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24 days ago

Increased COVID cases results from…are you ready?? Increased…TESTING! Should be a logical conclusion, by some anyway. As for the NY Times, last I checked, they were wrong about Georgia & Florida reopening. It, like most of the media, is part of the ghoulish cult that wants an economic catastrophe an endless shutdown would produce.

25 days ago

As far as the “mystery” fire in the refrigerator compartment I have seen it happen before and it was explained to me by an old propane guy that when the propane cylinder gets filled too much or improperly the regulator can freeze resulting in a big flame at the refrigerator. (Some truck campers have horizontal cylinders which should always be filled when they are horizontal to prevent over filling). I knew someone who got their cylinders topped off at a local U-Haul then drove to the grocery store to shop while the fridge was cooling down. They returned to see the fire dept putting out what was left of their fifth wheel.

Mike Albert
25 days ago

My Sunday addition came at 11:02. Normally arrives pre sunlight so I can enjoy it with my morning coffee. Not the first time, but it, along with the daily news letters arrive. Haven’t skipped a day. R.V. Travel has always responded before and they can’t seem to find an issue. I’m not a tech, but I suppose it has something to do with the ISPs and amount of people using the internet grid.
When this happens, I go to their website to download the latest issue. (Thanks for that suggestion Diane).

25 days ago

Do you ever write articles about camper vans & conversions?

John Legate
25 days ago

I’m not an RVer yet so still don’t know what kinds of technology may already be in use the RV world, but reading the article on stolen RVs got me wondering. Is RFID micro-chipping of RVs a “thing” like is already done with pet IDs? And if not, would it be a reasonable thing to add for the RV industry? It seems like given the large size of an RV, it would be physically and economically feasible to embed a dozen RFID chips scattered randomly throughout an RV during construction (randomly located so thieves would not have a pre-defined set of known locations to deactivate/remove the chips.) And as more of a deterrent, if some of the chips could be located where it would require extensive damage to the RV to remove them, that amount of damage would diminish the value of the RV so much that the leftover result would no longer be profitable for the thieves to bother with, thus reducing their likelihood of being stolen in the first place.

25 days ago

None of mine come in my emails anymore. This stopped happening some time ago,so I put it on my favorites so it is easy to get to.

25 days ago

I wonder why my Sunday newsletter didn’t come in my email. Did this happen with anyone else?

Tom Smithbrother
25 days ago

They cut corners when building class A RV ‘s. No trucks ever hang out over the axle and drag like class A as well as many RV trailers. Just a much cheaper frame and axle assemble when a much larger,longer wheel base, one is actually needed. On a class A, I had to put steel rollers bolted onto the read of the frame Just to pull into my own driveway. Typical of the RV industry’s design, they drag.

25 days ago

“Grab your fishing pole if you’re in Oklahoma. It’s free fishing weekend – no state license required.”

Wished we had heard about this BEFORE the weekend…It’s certainly not advertised here. We would have taken advantage of that.

But as stated in a previous article, this is just another example of where a fishing license is not required. You don’t have to give up a Social Security number, your blood type, your address for the last 50 years, your next born, a criminal background check, a credit check, or anything else ridiculous just to fish.

25 days ago
Reply to  TravelingMan

FYI so you can hear about this BEFORE the weekend: Every year – Free Fishing Weekend in Washington is always the first weekend after the first Monday in June.

Mike Albert
25 days ago
Reply to  TravelingMan

While I would agree to an extent, many states use the funding from licenses to help maintain the fisheries.
An example of this is in Florida. While we have restrictions out of the kazoo, their enforcement programs help the fisheries maintain their population. Florida rules and regulations seem like they change daily with bag and size limits and restrictions. In the end, it’s worth it to allow future generations the opportunity to catch the same species as you do and enjoy being outdoors and the taste of fresh fish.
Enjoy your day fishing. Now if I can figure how to change the environment from all of this high heat, high humidity and mosquitoes in SW Florida, I’ll be a happy man.
Remember to catch and keep only what you can eat!