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March 27, 2021

Guest editorial

Are you afraid of renting out your RV?

By Mike Gast


or many longtime RVers, renting out your RV – your baby (tell me you didn’t give it a name) – to a novice, probable first-time RVer is a daunting thought. What if their kids pull down the curtains? Maybe they’ll spill something – then what? WHAT IF THEY WRECK IT?!

Times have changed. Renting your RV to someone else no longer has to feel like a risky back-alley drug deal. You may not personally know the person to whom you hand your keys, but there is now an entire peer-to-peer rental industry created just to provide the safeguards you need to comfortably share your RV with others – and make a pretty good profit.

The other new factor is that the explosion of use in peer-to-peer home and apartment rentals driven by Airbnb has taken the mystery out of staying in a stranger’s space. That goes for a house, an apartment and now an RV.

I’d also say right off the bat that renting your own RV to someone else isn’t for everyone. After all, “they” will be cooking in your kitchen and sleeping in your bed. You might not be able to handle that.

But, if you find that you just aren’t using your rig enough and there are a lot of nice summer days where it could be out there making you money, then read on.

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cover storyStarlink satellite Internet coming soon? Don’t hold your breath!

By Randall Brink
Inveterate boondockers are always on the lookout for techniques and technology that help them stay out longer and enable them to stay in communication, get news and entertainment, and work remotely. Anything to do with water, waste management or internet access is of keen interest. So when I read of the development of Starlink, a satellite internet service provider under development by Elon Musk’s SpaceX, I was intrigued. Continue reading.

Stories in tomorrow’s newsletter

• RV shipments continue to soar, set new record!
• Gigi Stetler’s RV dealership goes up in flames
• Major recall from Jayco. Also, recalls from Airstream, Newmar and Sprinter
PLUS: Campground updates • Latest fuel prices • Latest RV recalls • Free and bargain camping locations • Reader survey • Plus Breaking News. . . and much more …

Last week’s Tip of the Day highlights in RV Daily Tips Newsletters

9 methods to get those stubborn bugs and guts off your RV. Yuck!
Cleaning RV air vents: A simple, important task to breathe easy
RV just out of storage? Check those tires
Protect your generator from sprouting legs and leaving the campground
Tax Corner: Tax credit for solar panels on an RV?

Today’s RV review…

Today, industry insider Tony Barthel reviews the 2021 Coachmen Clipper 12.0 TD MAX. He writes, “This trailer is similar to the pop-ups and teardrops you’re most likely familiar with; however, it has some unique features worth looking at. What it shares with pop-ups or teardrops is that it’s very light and low in profile, which makes it ideal for towing. In addition, though, it offers almost all the features you might want in a more traditional travel trailer.” Read more and peek inside.

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Clintoons • By Clint Norrell

COPYRIGHT 2021 by Clint Norrell

See some of Clint’s recent cartoons. They’re wonderful!

Campground Crowding: Boomers vs. Newbies. The attitude battle is on!

crowded campgroundsMore people than ever are taking up RVing. The result is campground crowding like never before. In this weekly blog, RV Travel readers discuss their experiences. This week we hear about Boomers vs. Newbies (i.e., whose campsites are they, anyway?!); more suggestions for getting off the grid and other options besides campgrounds; a “new breed of slumlord”; plus some encouraging comments about campgrounds. Read all that and more here.

Got your COVID shots? Will your “Immunity Passport” allow you to travel?

By Gail Marsh
As the nurse handed me my COVID-19 vaccination card, she looked me in the eye and said, “This is a legal form of identification. Protect it as such.” Huh? I’d just received my second dose of Moderna’s COVID vaccine. As I walked back to my car, I examined the “proof of vaccine” card and couldn’t help but wonder about it. As a legal form of identification, the “immunity passport” must have intrinsic value. But how? So you must protect your card – from whom, and why? Continue reading.

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Homeless in California. An RVing family’s struggle to shelter in place

Reader Poll

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The most popular poll in this past week’s RV Daily Tips newsletters:
Do you carry a portable grill on your RV trips? If so, what type?
See how more than 4,000 other RVers responded here.

Read other polls we’ve run through the years. There are more than a thousand. It’s fascinating reading.

Brain Teaser

What has cities, but no houses; forests, but no trees; and water, but no fish? (Answer in tomorrow’s Sunday news newsletter.)

Do you have a brain teaser you think we should use? Send it to us here.

Is your engine in good shape? Pay attention now, or pay the price later

By Kate Doherty
I grew up listening to the ’70s and ’80s Fram oil filter ads with varying messages around the tag line, “You can pay me now, or pay me later.” These ads started by reminding vehicle owners of the importance of changing the oil filter when changing the oil in their vehicle’s engine. For diesel engines, this task should be listed in the first chapter of a maintenance manual. Proper and timely maintenance and testing analysis is essential to understanding what shape your engine is in. Learn more.

How far can you drive with the low fuel light on? Find out.

When was the last time that dreaded low fuel light came on in your car? Uh-oh. Nobody likes seeing that orange glow, especially if you’re out in the middle of the boonies – no gas station in sight. It can be pretty scary. And if you’ve run out of gas before and been stranded, we imagine seeing it again might be even scarier for you. (Although, we hope you learned your lesson the first time.) Read more.

Full-timer pleads, “PLEASE don’t buy me anything!”

By Nanci Dixon
I know you love me but PLEASE don’t buy me anything. We are full-time RVers and are packing up the motorhome after five months at the same site. It is amazing how much stuff we have out and how much we have accumulated in a short amount of time. It is also quite dismaying to find my “spots” for everything overflowing with over-abundant Amazon purchases and the wonderful presents that have been graciously gifted to me. Continue reading.

‘Tis the season for tick talk

By Kate Doherty
Soon school will be out and families will be ready to break out – visiting parks, going hiking and camping in heavily wooded areas. Many state and federal parks have been closed due to the pandemic. Now that they’re reopening, there’s a chance that folks will soon be venturing where nasty ticks live…. Learn how to protect yourself and your pets, and what to do if you’re bit, here.

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A sad story of road rage. Why is everyone still so angry?
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Cleaning RV air vents: A simple, important task to breathe easy
Need more space in the RV kitchen? These will save you space, time and money

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RV Gadgets and Gizmos

Lippert Flow Max 40-volt portable power cleaner

If you didn’t know, your modern RV has Lippert-made parts in it. A lot of them. Lippert is a huge supplier of parts to the RV world. But they’ve also started building stuff for the aftermarket. You know, things we might find useful in our daily lives or even with our RVs. … The Lippert Flow Max 40-volt portable power cleaner is a battery-powered water pressure cleaner. It offers six spray settings from the included nozzle and sports a 25-ounce soap bottle on the head. Power comes from a 40-volt battery and two of these plus a charger are included with the package. … Read some of the many uses for RVers which Tony envisions for this gadget here.

RV electricity

Cool trailer plug storage option

Dear Readers,
I saw this trailer plug storage option on another forum last week and thought it was such a good idea that I found a source for this gadget and I’m posting it here. Yes, indeed… That 7-way trailer plug connecting your RV to your tow vehicle leads a sad life. It’s nearly always hanging out in the weather, often sitting in the dirt, and rarely maintained with contact cleaner. And yet, when they need to work, they REALLY need to work. In fact, running a close second to shore power connector questions that are emailed to me are questions about troubleshooting and hooking up 7-way trailer plugs. Continue reading.

This week’s J.A.M. (Just Ask Mike) Session

Scam Alert: Is there really an electricity “cleaner”?

Dear Mike,
I keep seeing advertisements for these “clean power” products, even in your articles. Do you promote them? Have you ever used anything like this? And the most important question is: “Do they work?” —Sanford R.

Read Mike’s response (which also explains some of the odd and/or possibly deceptive ads you may see on

If you missed Mike’s “Ask the Expert” live stream on Tuesday, March 23, with Danny Rahner from SoftStartRV, where they discussed Danny’s easy 6-step, no-splice install of the SoftStartRV, you can watch it here.

RV Tire Safety

Do you have, or even need, a spare RV tire?

By Roger Marble
Do you have, or even need, a spare RV tire? That’s a reasonable question. I have previously published some information on having a spare, but for those that want a quick answer, read on …

The RV Kitchen

Eggs ‘n Bacon Spaghetti

Spaghetti for breakfast? Everyone loves spaghetti. Almost everyone loves bacon and eggs. Let’s join forces with Eggs ‘n Bacon Spaghetti! Serve this taste treat for any meal of the day. Precooked bacon is a time- and space-saver, and it contains enough fat to stir-fry the garlic. Get the recipe.

The Digital RVer

Boondockers Welcome has a new App

By Chris Guld,
Do you like to boondock? Do you avoid crowded campgrounds? Like to meet new people? If so, you should be a member of Boondockers Welcome. … Now is a great time to join this service for RVers as it has a new smartphone app for iPhone or Android. Also, news reports say we’re coming up on a very busy summer for RVers, so the app will come in very handy. Learn more.

Readers’ Pet of the Day

“Our Scout loves camping … and is more than willing to drive if necessary.” —Bobby Semon

Pets featured in this past week’s RV Daily Tips:
• Monday: Willie Tuesday: Montana & Mia Wednesday: Lilly • Thursday: Heshe
• Friday: Zoee


Sixty-year-old actor George Clooney told AARP Magazine in its current issue that he has cut his own hair for the past 25 years.

Laugh of the Week

Death isn’t normally a funny subject, but it’s hard not to laugh at this headstone in the Goldfield, Nevada, cemetery.

Leave with a song from the past

You will love this. Be sure to stick around after the song to watch Eleanor Powell perform the most amazing rope tricks and dance you have ever seen. How did she do it? And notice how few edits there are, very few. Now enjoy “So Long Sarah Jane” from the 1943 movie “I Dood It.”

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John Skinner
2 years ago

Mike Sokol wrote another good article on preventive maintenance. Keeping the trailer plug clean is always a problem. An easier way to go is to mount another seven way female plug on the trailer. Then just use an electrical cord with two male fittings. When you disconnect the trailer, you just store the cord IN the motorhome, pickup or trailer. Big rigs have done this for years, and I would not haul a trailer without the female plug. Just close the cover and your protected from any weather.

Gary Stone
2 years ago

COVID official vaccination card? Anyone with a printer and the ability to scribble can make one.

2 years ago

We contribute about once a year. Timing depends upon a couple of brain cells reminding me.
Once RVtravel gets $$$, it’s up to Chuck what happens to it.
Just keep on trucking.

2 years ago
Reply to  Tom


2 years ago
Reply to  Tom


2 years ago

Keep your generators out of sight if possible. Chains and locks only discourage honest people. I really wish there was a rule about bringing construction generators to a campground. Right now I’m a couple hundred feet from one and it’s so loud it just destroys the pleasure of camping. I don’t know how people do it. It sounds like a truck stop in here.

Last edited 2 years ago by chris
2 years ago
Reply to  chris

Thank God he just left. I think I have the perfect question to know when someone is leaving without pissing them off: “I really like your spot.. are you leaving?”

Last edited 2 years ago by chris
2 years ago

Brain teaser- A map?

2 years ago

Is it me, or was there (again) lack of humor with the Clintons. God I’m missing humor. Your daily puns are more worthy of my chuckles.

Bob P
2 years ago
Reply to  Ken

We have experienced this grey water tank gage a few times when I would close the grey water valve to let it get plenty of flushing water when I was going to empty the black tank to make sure the sewer hose was flushed out completely. Lol

2 years ago
Reply to  Bob P

Bob, I too have experienced the grey tank gauge. Just once, and that was enough, when we were a family of 5 in a 24 ft travel trailer and the bath tub was full of shoes. Thankfully it was just grey water and nothing really ruined. And for the Clint Cartoons, I love them all. I wish I could draw more than a stick man.

Patti Panuccio
2 years ago

Keep up the good work, and contests, and I’ll keep sending you money.

2 years ago
Reply to  Patti Panuccio

It’s a subscription, like a newspaper or magazine, except 1) it’s voluntary to pay for it so the vast majority depend on others to do it.
2) they actually read any input you send in and comment back on it.

Isn’t that more than other “news sources”? Do the naysayers write their newspaper or magazine subscriptions about how they spend their money? Do they agree with EVERY article? Such an entitled society!

Brad G. Hancock NH
2 years ago

A former Vice President, from the not too distant past, made the statement “Nattering Nabobs of Negativism”. It seems that, no matter what “good” one tries to put forth – see Chuck’s comment on prizes – someone, somewhere will try to find fault with it. RVTravel is, I assume, a “for profit” business. Offering prizes and giveaways on the site is a form of advertising, henceforth for the betterment of the business AND the readers of RVTravel. I am a monthly contributor and a daily reader of RV Travel. Don’t change what you guys do. Pay no attention to the Triple N’s – see above – and soldier on. See you down the road.

Bob P
2 years ago

Yep and amen

2 years ago

The words that William Safire penned and that Spiro Agnew mouthed actually had enormous impact that has lasted until this day. They helped foster among conservatives and the folks that Nixon called ‘the silent majority‘ a growing mistrust of the mainstream media, a mistrust that grew over two generations into a form of hatred.

It also started a dangerous spiral of events — journalists started bending backwards to kowtow to their conservative critics, beginning in the time of Reagan, an ill-advised shift that did not win back a single reader or viewer on the right. Instead, it caused a lot of folks on the left and even the center to wonder why the national media had stopped doing its job, stopped questioning authority. – From politicaldictionary dot com

Mark Peters
2 years ago

Thanks for the clarification on donations vs gifts.