Sunday, September 27, 2020

Readers tell us: Full-timers, do you miss your sticks-and-bricks home?

By Emily Woodbury I'm sure many of you who own RVs but don't live in one full-time often think, "I wonder if I could sell...

Full-timer explains “Why I miss a home base”

By Ingrid Hubbard LiveLaughRV.net The life of a nomad can appear glamorous. All you have to do is spend a little time on social media and...

RV makers putting heat on buyers who don’t read their warranty

By Rick Dalton This was originally posted on the Facebook group RV Horror Stories I am a RV breach of warranty (“lemon law”) attorney since 1994....
Jimmy Smith

The peace and satisfaction of “living small”

By Jimmy Smith Time takes on interesting qualities out here in the land of no particular place to be and no rush. My view on that...
Tax Corner

Establishing a full-timing “home state” for taxes

By Neil Seidler, CPA, CMA TAX CORNER Dear Neil, We are currently in the process of selling our sticks-and-bricks home to become full-time RVers. What should we...

Full-time RVing: Sell the house to hit the road?

By Russ and Tiña De Maris One of the critical issues for those considering the full-time RV lifestyle is whether or not to sell the...

5 Mistaken assumptions the new full-time RVer makes

By Nanci Dixon Being almost four years into full-time RVing, I can see clearly (or at least more clearly than I previously could) the mistaken...

How do full-time RVers keep busy?

By Russ and Tiña De Maris Some folks, unfamiliar with the RV lifestyle, wonder just what fulltimers do to “keep themselves occupied.” After all, there’s...

The Business of Work Camping: The five things we did wrong – Part 2

By Sam Suva Hello and welcome to Part 2 of The Business of Work Camping – The five things we did wrong. Part 1 is...

The Business of Work Camping: The five things we did wrong – Part 1

By Sam Suva We have been work camping in many situations for a very long time. We have camped in fields and worked in a...

The Business of Work Camping: Do as the owner does

By Sam Suva When a campground gets an application to work, it carefully reviews the information, consults with managers and staff, then scrutinizes the references....

The Business of Work Camping – How to stay healthy when RVing

By Sam Suva Work camping is a miniature version of our former sticks-and-bricks life. Most of the things we do while living in an RV...

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