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September 5, 2020

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Editor’s corner

With Chuck Woodbury

Areader whose husband had recently died wrote asking for advice about what to do with her travel trailer. She knew nothing about the RV and decided her days of RVing were over.

It made us wonder what other readers would do upon the loss of a spouse. Would they continue to travel with the RV, or maybe buy a smaller one, or simply sell the RV and be done with RVing?

I have met many single men who lost their spouses, who then carried on. Some fell in love all over again, lucky them. But it seems to me it’s harder for women who lost their husbands. Yes, many want to continue RVing: they jump right in. But others are hesitant, even fearful. I usually refer them to the club, where they can meet and network with other women who have “been there.”

What would you do? We’d love to hear your thoughts. The fact is, many of us with significant others will one day face this situation. We welcome your thoughts..


I am happy to report that we have now published more than 9,000 articles on this website, and we’re fast approaching 10,000. Our database of subscribers has topped 131,000 (up from 100,000 earlier this year). Also, later this month we will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first issue of this newsletter. Where did the time go?


We asked you last week to tell us about yourself. We wondered who reads this newsletter. We know that thousands of you have followed us for a decade or more — and we’ve met some of you. But who else, we wonder, reads what we write week after week? We’d love to meet you. Here’s our first installment of Meet our Readers.


You’re receiving this ad-free edition of this newsletter because at some point you supported us with a voluntary subscription. That means you will receive this special edition forever and ever: we do not send out renewal notices. Some of you, however, donated $5 or $10 one time many years ago. We’d like to request that if that’s you and you appreciate all the hard work we put in to produce 650 newsletters a year (including this one 52 times), would you please consider contributing something again (what you can easily afford, of course)? Thank you.

Finally, I hope you are enjoying your Labor Day weekend. Stay safe! But please, no drinking and driving! Root beer is okay.


My Roadside Journal

(about whatever is on my mind, not necessarily RV-related)

What was the happiest day of your life?

By Chuck Woodbury

What if somebody asked you this question: “What was the happiest day of your life?” How would you answer? Can you identify one day that, among all the happy times of your life, stands at the very top? If so, would you please describe it to us in 150-250 words and explain why you put it at the top of your list? We’ll post some of your stories for other readers to enjoy. Read more.

Stories in tomorrow’s newsletter

• RV service centers and stores are out of parts. Now what?
• Does Utah law penalize motorhome owners? Is your state next?
• Tornadoes and RVs: Motorhomer dies in South Dakota.
• 190,000 Ram 1500 pickup trucks recalled.
• RV and RV-related recalls for August.
PLUS: Campground updates • Latest fuel prices • Latest RV recalls • Free and bargain camping locations • Reader survey • and much more …

Last week’s Tip of the Day in RV Daily Tips Newsletters

What RV advice NOT to ask for on a forum.
A handy TV installation idea for small RVs.
RV weight ratings – What’s the “weakest link in the chain”?
Making your RV grocery budget stretch.
Extend your batteries’ life with proper care.

Clintoons • By Clint Norrell


Losing cell service? Try these tips to reconnect or keep the signal

If you are heading out of town, into the mountains or desert or other remote areas, you might start to see your cell signal dropping off. There goes one bar, and another, and another… And you were JUST about to send that email too… Darn! Here are a few tips to reconnect if your signal seems to be fading away or if the bars keep dropping.

RV sales people: Which customer service approach wins the sale?

By Keith Ward
I’m shopping for my very first RV (gulp). That means tons of Internet research, including forums, YouTube videos, etc. It means budgeting, and not buying more RV than I can afford. It also means talking to multiple RV sales reps. And boy, they are not all the same. … I’ve been working with two reps in particular, representing the top contenders for the travel trailer I’m going to get. I’m shocked at how different the reps are, and how much better one is than the other. Read more.

Walking sticks provide surprising bonus to your exercise routine

One challenge for RV enthusiasts is how to efficiently store sometimes bulky exercise equipment. Walking sticks can be stored about anywhere. Folding bikes and collapsible kayaks help define the axiom of big things in small spaces. But there’s another likely unheralded option — walking sticks. They’re available in fixed length, adjustable styles and folding varieties and are ideal for campground walkabouts or more adventurous treks. Continue reading.

Weird and Wacky RVs for September 5th

Okay, it’s time for our latest installment of weird, wacky and maybe even wonderful (depending upon your definition of that word) recreational vehicles. We can state once again with confidence that these are all one-of-a-kinds. They didn’t roll off a production line looking like this. Check ’em out!

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You’ll laugh at this!
Do you leave your porch light on?
Most RVers keep to themselves
Runaway trucks get new option – Catch ’em in nets

Brain Teaser

In what scenario does 8+8=4?

(Shhh. Don’t give it away. Answer in tomorrow’s Sunday News newsletter.)

Reader Poll

How passionate are you about learning the history of your country?

Please let us know. After you click your response, you’ll see how others have responded. Feel free to leave a comment. We’ll post the final results in next week’s newsletter. CLICK HERE.

The most popular poll in this past week’s RV Daily Tips newsletters:
Do you wear a mask in public? See how 2,500 other RVers responded.

Our secret to finding the best places in a new town

By Barry Zander
My wife, Monique, was prepared for the worst, her teeth already clenched in anticipation. She knew that I was about to make some stupid remark to the sales clerk as I tried on a funny hat and made some asinine attempt at humor. But the clerk was ready to console her. She reached over and, as she gently patted Monique’s arm, she said softly, “Don’t worry, Dearie. I’ve got one at home just like that!” Read more for Barry’s great tip.

New blog: Crowded campgrounds

RV Travel readers chime in with their stories, and we try to make sense of how to deal with the huge influx of new RVers competing for a mostly unchanging number of places to stay. Read the third installment of this weekly blog, including a letter from reader Daniel Briggs, who has some ideas not only about the overcrowding, but possible solutions.

My new favorite tool: I’ve solved so many RV issues with this gadget!

By Nanci Dixon
My new favorite tool was just delivered. It is a Digital Inspection Endoscope that allows me to see into very tight, small, dark spaces. It is two cameras at the end of a long, 16 ft. cable connected to a viewing monitor so I can see exactly what the cameras see. This thing is cool! Find out some of its many uses here.

Time to pull out your Instant Pot! Try this delicious soup recipe

By Nanci Dixon
In a recent poll, 37% of you responded that you have an Instant Pot® but don’t use it very often. Same with me! I love my Instant Pot but don’t use it nearly enough. I am not a great cook – heck, I’m not even a good cook – but almost everything I make in the Instant Pot comes out great. And it even saves on propane and keeps the RV cooler than cooking on the stove. Read more, then try the recipe and let us know how you liked it.

Would you eat roadkill?

In many states you can… Most counties in Washington state allow elk and deer that have been killed by motor vehicles to be salvaged and consumed. Several other states also allow this practice. Read more and then please participate in the included poll and let us know if you would eat roadkill. (Editor’s tip: This might be a good use for your Instant Pot – see above.)

7 handy uses for RV shelf liner you probably haven’t thought of

Most RVers are familiar with the cushioned shelf liners that protect our dishware when we travel and bump down the road. Beyond lining shelves to cushion and grip objects, the leftover pieces can be used for a lot of things around the RV. Learn about some of them here, then please add your tips in the comments below the article.

Airstream Touring Coaches – What you need to know – Part Four

This is Part Four of a four-part series entitled What You Need To Know About Airstream Touring Coaches. In this series, Andy Pargh, The Gadget Guru, interviews Justin Humphreys, the Vice President of Sales of Airstream, Inc. This segment includes a discussion of RV quality control issues, Airstream’s relationship with Thor Industries, is there a shortage of Sprinter chassis, and much more. Note: This is not a commercial and no payments were provided Andy for the production of this video. Watch Part Four here.

Don’t swat this wasp! It’s on a (good) mission to eat and destroy

Among the frustrations of camping is dealing with insects that like to bite us, sting us, or just annoy us. Well, here’s one little wasp you might run across that you should just leave alone. It’s on a mission, doing good. Read more.

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The camper who did this should be thrown in jail.
Try this easy DIY trick to trap fruit flies (watch the video, it works!).
A sad warning about flimsy step stools.
Thought about working the sugar beet harvest? This might convince you.
The pandemic: The bad news, the good news, and the feel-good news.
New TV commercial promotes RVing. What do you think?
This video could save you from danger during a tire blowout.
RV Tire Safety: “Cold inflation pressure” and clarification of tire terms.
RVelectricity – Can I run my air conditioner from batteries?
RVelectricity – Running an air conditioner from battery power – Part 2.
What if disaster strikes and you can’t get back to your RV?
Building an RV park: Stress and more stress, but Max brightens our days.
Reader letter: Worried about crowded campgrounds this summer.
Masks required in 34 states. Are people wearing them?
Amazon CamperForce: Quick cash, tough work.
Campground Chatter with Janet Groene, August 29, 2020.
and much more.


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What does financing an RV for 20 years REALLY mean?
In case you missed this article the first time around, here it is again. Important! Click here.

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RV Electricity

RVelectricity Facebook group hits 10,000 members … and more exciting news!

Dear Readers,
Just a few nights ago my RVelectricity Facebook group hit 10,000 members. Woo hoo! And that means we have a winner for the Southwire meter kit giveaway, which I’ll announce shortly. Yes, I know a lot of you don’t use or like Facebook due to security concerns, but for my RV electricity projects it’s still a great way to communicate with a lot of RVers quickly. …

Read how you can learn from the RVelectricity group even if you don’t want to join Facebook. And what’s that thing hanging out of Mike’s mouth? Oh, and what’s the new book he’s writing? Find out all of that and more here.

This week’s J.A.M. (Just Ask Mike) Session: Be prepared for a converter/charger failure

Dear Mike,
I’m stuck at a campground and can’t get my hydraulic levelers to work or my slides to retract. Also the lights inside of the RV are really dim and my monitor panel says the battery is dead. How can that be since I’ve been plugged into shore power for days? —Stuck in Duck (NC)

Read Mike’s response.

Read Part 1 of Mike’s series on Boondocking Power Requirements, sponsored by CarGenerator™, here.

New to RVing or know someone who is? Sign up for our Beginner’s Guide to RVing Newsletter. Reader Robert McG says, “Wow. Really enjoy the crisp format and valuable information, thank you!” Sign up here.

RV Tire Safety

Tires are more than just round black things

By Roger Marble
A question came up about the maximum speed recommendation as published by Goodyear, Michelin, and Bridgestone for tires in RV use. To help clarify: Many times the “application” or use of an item results in it having additional or different limitations or ratings. Learn all about them here.

RV Short Stop

“Chihuly Garden and Glass” sparkles in Seattle Center

“Chihuly Garden and Glass” sits in the shadow of the Space Needle in the Seattle Center. Since 2012, this long-term exhibition of Dale Chihuly’s work has featured gallery spaces, a sculpture garden and a glasshouse designed by the artist. Many of the works are in open areas and are outdoors. (A review on TripAdvisor says it’s worth going to Seattle just to see this.) Read more.

RV Fire Safety

Steps to extinguish a fire

There is a simple way to remember the steps to using your extinguisher to fight a fire — it’s called the P.A.S.S. procedure. These are the four steps to follow:

  • Pull the pin: This unlocks the operating lever and allows you to discharge the contents of the extinguisher.
  • Aim low: Point the nozzle or hose at the base of the fire.
  • Squeeze the lever above the handle: This discharges the extinguishing agent. Releasing the lever will stop the discharge.
  • Sweep from side to side: Moving carefully toward the fire, keep the extinguisher aimed at the base of the fire and sweep back and forth until flames appear to be out.

Courtesy: Mac “The Fire Guy” McCoy

Museum of the Week

Photo by @laurenquinnphoto, Instagram

National Civil Rights Museum at the Lorraine Motel

Memphis, TN

A somber visit to the National Civil Rights Museum will take you right to the place beloved Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated, the Lorraine Motel. The museum is built around the motel, with exhibits taking you through the Civil Rights Movement and Dr. King’s life. Watch more than 40 short films, listen to audio tapes and recordings, and see photos that tell a story of an era that’s feeling all-too familiar. Visit the museum website here to plan your visit.

Readers’ Pet of the Day

“Our boy, Ramsay, is one of the biggest reasons we purchased our 5th wheel, so he can always come with us – as you can see on the back of the rig!” — Pam MacDonald

Pets featured in this past week’s RV Daily Tips:
• Monday: Boaz Tuesday: Harley Wednesday: Precious • Thursday: An anonymous Aussie in a very comfy chair • Friday: Dakoda


Every 15 minutes, one person in the U.S. dies because of an infection that antibiotics can no longer treat effectively.

Laugh of the Week

Watch this video (two or three times) of a dog who is VERY excited for fall. There’s no way you won’t smile.

Leave with a song from the past

This tune from 1944 celebrates Sergeant Joey’s return home from World War II, where the family advises “Leave the dishes in the sink, Ma” in preparation for something far more important — Joey’s arrival. From Spike Jones and the City Slickers.

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2 years ago

Wife and i have talked about what happens when one of us dies. I would continue RVing, she would not.

J. Cherry
2 years ago

I’ve always had this thought in the back of my head as my father passed away at 53 when I was 19. If something happens to my spouse before me then I will sell the travel trailer and the truck. Then I will most likely buy a Class B+ for myself. I was born in August and tenting in September. I could imagine not RVing.

Bill Langton
2 years ago

Re: If your spouse passes….

If I go first, (most likely) my wife would sell the Class A and buy a Winnebago Revel 4×4 or similar Sportsmobile Class B and hit the road with the insurance money!

If she were to go first, I would stick with my Newmar Class A towing my Jeep Wrangler JK 2 dr….

Here’s hoping that neither of these scenarios happen anytime too soon! 🍻

Ron L
2 years ago

I would continue, definitely. However, my ever loving wife would sell it immediately….probably before even putting me in the ground.

2 years ago

I plan on keep RVing after he dies!!! But, since he is still alive will just have to wait and see?

Patti Panuccio
2 years ago

When my husband passed away I bought my sixteenth RV, traveled for two years and found that a class A was too much work for one old lady so I have sold her and built out a ramvan and I am preparing to head out again.

2 years ago

I remember seeing the Spike Jones program on TV in the 50’s. Silly tunes but great music.

Last edited 2 years ago by MLogan
kim V
2 years ago

Can I just say that I look forward to Clintoons! Clinton Norell’s cartoons are so well done and always share an interesting message. Keep drawing Mr. Norell. Thanks Chuck for including them.

2 years ago

Love Ramsay! We too have our babies (5 Yorkies) on a decal on the back of our ride.