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Howard Freeman
10 months ago

Dear RV Travel,

While my wife and I don’t (yet) own an RV — bucket list! — we visited friends who just bought an RV park in Ruidoso, NM.

First off, beautiful place I’d never been. I’m from NYC and my wife is from Kerrville in the Texas Hill Country. She used to go to Ruidoso to ski.

Second, fortunately, this RV Park is still doing well since our friends bought it in February. They have a fair number of year-round residents, and the daily/weekly slots are now picking back up. Unfortunately, and not surprisingly the restaurants and other services there are suffering as is the case in many places. Good news is that New Mexico is taking COVID pretty seriously still and people were wearing masks and being sensitive.

But Ruidoso looked like a great place to RV to.

Howard Freeman
Curator, “Small Town USA”

10 months ago

IMO the Wuhan Virus is nothing more then a biological weapon to put fear into the general population and to cull the herd. I am seeing this more and more and I am pretty much done with the way people are treating each other and how the government is not working together. Your letter to the editor struck home. As for keeping the virus in check? You can’t and never will. It will be the same as it was in 1918. Around for 2 years then subsides as peoples immune system become immune to the virus. Then we will be on to another pandemic and more scares. As for the factory workers? I truly believe they have figured out how to keep it in check because the car factories on Monday go to full production. So if the virus is increasing in positives it is because people are doing their thing and letting humans be humans. So if you don’t want the virus? Stay home. If you do not care? Go out and live it up. I am. I have done it all, seen it all and right now I am letting the chips fall where they may. So enjoy life or live in a hole. Your choice.

tim palmer
10 months ago

The “Worth Pondering” quote sure has a lot more meaning in todays world.