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7 months ago

Why we got our first RV. Wow. I have yet to stop laughing at the reason why. Let me formulate that one and get back to you on it. Thanks for the laugh. I needed it.

Ike & Sheila
7 months ago

We did not receive the newsletter in our email today. I had to go online to your website.

EG Willy
7 months ago

There is absolutely no good reason for California roads being in poor condition. Just two years ago Gov Newsom raised the gas tax and vehicle license fees sky high to bring more money to bear on repairs.

The state has done a dismal job doing the repairs……they cannot balance their books, And now due to corona virus, they use the $$ for other things not related to highway maintenance. I could go on and on about this, but I will spare you.

No wonder so many are leaving this state.

7 months ago

Had to laugh at Chucks comment that the state doesn’t have money to fix the roads. The state is like someone buying booze and drugs then complaining they don’t have money for food.

Billy Bob Thornton
7 months ago

Look, just tax us more and everything will be alright. Keep your head in the sand and thinking this will go away, because the “government” will make it right is a failed premise. The people who never voice their opinion, or never go to the polls to exercise their constitutional right can be no more. There are clear signs for all to see, the question becomes, which path will you choose.

Read the truth, not what the media wants you to see and hear. If you do that one thing, albeit it will take time, then your mind might be surprised on what you will discover.

Me, I’m going to load up the RV, burn some fossil fuel, take in this great country, and stand for the freedoms that our founders had the vision some 240+ years ago.

And I will never disrespect this country, EVER.

7 months ago

California having the highest taxes and highest gas prices; your comment regarding the road/highway condition is interesting! The concern isn’t why they’ve gotten so bad, how the road maintenance funds have been diverted, or when if ever the roads will be fixed, it’s the acceptance implied and mentioned only to express amazement in the size and or numbers of potholes. What our elected representatives here in California are doing to this state is criminal.

7 months ago

Sorry you lost your Lulu. I know how bad it hurts. They just don’t live as long as you would like.

Gary Reed
7 months ago

The answer to this weeks trivia question; the letter “R”.

7 months ago

I left this message on Mike’s JAM and thought it would be good to post my thoughts on power strips here.

Mike, Google power strip recalls. A number of years ago when I was a working man at a large company I got involved with rounding up certain APC power strips by Schneider Electric. My crews not only rounded up the APC’s but also came across many others that were showing signs of overheating, boy did this open a huge can of worms! My suggestion is throw all of them away. Along with throwing them away consider the use of an extension cord in RV’s and especially at home. If you use an extension cord for permanent power to an appliance then you should be removing it and installing receptacles.

Deborah Font
7 months ago

I just don’t understand how when people spend so much on a travel trailer and they don’t want to spend the little extra money on a lock to keep it safe and from getting stolen.
Lulu reminded me of my Coli, I lost her when she was near 18yrs old she did everything that we did.