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Robert Gravelyn
7 days ago

Have a new coachmen mirada, the tv antenna does not rotate like my older m/h and am not getting very many stations, is there a better antenna without going satellite dish

11 days ago

Chuck, It’s apparent to me that you have never seen or been to Alaska and Mount Denali. I had the opportunity a couple of years ago and can’t wait to return. That has to be the MOST beautiful Mountain

Jim Harvey
18 days ago

This sounds like the I-5 rest stop located next to the (tiny!) Weed Airport. Located on a high grassy plateau, open spaces, just enough solitude, sometimes breezy, great views. I love stopping there – either direction! Yreka, north of there, is a great little historical mining town, full services.

18 days ago

See above

Americans traveling to Alaska through Canada are not obeying Canadian law and are putting others at risk in contacting COVID-19 and increasing the spread of the Pandemic.
They are not social distancing, self isolating for 14 days, and not wearing a mask.

Please don’t take advantage of the relaxation of essential travel to Canada for USA citizens wanting to get home to Alaska through your northern neighbours yard.

For those traveling to Alaska through Canada, please follow the instruction from the Canadian Border officers so we can all get through this pandemic together.


19 days ago

The secret phrase was in the June 12 edition, but the contest rules were dated June 13 and expiration was June 12. How does one go back in time? I dont think this was proof-read before publishing. Will you offer a 2nd chance?

17 days ago
Reply to  Lynn

“Marty go get the Delorean”

Mike Schwab
19 days ago

Giants? 7-10 feet tall, double row of teeth, 6 fingers and toes, buried in Indian Mounds across the U.S.

19 days ago

I also can’t enter the stove contest. Email can’t be found.

Richard Cunningham
19 days ago

I can’t seem to enter your contest for the stove. It says the email doesn’t exist.

19 days ago

re: Interracial RVing couple article
Treating people as this couple just STINKS. No place for this behavior in any place or time. I am sorry that people treat you this way.

Charles Baldwin
19 days ago

Agree that Shasta is magical. Even better if you fish!

Gary Reed
19 days ago

This weeks Brain Teaser answer;

Jan E.
19 days ago
Reply to  Gary Reed

Thanks for ruining this Brain Teaser for everyone.

19 days ago
Reply to  Gary Reed

I guess you didn’t read the second line:
“(Shhh. Don’t give it away. Answer in tomorrow’s Sunday News newsletter.)”

18 days ago
Reply to  Gary Reed

I would hate watching Jeopardy with you.

19 days ago

I can’t figure out how to unsubscribe. Thanks.

18 days ago

go back to the email. At the bottom is the Unsubscribe button .