fast food and grocery stores open but little else. Traffic was great, speed limit from Olympia to north of South Center at 9:30am… awesome.

Someone asked below why Home Depot and not the department stores… Easy, a broke water pipe or roof repair is a tad more urgent than a new pair of socks and the bins are easier to disinfect.

So I’ve softened some on reopening, where it can be done safely. As you say though, until there is a vaccine many things we had will be out of reach.

Stay safe in there, we’ll get through this.


I’m not sure we should wait any longer. Most, and I qualify that, most rv parks are great places to get out and stretch. They are spaced far enough apart for social distancing and one can enjoy getting out of the house and doing a bit of recreating. If we don’t get out and use these rv parks they might just go away and we will have no place to stay in the future if they go out of business. Not sorry and I know this is where I’m going to get flack, but, It’s about the money. This wound (the pandemic) will only fester and get worse if we don’t get back to work and spend some cash. We can’t rely on the government to support us… after all where does the government get this money that they are giving to us. That’s right …. its ours and trust me they are coming to get more of it in the near future… just saying.


While I agree with some of your editorial I cannot agree with the extent of the lockdown. Why can we go shopping at Vons and Home Depot with precautions but not at a department store? The cure may be worse than the disease. Close to 40 per cent by of cases in LA county are in skilled nursing or assisted living. And just now they’re containing them. Isolate the infected and reopen the economy

Why are campgrounds closed? By nature camping separates groups outside group sites. Why close trails beaches and other recreation sites?

Our constitution is being trampled on like crazy.

Dave G

Chuck, as the country starts it’s transition toward the new normal I am hearing stories about crossing state borders. I have been told that Utah has a 14 day quarantine in place, not too bad if you are headed there for a 2 month visit, but what if you are simply trying to transit the state. We are planning to do our annual summer visit with the kids, grandkids traveling from Florida to Massachusetts in our RV. If we had to do a quarantine in each state we transit the trip would be 6 months just to get there. It would seem that a weekly article about state policies might be a good temporary series that would help many of us that Snowbird, or as we are now saying, Sunbird.

Marianne Edwards

Well done Chuck. I appreciate that you always tell it like it is. You’ve always promoted RVing but never glamorized the RV life. And there’s no sense sugar-coating this or pretending it’s all going to be fine by summer. The old normal won’t return for a long, long time, if ever. We can, however, find things to be grateful for and ways to feel better by helping others get through this. Our food banks need generous regular donations now more than ever!


Thank you Chuck for your introduction and evaluation of the virus. I think we are taking the right approach by slowly getting back. I get that we need to be back in business and that oil is tanking and our economy may soon follow, but we have to take this approach. I’m in Idaho and our great governor is taking a phased in approach to getting back to business and he is being recalled by an extremist group for doing so! We are encouraged to keep our distance and wear face masks. Yesterday my husband and I went out shopping for the first time in 6 weeks and wore our masks. We went to Home Depot to get vegetable starts for our garden. I would say that for the approximate hundred or so people we saw, maybe 20 were wearing masks. Not even the clerks were wearing masks! Now mind you, there were no arrests which I think is the right thing to do. To take the common sense approach, but there’s that group of extremists that are making it look bad for the rest of us by staging protests because their rights are being violated with the stay home orders or businesses being shut down. I say, for all the extremists, be the canary in the coal mine and let us know how it goes and for the rest of us, let us do what we think is right by staying home.


No it’s not a rug beater. That’s what we used to swat at Alaskan mosquitoes!

Stephen Durrett

Thank you Chuck for your Editor Corner comments today. We the people need to know this today and everyday we wake up. I pray to God we all get the message before it’s too late.
Thank you again my brother!


My question is this. Do we continually keep this country on lock down and crash the economy? People are hurting and that is why people are protesting. People are killing themselves because they can not handle the stresses of being off. There are more domestic abuse cases because people are locked up.
You can do a search and listen to different people who have said that the more hospitals claim a death as covid 19 the more money they receive from the government. I know of two guys who I listen too have said this about hospitals. How do we know these deaths were really covid 19. These two guys I listen too said people,who are dying have underlying health care issues.
The reason why people are being fearful is because the media has installed a fear in everyone. If you do not fear comfortable about being inside stay inside.

Gary Reed

Brain teaser; The number Seven. Take away the S and you have Even.